The Next Best Actor Race
Sunday,March 24,2019 at 12:35PM
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by Nathaniel R

Pacino & DeNiro together for the fourth time in "The Irishman"

A month ago we started brainstormingabout Best Actress 2019so before the April Foolish Oscar Predictions are announced let's brainstorm about possibilities in the male acting categories.It looks thin to us thus far,reminding us that we'd be happiest with 4 female acting categories instead.That said,it's hard to keep track of everything in every stage of production so we hope you'll share anything you're exciting about that we may have missed or any hunches you have about upcoming films.

These are neither value judgments (since so few films have been screened) nor predictions (that's in April) but merely a listing of performances that are on the way...

Bale,slimmed down again for "Ford v Ferrari"LEADING ACTOR ?
As usual there are quite a few of what appear to be double lead movies(The Irishman,Ford v Ferarri,Honey Boy,Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,The Pope,etcetera) so who knows who will pretend to be supporting


Jonathan Majors and Jimmie Fails in "The Last Black Man in San Francisco"


Chalamet on the set of The King.Ben Mendelsohn costars

We assume we're looking at 2020 for these...but they could show up early

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