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“感谢你为这个均衡的审查。我不加掩饰的爱情电影,并感叹其混不下去获得牵引力在最佳动画类(和国际故事片类,对于这个问题!),但据我所知,并与大多数的同意你的警告......” -Ron

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Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Jia Zhang-ke(灰是最纯净的白色)

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四月 21 2019


Happy Easter. It's the quiet before theAvengers: Endgamestorm at the nation's theaters.

= New or Expanded Theater Count /=推荐
Curse of La Llorona Kalank
1Curse of La Llorona$26.5 *NEW*评论
1Kalank$1.2 on 320 screens *NEW*
2沙札姆$17.3 (cum. $121.3)
2奇异恩典$591k on 188 screens (cum. $1.3)
3Breakthrough$ 11.1 *新*
3高品质生活$292k on 146 screens (cum. $688k)评论播客
4神奇队长$ 9.1软件(暨。$ 400)评论热播剧第一季
4Teen Spirit$250k on 696 screens (cum. $305k)评论
$ 8.4(暨。$ 29.3)

Kalank,大预算宝莱坞奇观在印度和美国开设在同一天(!),并荣登票房在有限的释放,而艾丽·范宁为首Teen Spirit在短短360 $每屏获得了灾难性的接待其近宽扩张回吐。同时在复用,The Curse of La Llorona这是“排序”的一部分The Conjuringfranchise (though not officially?) opened at #1 for wide releases and神奇队长小幅高于国内4亿$在发布的第7周,以某种方式回到前五,尽管屏幕的继续(如果异常缓慢)的损失。做什么see this weekend?

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Reader Comments (14)

We had the first weekend of the Spanish Film Festival here in Australian cities, so I saw THE REALM and PETRA. The latter is amazing, and I hope it is considered (and ultimately nominated) as Spain's Oscar contender (it opened in October in Spain, so hopefully that means it is in the eligibility window).

而将见烧今午(终于在澳大利亚开设) - 等不及了!

2019年4月21日|Unregistered Commenter特拉维斯ç


2019年4月21日|Unregistered CommenterJaragon

I saw Amazing Grace, and if you need a recommendation, you must be Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense. Starts at thrilling and just keeps going from there.

2019年4月21日|Unregistered Commenterken s

“Little” with Issa Rae. Amusing with a charming cast. Although I think I would have liked a movie just about Issa Rae better.

2019年4月21日|Unregistered Commenteradri

青少年SPIRIT - which I loved, especially after the darker Pop star films last year (VOX LUX, A STAR IS BORN).

US - I enjoyed although expectations were pretty high. Lupita is a national treasure.

四月il 22, 2019 |Unregistered Commenter乔治P.

I saw "Paprika" at a Seattle Cinerama showing of Anime films this weekend. I really hits all the points that I didn't like about "Inception" - it makes no sense, and you don't know where you are in dream vs. reality at any moment (it predates "Inception"). Just really beautiful filmmaking.

四月il 22, 2019 |Unregistered CommenterRebecca


四月il 22, 2019 |Unregistered CommenterVolvagia

I saw High Life. I had to fight to stay awake. What a load of nothing.

四月il 22, 2019 |Unregistered CommenterSuzanne

"Inception" is one of Nolan's best movie - but it was not made for lazy viewers - you have to pay attention to know what is a dream and what is real- and the point of the movie is that sometimes is hard to tell the differece

四月il 22, 2019 |Unregistered CommenterJaragon

高品质生活 - 我发现它主要是艺术电影蹩脚。集设计是可怕和人物不采取行动自然,我没有连接到任何人。正是罗伯特·帕丁森和他保持画面的能力。

玛利亚 - 有趣的和一般的好电影,但我认为铸件是关闭的。鲁尼是好的,但我能想象其他的女演员与角色更好的拟合。凤凰感觉就像一个非常奇怪的选择,因为耶稣,正好适合部分没有。

谁杀死堂吉诃德的人 - 我喜欢所有的演员尤其是驱动程序和普赖斯都在用他们的表演。总体愉快的一塌糊涂,影片绝对是一个导演的宠物项目,命中比失误多。

四月il 22, 2019 |Unregistered CommenterMike C


四月il 22, 2019 |Unregistered CommenterVolvagia

Long Day's Journey Into Night -I prepared for it by watching the director's previous feature, Kaili Blues, on the Criterion Channel (which is a great service by the way), but although I enjoyed that movie, I was blow away by this one. It's stunning and hypnotic. I definitely see the influence of Wong Kar Wai and Andrei Tarkovsky in Bi Gan's filming, but he takes those influences and makes them into something very much his own. The way he utilizes long shots is remarkable from a technical level, but it's the mood he builds by allowing you to inhabit a real time space with his characters that is so impressive. It's fascinating how a lack of cutting creates a cumulative feeling that's thrilling. (Although if you're not into slow movies, you might end up like someone else in the theater who started snoring halfway through the movie.)

四月il 22, 2019 |Unregistered Commenter约旦

高品质生活对我产生了完全相反的效果。这是uncomfortable to watch but I was never bored and it is really thought-provoking and for the most part emotionally engaging. I remembered a Claire Denis' interview where she said that she wants the film to be something movie-watchers will talk about afterwards and what aspects of the film failed to convince others as a reflection of how they view life in general (not an exact translation). I guess what I like about the film is the manipulation of time so that tonally similar events are somehow grouped together regardless of linearity to heighten the emotional crescendoes of Monte and the crew of 'miscreants' and how each reacted to their space mission. Also, very little is explained in the film which allowed me to connect the dots on my own -- love that ambiguity. Plus, Juliette Binoche is a brave actress. I actually love her participation here than any of her recent critical turns. My friend said he was never bored while watching it but he won't be seeing it again anytime soon even if we are both fans of Tindersticks and will watch anything with them in it, live or recorded.

I also sawMissing Linkearlier in the week. Enjoyable and touching: especially the search for one's family based on bio-anthropological similarities and finding that that may not happen. So home may not be where you are ethnically rooted. Found the Adelina character fascinating -- my kind of girl!

Finally sawThree Identical Strangers-- I knew something disturbing will be revealed later when the opening scenes are happy and salubrious. How the film shifted emotionally during the course of the narrative made me reflect on the big debates such as nature vs nurture, to what extent is research ethical, and the nature of kinship and brotherhood in the spectacle-obsessed society. I will be thinking more about this documentary for a long time.

四月il 23, 2019 |Unregistered CommenterOwl

Also got around to seeing "US" and enjoyed it also. Expectations were too high, as it began to slog towards the end. Does have a SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER Birds type ending so part 2?

四月il 23, 2019 |Unregistered Commenterforever1267


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