"Endgame"breaks all the records.Is counterprogramming dead?
Monday,April 29,2019 at 10:00PM
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What did you see over the weekend?Or perhaps we should ask "Were you part of the record 1.2 billion global haul ofAvengers Endgame?"Yes,we're living in the capitalist end times when one corporation (Disney) will soon control the entire world.Or 50% of showbusiness soon.With that in mind let's look at everything in wide release (that's only 13 films and just barely that withEndgameon 4661 screens) and their limited/platform counterparts...

Weekend Box Office (Actuals)
April 26th-28th
= new or expanded theater counts
1Avengers Endgame$357.1 on 4662 screens *NEW*
1Amazing Grace$519k on 245 screens (cum.$2.1)
2Captain Marvel$8.3 on 2435 screens(cum.$413.8)REVIEW,HITS 1ST QTR
2The Mustang$291k on 277 screens (cum.$4.5)
3The Curse of La Llorona$8 on 3372 screens (cum.$41.8)REVIEW
3Kalank$278k on 283 screens (cum.$2.4)
4Breakthrough$6.8 on 2913 screens (cum.$26.6)
4Hotel Mumbai$168k on 170 screens (cum.$9.2)REVIEW
5Shazam!$5.5 on 3631 screens (cum.$131.2)
5Red Joan$165k on 45 screens (cum.$222k)JUDI DENCH
6Dumbo$3.4 on 2380 screens (cum.$107.2)BEST OF TIM BURTON,PODCAST
6High Life$133k (cum.$1.4) on 146 screens (cum.$933k)REVIEW,PODCAST
7Little$3.4 on 2119 screens (cum.$35.8)
7Family$102k on 104 screens (cum.$126k)
8Pet Sematary$1.3 on 1655 screens (cum.$52.6)
8Wild Nights With Emily$91k on 65 screens (cum.$226k)
9Us$1.1 on 1255 screens (cum.$172.8)REVIEW,PODCAST,BEST SHOT
9The White Crow$78k (cum.$201k) on 5 screens *NEW*
10Penguins$1.1 on 1815 screens (cum.$5.8)
10The Chaperone$71k on 50 screens (cum.$333k)
11Missing Link$1.0 on 1588 screens (cum.$15.5)REVIEW
11Hail Satan?$48k on 18 screens (cum.$83k)REVIEW
12After$403k on 607 screens (cum.$11.6)
12Woman at War$45k on 46 screens (cum.$714k)REVIEW
12Hellboy$354k on 927 screens (cum.$21.5)
12Apollo 11$41k on 62 screens (cum.$8.5)

numbers on that chart are pulled fromboxofficemojo.


Endgamewas so enormous that it even liftedCaptain Marvelway back up to #2 in its 8th week in theaters.It was so gigantic that it grossed as muchor morein its first three days domestically assome #1 movies oftheir entire yearshave grossed in their whole runs this decade (like 2011's Harry Potter finale,2013'sHunger Games: Catching Fireor 2014'sAmerican Sniper).It was so colossal that it hogged 89% of the revenue at US movie theaters this week despite 87 other films in release.

Which leads us to wonder if counterprogramming is a dead artform now that there are so few pieces of the pie left once the franchises have eaten.Maybe audiences only want one kind of thing and Hollywood isn't to blame?

I dont know why I didn't reviewEndgameyet.Perhaps it was the tiniest subconscious form of rebellion against total global dominance?

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