What did you see over the weekend?
Monday,May 13,2019 at 10:34PM
NATHANIEL R in Biggest Little Farm,Charlie Says,Detective Pikachu,Poms,The Hustle,box office

What did you see over the weekend?I was inBentonvilleso I was only seeing festival films (which,more on soon)...

Weekend Box Office (Actuals)
May 10th-12th
= new or expanded theater counts / ★ = highly recommended
1Avengers Endgame$63.2 on 4662 screens (cum.$723.7)
1Student of the Year 2$462k on 190 screens*new*
2Pokemon Detective Pikachu$54.3 on 4202 screens*new*REVIEW
2Amazing Grace$366k on 260 screens (cum.$3.3)
3The Hustle$13 on 3007 screens*new*ANNE HATHAWAY,PODCAST
3Red Joan$250k on 193 screens (cum.$896k)JUDI DENCH
4The Intruder$7.1 on 2222 screens (cum.$21.5)
4El Chicano$228k on 447 screens (cum.$1.2)
5Long Shot$6.2 on 3230 screens (cum.$19.8)REVIEW
5The White Crow$149k on 50 screens (cum.$402k)PODCAST
6Poms$5.3 on 2750 screens*new*PODCAST
6Shadow$126k on 47 screens (cum.$169k)REVIEW,ZHANG YIMOU
7Uglydolls$4.1 on 3652 screens (cum.$14.5)
7Biggest Little Farm$110k on 5 screens*new*
8Breakthrough$2.5 on 1902 screens (cum.$37.2)
8The Mustang$90k on 118 screens (cum.$5)
9Tolkien$2.2 on 1495 screens*new*REVIEW
9Hail Satan?$65k on 64 screens (cum.$260k)REVIEW
10The Curse of La Llorona$1.8 on 1185 screens (cum.$51.4)REVIEW
10Ask Dr Ruth$47k on 71 screens (cum.$188k)REVIEW
11Captain Marvel$1.8 on 1504 screens (cum.$423.8)REVIEW
11Non-Fiction$44k on 5 screens (cum.$87k)
12Shazam!$1 on 936 screens (cum.$137.1)
12All is True$44k on screens*new*JUDI DENCH
13Dumbo$744k on 837 screens (cum.$110.9)BEST OF TIM BURTON,PODCAST
13Wild Nights With Emily$42k on 57 screens (cum.$402k)

numbers on that chart are pulled fromboxofficemojo.

It was another historic weekend forAvengers: Endgame,which pushed over the $700 million domestic mark where only 3 previous movies have ever gone (if you dont adjust for inflation)Black Panther,The Force Awakens,andAvatar.Pokemon Detective Pikachualso had a historic weekend,with the biggest gross of any video game adaptation in its first weekend.There are only 13 movies currently in wide release the rest of the mainstream offerings having lost a lot of theaters given that there were four new wide release titles this weekend.Tolkienfared the worst of all of those.

Elsewhere nothing was breaking records though theBiggest Little Farmdocumentary,which had done well at festivals,had the weekend's highest pre-screen average (on just 5 screens).Shadow,Zhang Yimou's ravishing new visual spectacle,risked a fairly big expansion in its second weekend to 47 screens but so far it's not making moviegoer waves.Go see it!

In limited releaseCharlie Says(reviewed) had a rough opening with little moviegoer interest,debuting on 38 screens but only earning $19k in total and not even making the top 15 at the arthouses.

What did you see?

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