John Wick finds box office gold
Sunday,May 19,2019 at 4:02PM
NATHANIEL R in John Wick,Trial By Fire,Under the Silver Lake,box office
Weekend Box Office Estimates
May 17th-19th (ESTIMATES)
= New or Expanded Theater Count
John Wick Chapter 3 Trial by Fire
1John Wick Chapter 3$57 on 3850 screensKEANU REEVES*NEW*
1Biggest Little Farm$270k on 45 screens (cum.$406k)
2Avengers: Endgame$29.4 on 4220 screens (cum.$770.8)
2The White Crow$234k on 136 screns (cum.$705k)PODCAST
3Detective Pikachu$24.8 on 4248 screens (cum.$94)REVIEW
3Amazing Grace$200k on 227 screens (cum.$3.7)
4A Dog's Journey$8 on 3267 screens*NEW*
4Student of the Year 2$116k on 189 screens (cum.$736k)
5The Hustle$6 on 3077 screens (cum.$23.1)ANNE HATHAWAY,PODCAST
5Souvenir$85k on 4 screensREVIEW*NEW*
6The Intruder$4 on 2231 screens (cum.$28)
6Trial by Fire$78k on 109 screensREVIEW*NEW*

What did you see this week?John Wick Chapter 3 was the big ticket (and the series is growing with each installment).I went toThe Hustledue to my Anne Hathaway completism,Pomsbcuz old ladies,and,on a whim,Under the Silver Lake(better late than never?).The latter was dumped into theaters a month ago and has only earned $46k...remember when that was getting publicity a year ago?It's weird how movies get delayed and delayed and then not pushed once released.It was never likely to be a hit -- it's very strange and quite long -- but surely it could have done more than $46k with a star (Andrew Garfield) a buzzed about director (or was David Robert Mitchell's breakthroughIt Followstoo long ago to have that buzz mean anything?),and a genre that's easy in its familiarity (noir) even if the storyline was anything but.

A few other notes...

A24's dramaThe Souvenir(reviewed)had the weekend's best per screen average

• The superbly shot documentaryThe River and the Wall(reviewed) quietly crossed the $100k mark in its third weekend.

• The instant-romance dramaThe Sun is Also a Starwhich had the smallest screen count of the new wide releases this weekend (at 2073 screens) finished 8th at the box office with a 2.6 million gross.

• Among wide releases,Tolkien(reviewed) had the worst hold from the previous week,dropping 66% in revenue in its second weekend thoughPomsandUglydollsaren't exactly generating great word of mouth either,dropping 60% each.

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