What did you see over Memorial Day?
Tuesday,May 28,2019 at 9:15PM
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What did you see over the long weekend?Yours truly had a visitor in town so we were doing the touristy things andAladdinwas the movie of choice (not ours!)

Four Day Holiday Weekend Box Office
May 24th-27th
= new or expanded theater counts / ★ = highly recommended
1Aladdin$116.8 on 4476 screens*new*1992 RETRO
1Biggest Little Farm$679k on 181 screens (cum.$1.2)
2John Wick Chapter 3$30.9 on 3850 screens (cum.$107.6)REVIEW,KEANU REEVES
2The Church$475k on 252 screens *new*
3Avengers Endgame$22 on 3810 screens (cum.$803.3)
3The White Crow$440k on 365 screens (cum.$1.2)PODCAST
4Detective Pikachu$17.2 on 3824 screens (cum.$120)REVIEW
4Amazing Grace$228k on 152 screens (cum.$4)
5Brightburn$9.6 on 2607 screens*new*
5The Souvenir$179k on 23 screens (cum.$291k)REVIEW,PODCAST
6Booksmart$8.7 on 2505 screens*new*REVIEW
6All is True$176k on 64 screens (cum.$333k)JUDI DENCH
7A Dog's Journey$5.4 on 3279 screens (cum.$16.2)
7Photograph$170k on 123 screens (cum.$219k)INTERVIEW
8The Hustle$4.5 on 2377 screens (cum.$30.6)ANNE HATHAWAY,PODCAST,REVIEW
8Non-Fiction$156k on 60 screens (cum.$347k)
9The Intruder$2.9 on 1612 screens (cum.$32.6)
9Red Joan$147k on 130 screens (cum.$1.4)JUDI DENCH
10Longshot$1.9 on 1354 screens (cum.$29.1)REVIEW
10Echo in the Canyon$141k on 2 screens*new*
11The Sun is Also a Star$1 on 2073 screens (cum.$4.5)
11India's Most Wanted$118k on 110 screens*new*
12Uglydolls$890k on 1090 screens (cum.$19.1)
12Shadow$51k on 32 screens (cum.$405k)REVIEW,ZHANG YIMOU
13Poms$885k on 911 screens (cum.$12.5)PODCAST
13Meeting Gorbachev$39k on 32 screens (cum.$156k)REVIEW

numbers on that chart are pulled fromboxofficemojo.

WIDE RELEASE Over the weekendAvengers Endgamebecame only the second movie to ever cross the $800 million mark at the US box office,afterThe Force Awakens.But it was Disney'sAladdinof course that was the weekend champ.The almighty power of brand recognition these days,you know.Critics were (justifiably) rough on it though with only 58% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.That it wasn't a 0% just goes to show you how corporate-loyal a lot of movie reporters are these days because it's an unmagical mess from start to finish.The sad news of the weekend was a low turnout for the teen girl comedyBooksmart,the best reviewed movie currently in wide release.Among wide releasesThe Sun is Also a Starhad a rough go of it in its second weekend down 58% in and with a dismal per screen average.

LIMITED RELEASE The biggest per screen average this weekend belonged to the Laurel Canyon music docEcho in the Canyonbut more surprising to us is the performance ofThe Church,which came in at #2 for the weekend in limited release.This despite no images /info to speak of on Indican's (the distributor) website,no images on moviefone.com,no images but a generic movie poster on IMDb.And no easy way to search for it online.I tried all sorts of things and it kept giving me articles and images from that Conjuring spin-offThe Nun.In short,horror fans will go to anything even with minimal advertising.If only genres like "female leads"or "lgbt"or "critically beloved teen comedies about girls graduating from high school"had fans as unquestionably loyal no matter the movie in question.

Not charting in this top 13 were several debuts includingLumber Baron$26k,the fashion/celebrity documentaryHalston$16k,John Lithgow starringThe Tomorrow Man$24k,and a doc calledThe Proposal$11k

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