Who should receive an Honorary Oscar?
Friday,May 31,2019 at 5:15PM
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Liv Ullmann and Max von Sydow in "Shame"Pete Hammond at Deadlinerevealed this morningthat with all the dates moving earlier next Oscar season,the Academy is actually choosing the next Honorary Oscar winners THIS WEEKEND.It's too late then for an FYC but we feel the need to do one anyway.In the past we've made great suggestions like Albert Finney,Doris Day,Neil Simon,Michael Ballhaus,and Marni Nixon but they let all those people die without honoring them which is such bad form.At least they heard us on Maureen O'Hara,Harry Belafonte,and Angela Lansbury!

I have a suspicion that Caleb Deschanel,obviously a well-loved cinematographer given that surprise sixth nomination for the German filmNever Look Awaylast season,will be named this year.He's 74 years old.For some reason I don't think they'll go with Glenn Close quite yet though she's a common prediction.She's 72 but working a lot right now and still in her prime.




Who is your dream for an Honorary Oscar this year?You know I wanted to say Pfeiffer,Bassett,Woodard,and The Bening but they're all in their early to mid sixties which is a bit young for an Honorary.

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