The Lion King's Leftovers
Sunday,July 21,2019 at 12:26PM
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What did you see this weekend?Disney's photorealistic animated remake of the animated classic was all the rage as audiences stampeded to theaters like a herd of wildebeests.Though the numbers below are just estimates it's accounting for about 72% of the nation's box office.Insanity.Next time you hear someone complaining about 'Hollywood running out of ideas' check how many of Disney's recent remakes they've seen before taking them seriously.

Weekend Box Office Estimates
July 19th-21st
= New or Expanding / ★ = Highly Recommended
The Lion King The Farewell
1The Lion King$185 *new*
1The Farewell$1.1 (cum.$1.6)REVIEW,INTERVIEW
2Spider-Man Far From Home$21 (cum.$319.6)TOM HOLLAND,REVIEW
2Art of Self Defense$1 (cum.$1.2)REVIEW
3Toy Story 4$14.6 (cum.$375.5)PODCAST,REVIEW
3Super 30$445k (cum.$1.7)REVIEW,INTERVIEW
4Crawl$6 (cum.$23.8)REVIEW
4Maiden$255k (cum.$850k)REVIEW
5Yesterday$5.1 (cum.$57.5)
5Wild Rose$255k (cum.$1.1)PODCAST,SOUNDTRACKING
6Stuber$4 (cum.$16)REVIEW
6Last Black Man In...$249k (cum.$3.8)REVIEW,PODCAST,BEST OF
7Aladdin$3.8 (cum.$340)REVIEW,1992 RETRO
7Pavarotti$230k (cum.$3.9)
8Annabelle Comes Home$2.6 (cum.$66.5)
8Echo in the Canyon$207k (cum.$2.6)
9Apollo 11$75k (cum.$9)REVIEW
10Secret Life of Pets 2$1.5 (cum.$151.5)REVIEW
10Biggest Little Farm$62k (cum.$4)

numbers on that chart are pulled fromboxofficemojo

Expanding to other major markets in its second weekendThe Farewellis still packing enough houses to almost make the regular top ten list despite being in only 35 theaters.Maidenis climbing the charts as it slowly expands butThe Last Black Man in San Franciscois running out of juice in its 7th weekend.Apollo 11also got a mini boost as it re-expanded to just over 100 theaters.Still,it looks like an 8 figure gross is out of the question despite being the top documentary hit of the year (thus far).

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