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Aug 10 2019

Sweden narrows down Oscar options: true story,sci-fi drama,or gay romance?

A few tidbits of note in theBest International Film competitionat the forthcoming Oscars.亚博主页Two countries have been approved to submit that never have before: Uzbekistan and Uganda!In other "U"alphabetized news,The Ukraine will select their film on August 23rd.

But the most speficic recent news is that Sweden has already whittled their possible submission down to three films,and one of them is basically a Georgian film (though Georgiadefinitelywon't be submitting it as they donotapprove).They are...

  • Aniaraby Palla Kagerman & Hugo Lilja
    A sci-fi film about Mars settlers whose ship is knocked off course causing existential drama.Magnolia released it in the US back in May.
  • The Perfect Patientby Mikael Håfström
    This film,originally calledQuick,is a true story about a judicial scandal in Sweden.It opens in Sweden next montn.No US distribution yet.

Of those three picturesAniarahas already played in US arthouses (where it made just $40k) but it'snominated for a Saturn Award for Best International Film Release(coincidentally,it's pitted against Sweden's Oscar submission from last season,Border,in that same category).The only one of these directors previously submitted by Sweden is Håfström whose filmEvil(2003),about bullying at a boarding school,went on to a Oscar nomination.(Evilwas one of those bizarre times when despite an Oscar nominationthe film didn't open in the US until years thereafter when it was old news and it bombed at US arthouses)

Sweden has been nominated for the Oscar for Best International Film 16 times.Of those 16 pictures,3 were Ingmar Bergman films (The Virgin Spring,Through a Glass Darkly,andFanny and Alexander) all of which won the category (Sweden's only wins).Bergman also leads the list of "Most Submitted"directors for Sweden.They sent his films 8 times over the years.Though it's worth noting thatCries and Whisperswas NOT submitted by Sweden but ended up nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars.亚博主页

Sweden's Only Multiple-Times Submitted Directors

"The Seventh Seal"was the first Ingmar Bergman film ever submitted by Sweden.It was not nominated but two years later he won the category with "The Virgin Spring"

  1. Ingmar Bergman(8 submissions,3 nominations / 3 wins)
    Bergman was also nominated at the Oscars in Best Director thrice (twice for films Sweden didn't submit for foreign films!),亚博主页for Screenplay four times,and for Best Picture once (Cries and Whispers,which Sweden did not submit).
  2. Jan Troell (5 submissions,3 nominations)
    One of Troell's Foreign Film nomineesThe Emigrantswas also nominated in Best Picture and Best Director)
  3. Bo Widberg (4 submissions,2 nominations)
  4. Roy Andersson (4 submissions...such a shameA Pigeon Sat on a Branchwasn't nominated)
  5. Ruben Ostlund (3 submissions,1 nomination -The Square)
  6. Colin Nutley (3 submissions each)
  7. [TIE] Kjell Grede,Lukas Moodysson,and Kay Pollak (2 submissions each)

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Reader Comments (2)

When I was in Sweden this summer,I kept hearing from people in the film industry how great AND THEN WE DANCED is.It hadn't even opened,but they'd seen it (It played at Bergman Week,and there were probably some industry screenings);they couldn't stop raving.One said "it's as good as CALL ME BY YOUR NAME."

August 10,2019 | Unregistered CommenterDaniella Isaacs

Daniella -- ooh,this is good to hear.

August 10,2019 | Unregistered CommenterNATHANIEL R

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