"Four Weddings and..."this is a mistake
Monday,August 12,2019 at 9:00PM
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by Deborah Lipp

Last night I sat down to watch Hulu's new series,Four Weddings and a Funeral.First I looked in their "TV"section and couldn't find it.Then I looked in their "Originals"section – it wasn't there.Then I searched."F"and "FO"did not bring it up.The onlyresult for "FOU"wasFound.I had to enter the R before the title appeared in my search results.

Folks,be warned:Even the network is hiding it...

Naturally,I had some trepidation about a TV show based onone of my all-time favorite movies,but the presence of Richard Curtis and Mindy Kaling was somewhat reassuring.I was prepared not to like it,but I was not prepared for how globally,fundamentally bad this show is.None of the characters are terribly likable.Kash,played by Nikesh Patel,is an exception;he has a sweet and sorrowful charm.But the big disappointment is Nathalie Emmanuel,who seemed ready for a breakout role afterGame of Thrones.Unfortunately she's a blank slate,with no comedic timing,and her character,Maya,is nothing but a series of stupid life choices.She's a problem solver who solves no problems,and a communications director who fails to communicate.

Jokes fall flat,timing is off,characters are jerks,and the music is awful.Why am I watching?Oh,yeah,I promised Nathaniel a review.

Nikesh Patel,left,is the MVP of the Hulu series

Oddly,this show is obsessed,not with the movieFour Weddings and a Funeral,but withLove,Actually,to which it nods as often as possible.I caught two references to the show's namesake movie (including opening with a barrage of "fuck"s),but at least four or five toLove,Actually,including a stupid and insulting return to the white flashcard messageswhich have been parodiedtoo often to take seriously (or comedically,I guess).

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