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Aug 08 2019

What if there had been a Best Casting Oscar this past decade?

Since we shared the news thatCasting Director David Rubin had become the new president of the Academy,we've been thinking a lot about a potential Best Casting Oscar.The common 'they shouldn't do this' feeling in the comments and on twitter was based on the fact that the Academy would likely get it all wrong and only pick a random sampling of Best Picture nominees with starry casts.But that's never a reason not to have a category when there should be one.Lord knows they get a lot of things wrong and many of the branches are susceptible to strangely ignoring anything outside of the Best Picture race even if the film isn't strong in their particular field.

Here at TFE,in our Film Bitch Awards,we've had a Best Casting category since 2013 which makes it pretty much our newest category.Why did we wait so long?Who knows.But after the jump we thought we'd share our nominees each year and what we think Oscar would have nominated in those same time frames.Play along in the comments,won'cha?

Film Bitch Nominees What Would Oscar Have Chosen?
Bling Ring (Daniels & Sheinin) 12 Years a Slave (Maisler,Harris & Lewis)
Frances Ha (Aibel) American Hustle (Graham & Vernieu)
The Past (Doncker,Pharaoan,Tillier) August Osage County (Barden & Schnee)
Short Term 12 (Delia) Nebraska (Jackson)
Wolf of Wall Street (Lewis) Wolf of Wall Street (Lewis)

...if there had been a casting award don't you think American Hustle wouldn't have left the Oscar's emptyhanded?

Film Bitch Nominees What Would Oscar Have Chosen?
Birdman (Maisler) Birdman (Maisler)
Love is Strange (Canfield & Telsey) Boyhood (Sepko)
A Most Violent Year (Kaufman) Foxcatcher (McCarthy)
Pride (Weir) The Grand Budapest Hotel (Aibel,Boulat,Bar,Jay,Montag)
Snowpiercer (Rue & Ray) The Imitation Game (Gold)

....or would Selma have surprised due to its large cast despite such a frustratingly weak Oscar showing?


Film Bitch Nominees What Would Oscar Have Chosen?
Brooklyn (Weir) The Big Short (Driscoll & Maisler)
Diary of a Teenage Girl (Henninger) Bridge of Spies (Lewis)
I'll See You In My Dreams (Schweber) Room (Chopin,Cook,& Weir)
Sicario (Maisler) Spotlight (Barden & Schnee)
Straight Outta Compton (Thomas & Tolan) Straight Outta Compton (Thomas & Tolan)

...or would Trumbo's celebrity impersonation parade have knocked out a stronger film?

Film Bitch Nominees What Would Oscar Have Chosen?
20th Century Women (Bennett & Rosenthal) Fences (Thomas)
Hidden Figures (Thomas) Hidden Figures (Thomas)
Little Men (Kaufman) Lion (McGregor)
The Lobster (Jay) Manchester by the Sea (Aibel)
Moonlight (Ramirez) Moonlight (Ramirez)

...or would the La La Land fever have made that happen despite only two real roles?

Film Bitch Nominees What Would Oscar Have Chosen?
The Big Sick (Keller) Get Out (Taylor)
The Florida Project (Cuba) ★ Lady Bird(Griffiths,Jones,Thaler)
Get Out (Taylor) Mudbound (Hopkins & Ingram)
Lady Bird (Griffiths,Jones,Thaler) The Post (Lewis)
Lady Macbeth (Baig) Three Billboards (Finn)

....or would Dunkirk or Darkest Hour somehow managed to knock one of these films out?

Film Bitch Nominees What Would Oscar Have Chosen?
BlacKkKlansman (Coleman) BlacKkKlansman (Coleman)
Black Panther (Finn) Black Panther (Finn)
Can You Ever Forgive Me?(Euston) Bohemian Rhapsody (Figgis)
Eighth Grade (Jones & Tucker) Crazy Rich Asians (Taylor)
Support the Girls (Allen & Cobb) The Favourite (Chassay)

....or would VICE have taken one of these out?

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Reader Comments (3)

I think they would have voted for Hidden Figures in '16.It has the two ingredients that will dominate this category: big names + diversity.

August 8,2019 | Unregistered CommenterPeggy Sue

The thought of American Hustle winning an Oscar for casting is scary.Jennifer Lawrence's horrific miscasting tanked every scene she was in.

August 8,2019 | Unregistered CommenterJay

I think the Academy would have vote for Birdman in 2014,The Big Short in 2015,Hidden Figures in 2016,and The Favourite in 2018.American Hustle and Three Billboards also seem like the most likely winners to me.Spotlight and Moonlight would make their years mighty close,though.

August 8,2019 | Unregistered CommenterCash

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