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"Completely agree with this article, and add that Lee won the Globe, BAFTA and DGA, but missed the Oscar, which frankly was ridiculous.He has since won two director oscars, so it’s been rectified, but IMHO, this remains his best directed film.-Jonathan

"Both of these BADASS women were SO GOOD in this!I would've totes given Ziyi the Oscar (and did in my own personal awards) given the nominees that year." -Chris

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«她只好奥斯卡巴斯!| 主要| 午间民意调查:哪个甲壳虫乐队的歌曲可能你永远不会忘记?»
九月 24 2019

新经典 - 老无所依

Michael Cusumano这里以一种新的看,从来没有失败进行奖励的薄膜。

Scene: The Sad, Strange Death of Carson Wells


Wells: No, I wouldn't describe him as that.

Moss: How would you describe him?

Wells: I guess I would say he doesn't have a sense of humor.


安东齐格显示整个的科马克·麦卡锡的科恩的适应频繁娱乐No Country For Old Men。这仅仅是幽默存在于一个波长只有他自己才能听到。使这一评估上面引述不久后,伍迪·哈里森的卡森威尔斯将了解他是多么错误的...




但同样,卡森是没谱。是的,齐格无疑是一个精神病患者,但在这种情况下他的问题有一个荒谬的逻辑。It’s a window into the serial killer’s mind, where his deadly encounters are a perpetual variation on the same joke and the punchline is always those unfortunate souls who didn’t realize that their every decision, no matter how trivial or innocuous, was setting them down a path to this moment, where they will meet their destruction.通常情况下,安东有私下细细品味的时刻,但卡森的他濒死充分认识到指数增长齐格的享受。这是一个男人谁在他的工作中得到快乐。

自2007年以来我看过无数的解释No Country即断定齐格为超自然的,甚至字面收割机。为了公平起见胶片离开几个挂起钩来,例如风扇的理论,喜欢他貌似从末的酒店房间消失的方式。我理解的冲动,以配合剧情了这样的整洁弓,尤其是当另一种选择是让故事的令人不安的含糊不清啃你的记忆,但它远远满足采取齐格简单地作为一个男人。大多数故事都仅仅满足于战胜邪恶,No Country For Old Men看台瘫痪惊讶,它可以在人的形式,以便纯粹存在,你抢的一些力量的故事,我想,当你把齐格作为一个幽灵。如果他是人类,你或者我比来有什么从表现为他做什么,这是无限更令人不安的思考不是杀人鬼停止任何人。

关于观众钻研约齐格的可能神秘大自然的线索,我提醒的方式思考,奇怪的是,中Citizen Kane,在有很多专注于“玫瑰花蕾”的含义时,有以下凯恩的选举之夜惨败少得多的著名场景,在那里他和利兰单位出与“爱你的条件”的谈话解释的字符。卡森的死感觉就像一个类似的场景。一个来一直到解释齐格的边缘......的程度,他可以在任何解释。



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2019年9月25日| 未注册的批评家kris01



不过,我会给奥斯卡当年发胶(图片,男配角约翰 - 特拉沃尔塔亚博主页,改编剧本,原创歌曲,服装设计,电影编辑,声音编辑,混音化妆和发型),这是奇怪的,因为狂欢 reviews and massive box office, it landed ZERO noms in what I find one of the most outrageous snubs in Oscar history...亚当·山克曼的发胶是一个杰作,这放大了原来的潜台词和信息,发挥无限的超越,同时在可能的最有效和最引人入胜的方式传达信息。是的,特拉沃尔塔应该赢得...在“你不能停止跳动”有超过20公斤的西装轻松跳舞,并给予表现为一个女人而不是阻力男人,是他值得胜利(最终)的他最后的舞曲...

2019年9月25日| 未注册的批评家耶稣


2019年9月25日| 未注册的批评家乔治


而且我很好巴尔登赢得(并支持获奖)。他是优秀的。但我希望有人一直在混合(I say this with a dozen years hindsight, and I too would've thought it a bit of an odd wish at the time) is Timothy Dalton for Hot Fuzz.But comedy gets so little respect during awards season.

2019年9月25日| 未注册的批评家ScottC

ScottC: "I'm a slasher...of prices!" good.

2019年9月25日| 未注册的批评家Volvagia

Great movie, but "There Will Be Blood" was the real Best Picture of 2007.But a terrific film year all around.

2019年9月25日| 未注册的批评家Paranoid Android

I’ve never shared the bonkers enthusiasm that others have for this or THERE WILL BE BLOOD and, while we’re at it, MICHAEL CLAYTON.

I think 2007 is a great film year, but for little of what showed up at the Oscars.I liked Gregg Araki’s SMILEY FACE, Cristian Mungiu’s 4 MONTHS, 3 WEEKS, AND 2 DAYS, and, frankly, the BRATZ movie more than those ones.

2019年9月25日| 未注册的批评家Roger

I didn't get around to it in the post, but how brilliant is Woody Harrelson in this scene?

Has there ever been a better performance of a person who knows that their number is up and that his attempts to prevent his demise are utterly futile, yet he is compelled to try anyway?

He is understandably overshadowed by the names on the poster, but just fantastic.

2019年9月25日| 未注册的批评家Michael Cusumano

Michael -- lovely piece and i agree with what you said about the very strict interprtations of him as a supernatural being (i think it's readable in multiple ways)

Woody Harrelson is a very very fine actor in general and yes excellent hear again.

2019年9月26日| 未注册的批评家NATHANIEL R

The great thing about seeing the Coens adapting someone else's work is that it's even more striking the fact they are astonishing directors.The way this movie is STAGED, Jesus Christ.Every single scene is a masterpiece.The editing.The way you never knows how every sequence is going to end.This is perfection.

2019年9月26日| 未注册的批评家cal roth

This was a very well made, well acted film but I must confess...I kind of hated it and have never rewatched or desired to rewatch it.Just too relentlessly bleak and nihilistic for me.

2007 was a strong and diverse year in film, all right - everything from Ratatouille to Hairspray to There Will Be Blood to Lust, Caution.I remember No Country barely and begrudgingly cracked my top 10 for that year.

Weirdly, I *loved* There Will Be Blood, which is in some ways just as bleak as NCfOM..but there's a kind of wildness and insane energy about it that made it a lot more riveting.

2019年9月26日| 未注册的批评家Lynn Lee

Lynn--cosign your thoughts.I have never loved this.I appreciate the craft and atmosphere, but for me it leaves me feeling cruelly empty.I did not like the movie at all when I first saw it.I like it a bit more after several repeat viewings, but I always feel something is missing.In particular, that scene between Bardem and Kelly MacDonald has always bothered me.It feels like a cheap trick.Michael, I do like this writeup though.

2019年9月26日| 未注册的批评家brookesboy

cal roth: REALLY think we missed out on a great movie when the Coens passed on The Yiddish Policemen's Union.Hope they get back to it eventually, honestly.Definitely over a couple of their pre-production titles.Dark Web?Scarface 3.0?First: Even YOUNGER filmmakers have been tripped up by "internet movies" (think Jason Reitman's misbegotten Men, Women and Children) and you guys are closer to Michael Mann than Ben Wheatley.Second: How has crime changed in the, pretty much, 40 years since DePalma Scarface was in development?Are the ways in which it has such that a third take is justified?
Lynn Lee: I mean, it's kind of the difference between a movie made by Heath Ledger Joker (No Country) and one made by Mark Hamill Joker (There Will Be Blood).

2019年9月26日| 未注册的批评家Volvagia

Lynn –

I see what you’re saying about the film being so relentlessly bleak.I think it works so well for me because I see some of that insanity that electrifies There Will Be Blood in No Country.Only where in Blood it’s a wild lightning storm in No Country it’s a sizzling tesla coil.There are just so many weird flourishes and eccentricities of the language around the edges of the existential dread.

2019年9月27日| 未注册的批评家Michael Cusumano

Michael: I know what you mean, though your reference to "existential dread" also pinpoints what I don't like about the movie.The dread, too, is unrelenting, and there's never any catharsis.Which is 100% deliberate, but that doesn't mean I like it.:)

I remember also being favorably impressed by Kelly Macdonald in this, but yeah, her final scene is probably what sealed my dislike for the movie.

Anyway, another excellently written piece!This series is great.

2019年9月27日| 未注册的批评家Lynn Lee

Lynn- Thanks so much.I appreciate it

2019年9月27日| 未注册的批评家Michael Cusumano