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Sep 06 2019

Kirsten Dunst Becomes a God in Central Florida

By Spencer Coile

Back in 2017,I wrote about Kirsten Dunst's "return to glory"with her performances inThe BeguiledandWoodshock.What I foresaw as glory didn't exactly materialize -The Beguiledhad its ardent fans but no real awards traction,Woodshockwas quickly forgotten.Two years later,and Kirsten Dunst receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and is center-stage in the Showtime original series,On Becoming a God in Central Florida,but for Dunst,something still feels missing.

Herinterviewon SiriusXM's "In Depth with Larry Flick"gave Dunst a chance to discuss how she feels slighted by the film industry - an industry that,she claims,pans her films and then celebrates them years later.Major awards?She's nabbed two Golden Globe nominations and an Emmy nomination.She even won Best Actress at Cannes forMelancholiathough that doesn't necessarily translate to mainstream attention.It is our sincerest hope here at TFE that Kirsten Dunst's performance onOn Becoming a God in Central Floridastarts getting her the credit she's deserved for decades...

Dunst has played other kooky characters in the past.Look no further than her previous television work onFargo.Her performance as Peggy Blumquist was an enigma wrapped up in big hair and a practically implacable accent.It was truly some of her finest work.But if you're looking for off-kilter,look no further than Krystal Stubbs onBecoming a God.A wife and mother who is stretched too thin - between working part-time shifts at the local water park,caring for her daughter Destinee,and supporting her husband,Travis,as he "climbs"the ranks of a shady pyramid scheme called Founders American Merchandise (FAM);Krystal's barely holding on.

When tragedy strikes the Stubbs FAMily,Krystal is left scrambling to pick up the pieces.And in the process,she starts to unravel.It's a slow process,but one that picks up steam with each episode.Life is simply a system to be mastered,everything is an exchange of power,and Krystal will do anything to achieve it.That includes deceiving,bribing,blackmailing,and dancing with puppets (yes,it's as glorious as you might expect).

Dunst,complete with braces and a rather unfortunate haircut,has never been better.Krystal is a livewire,a woman who might snap at any moment.And we're left anticipating it,hoping she will finally go off on the men who have wronged her,on a pyramid scheme that has cheated her for years.We're in it for the long haul,to watch Krystal finally get what she deserves.The show itself might be (intentionally) off-putting and strange to casual watchers,but Dunst is magnetic.One second she is completely naive,but the next she is riding an ATV through the streets of Florida with Destinee on her lap,and a cigarette in her mouth.

After receiving her star on the Walk of Fame,Reuters tweeted (and then deleted) this lukewarm sexist take:

In response,fans came to Dunst's defense.For instance:

These hysterical (not to mention true) tweets came at the perfect time: to remind viewers that no one can do what Kirsten Dunst is doing withOn Becoming a God in Central Florida.It's a performance of sorrow and humor,of righteous anger and heartbreak,and Dunst is having fun with every single moment.Give the show a chance and celebrate an actress who's been ignored by mainstream audiences for too long.

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Reader Comments (3)

I was sad to hear that she feels unrecognized.She has Bring it On,Little Women,The Virgin Suicides,Marie Antoinette,Melancholia,Hidden Figures … all films that I am very fond of and would recommend.

September 6,2019 | Unregistered CommenterTom Ford

The underrated career of Kirsten Dunst is a strange one for me - in my personal lists she receives one nomination for Interview With The Vampire and makes Top 10s for Melancholia (WHAT A YEAR 2011 IS) and On The Road.

So I don't see her lack of Oscar nominations particularly egregious.

Then I look at her peers who do have one and...like Johansson,she's starting to feel pretty overdue...unfortunately,her taste in projects is too GOOD (on paper at least) - she needs a few Awards-Begging "Supportive Spouse"roles to get her in the mix...

September 6,2019 | Unregistered Commenterkermit_the_frog

Spencer: Yeah,if we go on pure box office,that's not technically wrong.But who likes Kirsten Dunst for her take on Mary Jane?I could probably cite ten things people like Dunst more for,easy:

Interview With the Vampire
Kiki's Delivery Service Dub
The Virgin Suicides
Bring It On
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
All Good Things
Fargo S2

ANY of those,Reuters.DICKS.

September 6,2019 | Unregistered CommenterVolvagia

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