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Jan 13 2020




With Saoirse Ronan's fourth Oscar nomination at 25 years young, the Irish child prodigy turned even more excellent movie goddess' steady rise to top of her generation is more than complete. She appears to be the first real rival to Meryl Streep's eternal Oscar dominance since people thought Kate Winslet would be some 12-15 years back.

So it's time to reshare/update one of our favourite charts that we haven't updated since 2015 (!). Herewith...


The Picture of Dorian Gray - nomination #2 for Angela Lansbury who was 20 years old!

QUICKEST TO 2:Angela Lansburyat 20 (runner up: Saoirse Ronan at 21,Sal Mineo, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kate Winslet all at 22,米奇鲁尼at 23)
QUICKEST TO 3: Jennifer Lawrence at 23 (runner up:NEW西尔莎·罗南at 23, Teresa Wright at 24,Natalie Wood25)
最快到4:詹妮弗·劳伦斯在25(亚军:NEW西尔莎·罗南25, then Jennifer Jones at 27, Liz Taylor at 28)

Little Children - nomination #5 for Kate Winslet. She wouldn't have to wait much longer

最快到5:Kate Winsletat 32 (ru:Marlon Brandoand Bette Davis at 33, Streep & Taylor at 34)

Both Jennifer Lawrence, if she is nominated next year, and Saoirse Ronan if she's nominated again anytime in the next 6 years will take this record from Kate Winslet.

QUICKEST TO 6: [tie]Bette Davis* & Kate Winslet at 34 (ru: Meryl Streep at 36,诺玛希勒* 36,Deborah Kerr39)

史格芬顿先生 - 提名#7(或者是#8 *)的贝蒂·戴维斯

QUICKEST TO 7: Bette Davis at 36 (ru: Meryl Streep at 38, Jack Nicholson at 46)

QUICKEST TO 8:梅丽尔·斯特里普在39(RU:贝特戴维斯*在42,杰克尼克尔森48)

QUICKEST TO 9: Meryl Streep at 41
(the only others: Bette Davis* at 44, Jack Nicholson at 50, Spencer Tracy at 67posthumously,劳伦斯·奥利弗在69,保罗·纽曼在78,和Al Pacino at 79NEW)

The Bridges of Madison County - Nomination #10 for Streep

(只有别人: Bette Davis at 54*, Jack Nicholson at 56,Katharine Hepburn在60,劳伦斯奥利弗71)

QUICKEST TO 11: Meryl Streep at 49

QUICKEST TO 12: Meryl Streep at 50
(只有别人: Jack Nicholson at 66, Katharine Hepburn at 74)

From here on out Meryl Streep has all the records to herself...

QUICKEST TO 13: Meryl Streep at 53 (ru: not applicable)
QUICKEST TO 14: Meryl Streep at 57 (ru: not applicable)
QUICKEST TO 15: Meryl Streep at 59 (ru: not applicable)
QUICKEST TO 16: Meryl Streep at 60 (ru: not applicable)
QUICKEST TO 17: Meryl Streep at 62 (ru: not applicable)
QUICKEST TO 18: Meryl Streep at 64 (ru: not applicable)
QUICKEST TO 20: Meryl Streep at 67 (ru: not applicable)
QUICKEST TO 21: Meryl Streep at 68 (ru: not applicable)

诺玛希勒riding to Oscar on her first... or is it second nomination for The Divorcée (1930). LOVE HER in this movie.*诺玛和贝蒂异常
奥斯卡的第一年几个充满不一致的统计和裁决这样的事情得到了很多混乱,如果算上以不同的方式事情。例如,米高梅的第一夫人诺玛希勒was nominated twice in Best Actress at the 3rd Oscars (Their Own Desire, and winning for在离婚) and if you count that as two instead of a conjoined nomination than she ties Streep a couple of times for "fastest to" records, earning her last nomination at the age of 36 (Marie Antoinette) but was that her fifth or six nomination? Depends on how you count it. The rules were different in the first few years of Oscar in regards to multiple nominations by the same actor but they were also inconsistent / confusing. Shortly before Shearer, Janet Gaynor was cited for three roles but they were not considered separate nominations.

Similarly, if you count 26 year-oldBette Davis's write-in nomination for人性的枷锁(1934) as her first nod -- it's not an "official nomination" but is still all over Oscar books / articles about Oscar history -- than she takes a miniature wrecking ball to the middle portions of the chart, taking a couple of these records listed above away from both Kate Winslet and Meryl Streep.

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Reader Comments (37)

Love her but I don't think she deserves it. I hope her Oscar clip is the copyright scene at the end.

January 13, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterPeggy Sue

PeggySue... watch them get rid of the clips entirely to make room for more pointless montages, etc.

January 13, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterDAVID


我不知道如果它是完全正确的,但我读下去Twitter that Saoirse is the youngest actor or actress to star in 5 Best Picture nominees.

January 13, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterKeegan

我爱他,她所有的表演提名. She could get up there in nominations especially since starting so young.
Meryl’s Oscar nomination run began in 1978 at the ripe old age of 29. That Meryl keeps getting noms as she ages is itself a feat in Hollywood. Usually the next “Meryl” begins to diminish once they hit their 40’s or at least that use to be the rule. Hopefully we see that changing.

January 13, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterJamie

I am happiest about Saoirse's nod today. Her work in Little Women has been undervalued, probably because she has been so consistently great.

January 13, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter儒勒

Hopefully we've seen the end of Ronan playing teenagers, however charmingly she does it.



January 13, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterJF

Based on her current trajectory something pretty shocking would have to happen for Ronan not to grab another nomination in the next six years. I suspect that won't be the only record she breaks in that same time period!

January 13, 2020 |Unregistered Commentersfenton24

4 Oscar nods at the age of 25. That is impressive as she has been killing it lately. Please, put her in a low-brow comedy as she definitely has the chops to be funny.

January 13, 2020 |Unregistered Commenterthevoid99

I think next year Saoirse will take quickest to 5 for supporting for Ammonite. Hopefully it’s great seeing how she staring along side Kate who currently has the title!! She also stars alongside Kate in The French Dispatch. Jennifer Lawrence also has a few movies but most are in development or pre production with on one in post production, The Untitled Lila Neugebauer Project. Hopefully the love for Ronan doesn’t fade!!


January 13, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterPatrick


January 13, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterRaul

If there's any consolation, it's that Gerwig's fantastic reworking on the source material got justly nominated. Her script is the most singular contribution she made to the project, so I'm happy that she has a chance to win her Oscar this year (though it should be just as easily in directing, as opposed to Todd Phillips—oy.)

January 13, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter马里科

Extremely happy for Ronan, what a talent. Funny that her next prestigious movie seems to be Ammonite, where she plays with Winslet.

Also, I'm pretty sure Nicholson is not third as the quickest to 7. Winslet was (at 40 years old for Steve Jobs).

January 13, 2020 |Unregistered Commenterpawel

I'd have already given Ronan the Oscar for Lady Bird, I just adored her in it.

January 13, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterRob

I'd have given her supporting in 2007 best debut ever and then in 2015 were she wipes the floor with Larson.

January 13, 2020 |Unregistered Commentermarkgordonuk

Saoirse is very good but Kate Winslet is clearly a superior actress.

January 13, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter珍妮·劳伦斯


January 13, 2020 |Unregistered Commenterbonobo


January 13, 2020 |Unregistered Commenterbonobo

She was 23 and better than Saoirse.

January 13, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterCarmencita


January 13, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter马修


January 13, 2020 |Unregistered Commenterajnrules

Does anyone think Streep will ever get Oscar nominated again?

January 13, 2020 |Unregistered Commenterbrandz

Saoirse needs to continue getting nominated all the time once she hits 30/40 to be considered a Meryl Streep rival. But she'll probably start taking a lot of time between nods once she wins. We all know what happened to Winslet. Since her win 10 years ago, she has received only one nomination. An actress who used to be a perennial in her twenties and early 30s, spent the biggest half of her 30s and her early 40s away from the Oscars.

January 13, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterZooey

I love her. Her acting in Brooklyn remains a work of pure excellence and sensitivity.

January 13, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter琼斯


January 13, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterAndrew Rech

I am all for Saoirse getting that record-breaking fifth nomination before wildly overrated Jennifer Lawrence can do it. The latter’s inclusion on this list is absurd...I wouldn’t have nominated her for anything post-Winter’s Bone.

January 13, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterMike

@brandz as long as she keeps making movies

January 13, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterDan

This is probably the weakest best actress list in years. There's no one that I'm rooting for. Lupita should been winning all these trophies (gg, oscar, bafta, etc).Sigh!

January 13, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterJans

Saoirse is winning an Oscar before she turns 30. Should have won for Lady Bird though.

January 13, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterFadhil

I am happy for Saoirse. The only thing I notice now is that women over 30 have a really limited shelf life at the top. So they may get famous younger but being in their 30's seems like the new being in their 40's. And none of the women over 40 are doing that great.

January 13, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterJono

Brandz——当然!一旦拍摄The Prom is done I would not be surprised if we get news on upcoming projects to be filmed next year.

January 13, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterJamie

Queen Saoirse def get her 5th nod before she's 31, setting a new record!!


Trivia: This is her 5th Bafta nods!! She shld've won for Brooklyn back then!

January 13, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterClaran



Please correct the ages and the info on the 5 and 6 nom

January 13, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterRodrigo gutierrez

西尔莎·罗南won me over with How I Live Now. I found her a little grating in Atonement (admittedly, the character's work, not hers entirely), but after watching her march her way to George Mackay's Edmond and tell him she was going to stay in England with him and the rest of their family, and watching her deliver pretty standard lines in the most amazingly genuine and matter-of-fact manner...

She made me believe Daisy was real, and I fell in love.

And then Brooklyn happened, and she's been nothing short of glorious since then. In fact, her performance in Brooklyn may be one of my favorites of the past decade.

She won't win, but her nomination made me really happy. A true ray of light amidst the dreary blandness of the gray.

January 13, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterManny

What’s crazy about how quickly she’s gotten to four nominations is that it could have been even more. She was a legit contender for The Lovely Bones and also gained some mild awards traction for Hanna (her most underrated performance) and Queen of Scots.

Also rare that someone’s best performances are the ones they’re actually nominated for, as hers are. I think we’ll all look back years from now and wonder how she didn’t win for Lady Bird, but I’m hopeful she will get her Oscar soon (maybe she might even get BAFTA this year and make this race interesting). Her major problem in terms of winning an Oscar is the same Amy Adams has always had. She’s so solid and naturalistic and never overdoes it, the types of performances that Oscar rarely awards with the statue, especially for women.

Also like Amy, the overdue narrative really doesn’t start to take shape unless there’s a specific performance people felt you should have won for. And while I think they both should have won by now, popular opinion didn’t necessarily favor either of them in any of their Oscar races. It wasn’t until the Arrival snub that people really started to pay attention to have overdue Amy is. When will that moment come for Ronan?

January 14, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterSteve



ajnrules, agree, can’t believe they turned off the Teresa tap just before her two best performances quickly flowed out.

January 14, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterKennedy D.


January 14, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterLucas

You seem to have forgotten you predicted Lawrence to be Streep’s rival. And she still could, she has taken a break but can get back on Oscar films if she feels like it.

January 14, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter中国风

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