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Jan 13 2020

Team Experience reactions #2: Final questions from today's nominations

We've polled Team Experience one last time today to answer the following three questions to complete our Oscar Nomination Day reactions (apart from the podcast which is going up soon). We hope you'll chime in too.

  1. 其提名你最快乐的是什么?

  2. Which is the strongest category and which is the weakest?

  3. 代理人总是发布有关正在“非常荣幸”完全通用statemetns。但被提名人,你最喜欢一直在墙上的苍蝇今天早上看着自己完全真实的反应/对话。



ABE FRIED-TANZER::我失去了我的身体最佳动画。虽然许多人预测它,一个法语喜怒无常一块约一个断手的纳入远远得到保障,这提振可能意味着更多的人体验到这种奇怪的,精彩的电影。

CHRIS FEIL::安东尼奥·班德拉斯。Though I felt more confident in this nomination's likelihood than some, the reward remains undiminished. A performance so attuned to the spirit and legacy of the filmmaker he's playing, that it's hard not to also see this as a nomination for Pedro as well (though, he of course deserved love in the screenplay and directing categories).

ERIC BLUME:一世'm probably joining a chorus on this, but Antonio Banderas makingBest Actor是当天的一个最大的快感。他的表现是惊人的:一个分层,深切地感受到,仔细校准一个人的图表意外重新调查的愿望。阿莫多瓦是由托德·飞利浦被抢了,但它是令人兴奋的有疼痛和荣耀代表通过这么大的提名。

PAOLO:所有提名Marriage Story,especially for其剧本。一世can already remember the acoustics of the room as these characters bounce off each other.

CLAUDIO阿尔维斯:No nomination made me happier than Petra Costa's民主的边缘inAPP亚博娱乐 。Not only is it an urgent doc, but it's also a beautiful, often painful, meditation on how the personal is political and vice-versa.

CAMILA·恩里克斯民主的边缘!后一世nvisible Lifegot shunned in国际功能and Fernando Meirelles's campaign didn't take off for该两位教皇,巴西的希望都寄托在佩特拉哥的肩膀,并在这政治气候下我们不幸经历在我的国家,有一个关于诡计,导致罗塞夫的获得奥斯卡提名的纪录片弹劾...而就在几巴西现任总裁周后说:“这是一段”以来,国家提出了“好电影”。哈!

TRAVIS CRAGG:这之间(现在能够说的)“获得奥斯卡提名的佛罗伦萨皮尤”一平“获得奥斯卡提名的莱恩·约翰逊。”

SPENCER COILE:佛罗伦萨普格偷偷在她分娩的,“我让我的脚的模具劳里提醒他,我有很好的脚”是值得的提名alone!

MARK BRINKERHOFF:That South Korea *finally* has broken through Oscars’ (east) Asian resistance, with not only a nom for Best International Feature, but half a dozen thanks to Bong Joon-Ho and company.

JASONADAMS:华丽的黑色和灰色和黑色的The Lighthouse,其中至少有在摄影谢天谢地。我会试着假装Midsommarroad in on its A24 coattails.

MICHAELFRANK:nomination that put a huge smile on my face yet left me absolutely shocked,The Lighthousecrept its way into the Best Achievement in Cinematography with a nomination for Jarin Blaschke. Robert Eggers’ pseudo-horror film focusing on two lighthouse keepers, played with a wild fervor by Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe, constantly you a sense of eerie dread. The square aspect ratio along with the black and white filming makes you feel like you’re in a different era of society, a different era of film. The cinematography strikes like a bolt of lightning, with sheer beautiful craziness. Blaschke’s work gives fans of independent (and weird) cinema a reason to shout, cheer, and go absolutely insane.

LYNN LEEParasite's Best Picture nom because the fact that it seems like such a "duh" is remarkable in itself; no way would this have happened to a South Korean film had it not become such a zeitgeisty phenom!

本·米勒:一世admittedly am not the biggest Leo fan and went intoOnce Upon a Time...低预期,但我认为这是他最好的表现,我很高兴他们决定不掩饰它。我迫不及待地想看到他们选择哪个奥斯卡剪辑。我希望他们选择从他的拖车freakout金块。
尼克·戴维斯Setting aside the one flawless category (see below), I'm going to say Sound Mixing forAd Astra。我认为这部电影应该得到它,我很高兴一个詹姆士·格雷电影是* *最后一个奥斯卡提名,我很欣赏它的共识“竞争者”提前为它们定义框外的任何分支思维难得一遇通过媒体的叙述。


尼克·戴维斯一世f anyone answers anything other than Documentary Feature for the best category, I will be all ears for a solid explanation, though we'll see if I can be convinced.The four I've seen are all in my Top 10 or 12 releases of the year, and I only hear glowing reports about民主的边缘。此外,妇女可以直接和东西!最糟糕的类是原创歌曲。同样,如果我不要多到谁是这样认为的一个,我会感到震惊。指定为什么太郁闷了。

MARK:Worst: The Costume Design category, which reflects the obviousness and utter obliviousness of that branch toward newer, scrappier, more diverse and innovative talent. Best: Meanwhile, the Documentary Feature category continues to shows comparatively good taste.

EUROCHEESESingle best - I may not love everything in最佳影片,but I'm glad they did nine and that it really does represent the year well. Single worst - So many are mixed bags, but Actress does feel like the worst possible lineup. If I could take the three (of the eight most consensus players) that missed over all five that made it, I'd do it.

SPENCER:Best:Original Screenplay是如此接近是最强的。SUB OUT懒惰视频游戏说明书是1917并把在可爱,忧郁,生活剧本充满The Farewelland that’s an all-time great lineup; Worst: Greta Gerwig, Lulu Wang, Céline Sciamma, Lorene Scafaria, Marielle Heller, Mati Diop, Olivia Wilde, Joanna Hogg, Alma Har’el, Claire Denis... that’s just scratching the surface for how dynamic theBest Director lineupcould’ve been.

BEN一世the Original Screenplay category. I frequently moan about the lack of original stories in the world and the fact that we gotKnives Out, ParasiteandOnce Upon a Time...,that's pretty great. I would have liked to subThe Farewellin for1917,but beggars can't be choosers.

Best Actress is just...boring. The Academy really had a chance to throw some excitement in there with Lupita or Awkwafina or Alfre Woodard, but they went chalk.

CLAUDIO:最好的无疑是最佳制作设计Best Supporting Actor作为欺诈填充亚军。寄生虫的包容是神圣的,但所有其他被提名的值得了。这也是在那里我会接受一些乔乔兔子爱的唯一的类别,所以有这一点。

As for worst, Best Original Song is a dispiriting thing. If for no other reason, the fact I'll now have to watch Breakthrough is enough to make it the absolute vilest line-up.

CAMILAEven if Joaquin Phoenix's work in Joker isn't a career best IMO, the best actor category was the best of the bunch this year. Yes, De Niro could have easily gotten DiCaprio's spot (I have Bob as my winner, actually), but any group that has Banderas, Pryce (Evita团圆!)和驱动程序提名是遥遥领先的。至于最弱,最佳原创歌曲是不是有趣,因为它只是去年。难道我们真的需要另一个戴安娜沃伦提名?玛丽·斯汀伯根和碧昂丝是正确的有!

JASON:这感觉就像每个类别由一个NOM毁了...通常从Jokeror该两位教皇。一世guess Production Design is the best? I would've nominated some other things but all of the ones that were nominated are good, especiallyParasite

对于最弱的类这显然是最佳原创歌曲,其中就连电影我喜欢 -火箭人- 滑行在垃圾调。但非常接近,这是在运行的每首歌曲是垃圾。时间到垃圾是全品类,其在这一点的存在只是为了让音乐家充分EGOT。


MICHAEL:The five nominees for Best Actor in a Leading Role all give strong performances, with special recognition given to Antonio Banderas for a killer dramatic turn inPain and Glory。乔纳森·普赖斯被提名该两位教皇surprised many, but his subtle religious performance still received plentiful global acclaim. The frontrunners, Joaquin Phoenix and Adam Driver, give once-in-a-lifetime performances (Driver would be higher on my ballot). Rounding out the five is Leonardo DiCaprio, who give his most likeable performance in many years.


WHICH NOMINEE你最想窥探他们的私人的反应?

CHRIS: 你在说什么?布拉德和我在床上的香槟。

CLAUDIO: I'd love to see if Antonio Banderas' did a reenactment of that famous GIF upon hearing his about nomination. I certainly did something similar in my living room when he was announced.

BEN:我很想看到Gerwig - 鲍姆巴赫组合为他们轻轻点头,温柔啄脸颊上相互祝贺的喧闹庆典

GINNY O'KEEFE::一世would die to see Florence Pugh’s reaction. Her insta post was hilarious and she was just lying naked in bed when she saw it on her phone. So what happened next? Did she call Greta? Did Ari Aster call to congratulate her? Did Zach Braff make her pancakes after?!

PAOLO:Taika Waititi. He would have worn a Hawaiian shirt that hit him properly, perfectly pomaded his hair, and after hearing his nominations he would have accidentally knocked off furniture just like he did in Toronto a few months ago. Great guy.


Perversely, I’m curious how Taron Egerton took the news of his non-nomination. As enthusiastically as he had been campaigningandthathe managed to snag BAFTA & SAG nominations and a Golden Globe赢得,它一定发生了令人心碎的他。(奖励雷米·马利克去年甚至没有提名埃杰顿今年[一个卓越的性能和电影]是如此尴尬的奥斯卡!)
SPENCER:一世imagine Laura Dern just slowly bows her head with a knowing smile on her face. And it's that kind of peace that I think we were all searching for this morning.

MICHAEL:一世would’ve loved to see Margot Robbie on this Oscar nomination morning. The absolute joy she has shown throughout this awards season makes me overjoyed with her success. Robbie got a nomination for Bombshell, and Tarantino’s film got a near clean sweep of nominations with 10. I’m sure she is having a ball right now, and by god she deserves it.



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Reader Comments (35)

一世was happy for Antonio Banderas and for "Ford vs Ferrari"


For me, Scarlett's double-nomination made me the happiest as she had been overdue for several nods for years. I would've love for her to go nuts, drink Scar-Jo Weisers and yell out "BRING ME MORE BEERS!!!" After all, she's Scar-Jo 3:16!!!!!


The AD ASTRA nom for Sound Mixing made my day. It was the only nomination of the morning that seemed to come out of nowhere, despite being a richly deserved one. While most critics seem to praise the film as a visual feat, I'd argue the sound is its strongest element.


一世'm happiest for Hair Love. That project has been a long time coming, having been funded through a Kickstarter, and it means so much to so many people.

2020年1月13日|未注册的批评家罗伯特·g ^

Parasite for Best Art Direction (was always getting in for Editing), tho I did think its production design would make it.

Ad Astra cuz that's easy, along with the effects that somehow weren't eligible.


安东尼奥·班德拉斯。Saoirse Ronan. Florence Pugh.


Happiest: Banderas.

Strongest category: International.
Weakest: Supporting Actor.

Fly-on-the-wall: Elton & Bernie.

2020年1月13日|未注册的批评家Working stiff

So what happened to "Rocketman"? Was it too daring? To gay?




这让我高兴的是怠慢冰冻2 LMAO

2. Best supporting actor is unusually very competitive and strong.
While best actress is so boring.



Jaragon - 我本想我自己。我伤心地想:“也可能释放”,他们比以往更严厉的关于电影在今年年底前releasd。

2020年1月13日|注册批评家NATHANIEL [R




Todd Philllips, Banderas, Pugh, "Lighthouse" cinematography.

Really, overseas critics and cinephiles had a complitely take on Phillip's work than in home. Obviously.

一世studied film 5 years and I was Programmer of Film Festival for 12 years. I saw a wide range of work, sometimes up to 300 a year between feature, shorts, animation.

JOKER is also a feat in derecting. Whether you like it or not.
Highbrow and Godard-discipled CAHIERS DU CINEMA elected it as one of the 10 best of the year. As well as many respected critics here.



一世think Gerwig sould have got in. But for Mendes.

Another not so bad idea. There's actor and actress categories. Why not female directing? Are they required different skills than actors regardless of genre? I don't think so! So why it's natural for actors and no directors?





好消息 - 你可以看到Honeyland制片人react

2020年1月13日|未注册的批评家Nick Davis


2020年1月13日|未注册的批评家Nick Davis

Happiest : Hanks, the 1917 love, Ronan. Saddest: lack of nods for The Farewell and Jennifer Lopez.

2020年1月14日|未注册的批评家迈克尔 - [R



sorry memories of murder (not mother) LOL!




2020年1月14日|未注册的批评家汤姆·g ^



最幸福:小女子反弹!Gerwig穆在没有B somewhr徘徊。6主任种族,判断FR的LUV它

Happy: Banderas, Scarjo double dip, Saoirse, Flo, Hanks. Knives Out.

Sad: The Farewell, Honey Boy, Lulu n Awkwafina. Taron n Rocketman's snubs in Makeup n Costumes. Lupita, Alfre n Portrait o a Lady on Fire.



Supporting actress is an embarrassing category, Pugh aside.


Hair Love!


Now that I've had a day to reflect on these miquetoast nominations, there are a couple that stand out:

当然,安东尼奥·班德拉斯。很高兴看到他cluded in the mix, I just wish he had an actual shot at winning.
佛罗伦萨普格 - 一个启示。请让你的黑寡妇的角色是一个一和做的特许经营权。你可能是你们这一代最伟大的女演员。


Happiest: Everything LITTLE WOMEN! Especially the Best Picture nom. I loved the movie and hope that Saoirse can surprise with a Best Actress win. Also: Gerwig should have been nominated instead of Phillips.

Strongest category: Best Actor. Everyone did a great job. Although I wish others were there, I have no problem with this. It was a competitive year! My ranking: 1. Driver. 2. Banderas. 3. Leo. 4. Joaquin. 5. Pryce. All excellent! (Even thought I HATED Joker and only LIKED The Two Popes).

Weakest category: Best Original Song. This is a pitiful category. Not their fault though, the choices this year was pretty bland. Followed by supporting actress. So uninspired! J. Lo smoked all those gals!

Fly on the wall: I’d like to see Taron’s reaction. I didn’t like Rocketman, but I was rooting for him because he is so likeable and wanted it so bad! Poor Eggsy!


All of the love for Little Women. The nomination for Hanks. The cinematography nod for The Lighthouse. The production design and editing nods for Parasite.

Supporting Actor is an unusually strong category this year, even if I wish Dafoe or Song Kang Ho replaced Hopkins.




Alfre Woodard for Clemency should have been nominated instead of Cynthia Erivo. Harriet was a paint by numbers bore, and Erivo's performance predictable and unexciting.

2020年1月14日|未注册的批评家M Ridding

我本来是快乐的思嘉因为he deserves he nominated after such a long career that could have gotten her noms. But two nominations is a bit excessive and the negativity around her in general won’t be helped by it. So probably happiest for Banderas even if I have not seen this film, I am trusting people he is good here.


Of those that were vulnerable, Antonio Banderas and JOKER for costumes





Lead for The Skin I live in (winner)
Lead for Pain and Glory



And Antonio Banderas - a white European Spaniard is now a "person of color" ; )


@Nick Davis




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