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一月 14 2020



据官方统计,马丁·斯科塞斯获得两项提名为今年的奥斯卡奖。亚博主页他是最佳影片的有力竞争者,作为一个制片人,最佳导演小金人对他的长期孕育的史诗The Irishman。然而,有一个家伙被提名人,其电影明显亏欠老主人的片目。正因如此,有些会去尽可能地说,因为他们是这个新的电影的实际质量,这些其他项目的提名,是因为怀念昔日的斯科塞斯一样多。



早在1976年,Taxi Driver有只有四点头斯科塞斯本人甚至没有之间的荣幸。这部电影被提名为最佳影片,男主角(罗伯特·德尼罗),最佳女配角(朱迪·福斯特)和原始分数(伯纳德·赫尔曼,追授)。到那个时刻The King of Comedy, 哪一个Joker斜靠额外的倚重,情况更糟。无论其目前的地位,作为一个熟练的经典可能是,1983年的一个有抱负的喜剧演员的有毒肖像是不是在时间(BAFTA是唯一一批有志)大受欢迎,它甚至没有管理一个可怜的奥斯卡提名。

考虑到这种不公平现象,它是痛苦少去想Joker统治地位的斯科塞斯的虐待过去的杰作追溯庆祝活动。有一两件事是肯定的,如果这些比赛削减到马丁·斯科塞斯与斯科塞斯崇拜者,让我们希望学院在他们疯狂的偶尔发作的一个不沉迷。如果你打算授予斯科塞斯式的电影,至少挑出真正的交易,而不是山寨。在不测,我们正生活在最糟糕的时间表,至少托德·菲利普斯应该表彰的礼仪The Irishman的在讲话(ES)主任。毕竟,我们生活在一个社会。




adri - 我知道,这只是我放出一些蒸汽和嗲一点关于小丑的11项提名的方式。如果它不能对不起自己的喜好,但我仍然对评论表示感谢。谢谢。

2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家克劳迪奥·阿尔维斯

不,他没有!斯科塞斯拿下两项提名,和托德·菲利普斯打进了另外三个。小丑的提名长途,我可以向你保证,远远偏离了回调斯科塞斯的电影(这是很多,很明显,当然,但我认为减少像小丑的成绩,只是因为你不喜欢的电影,被侮辱到两个 film and everyone who responded to it).小丑是有我的朋友(甚至我的妈妈和姐姐谁通常不响应这些类型的电影)有关办法群体中引发了如此多的谈话电影它采用了漫画书绝杀描绘社会的冷漠和忽视 and how a villain can emerge from a system that allows for people to fall through the cracks.

2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家里氏震级


2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家PP


当我看到Joker,我喜欢它无比,因为我是一个笨蛋 an origin story and even more for depictions of late '70s/early '80s NYC in all its beautiful ugliness (see HBO'sThe Deucefor a more masterful example).But the whole time I was also thinking of Scorsese,Taxi DriverandKing of Comedy。For that reason, the furtherJokerrecedes into memory, the less enamored of it I become.

2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家Working stiff

We live in a world where Todd Philips has 3 Oscar nods while Lulu Wang and Marielle Heller have ZERO or Pedro Almodovar only has 2

2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家Ed

Joker was a SO OBVIOUS remix of Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy, that it was distracting all through the film.It is no secret, Marty was involved with the film when it was a project, then dropped to do The Irishman and then went to Phillips...who basically reimagined the origin story of "The Killing Joke" mixiing up with both Scorsese classics.

2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家Jesus Alonso

I have to say I find this whole line of reasoning (i.e.Joker "loots" other films and therefore a blight on cinema) a rather tired one.Filmmakers take inspiration from other films and sometimes wear their influences proudly and prominently on their sleeves, Scorsese included (ask him about how much he's taken from Powell & Pressburger he'll happily admit to it.) So the issue isn't that of an impostor vs a true artist since they both "loot" classic films, it's just that Phillips did it to okay results while Scorsese does it much, much better.True to the old saying "Talent borrows, genius steals"

2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家JJsDiner

JJsDinner -- That's a good point.This article is, admittedly, on the sillier side of things and I don't mean to imply that Phillips, or any other artist, is "forbidden" from taking inspiration in others' work.In this case, I think the inspiration goes a step too far and is done rather poorly, but the practice itself isn't intrinsically wrong.Thank you for the feedback.

2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家克劳迪奥·阿尔维斯

Claudio--ITA.The inspiration goes way too far.Joker is basically a remake/rehash of both Scorsese films.And a very bad one at that.Sigh.

2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家brookesboy

The only problem with Joker is its sense of selfself-importance, despite its gross depiction of mental illness.

It's a hack job.Gross in the way the last half hour of Django Unchained is, but less ridiculous and worse.

2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家Me

As egregious as Joker’s nominations haul is, I can certainly see it going the way of The Turning Point and The Color Purple and go 0 for 11.

One can certainly dream, right?

2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家ajnrules


A little dream--
Best Picture:Parasite
Best Director: Bong
Best Actor: Banderas
Best Supporting Actor: Hanks
Best Original Screenplay:Parasite
Best Adapted Screenplay:Little Women
Best Cinematography:The Lighthouse
Best Costume Design:Little Women
Best Production Design:Parasite
Best Editing:Ford v Ferrari
Best Makeup and Hairstyling:Judy
Best Score:Little Women
Best Sound Mixing:Ad Astra
Best Sound Editing:Ford v Ferrari

2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家Working stiff

I quite enjoyed when American Hustle went 0 for 10.

2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家/3rtful

Thoughts on Joker having seen it: WOW does it feel like watching a cobbled together screenplay loaf, and I'm not JUST talking about the Scorsese homages.I'm also talking about how it honestly feels like Phillips might have wanted to make TWO of these Batman films cum Scorsese homages at some point and the studio told him no very deep into his writing process.The other one?Pretty obviously Goodfellas/Casino/The Wolf of Wall Street, but starring The Penguin.The undercooked classism theme and that go nowhere "Thomas Wayne is your real dad" subplot?Yeah, those honestly feel like leftovers from an abandoned script.And Penguin fits more than any other Bat villain.

2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家Volvagia

The over rated "Joker" should have really been called " Taxi Driving Clown wants to be the King of Comedy"

2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家Jaragon

Cláudio: Taxi Driver wasn't toooo mistreated.It won the Palme d'Or!

But yes, Joker does seem quite close to those two films - especially The King of Comedy.

2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家Edward L.

Sandra Bernhard really deserves a BSActress nomination for The King of Comedy.I would easily replace her with Glenn Close/The Big Chill.Say what you will about Scorsese's portrayal of women on the screen, but he certainly can lead them to nominations-had this one came true).
I agree with your assertion regarding the BDirector nomination for Phillips.Tim Burton wasn't nominated for 1989's Batman and that film was just as fascinating.If you think someone else should've gotten his slot, can you identity his replacement?Wondering if you're on the Gerwig bandwagon or who you would want.

2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家TOM

I haven't seen Joker but...did everyone have the same issue with Blue Jasmine completely aping Streetcar when Blanchett was cleaning up a few years back..?

2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家knopewecan

但“蓝茉莉”的启发,但“街头汽车南ed Desire" it has similar themes but it's very different."Joker" not only rips off entire scenes but even the look of the movie is clearly copying the look of the 70's classics.I was not impressed and actually walked out

2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家Jaragon

TOM -- My personal Best Director ballot is very different from the Academy's.I'd nominate Bong, of course, but also other directors that never really stood a chance (Mati Diop, Céline Sciamma) and others whose films aren't even on the eligibility list (Gan Bi, Claire Denis).From within the realm of possibility, I'd love to see Almodóvar replace Phillips.However, if you're just considering films nominated for Best Picture, then Gerwig would be my choice.

2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家克劳迪奥·阿尔维斯

The way that most people here link up Joker with earlier Scorsese films is similar to how I linked up Portrait of a Lady on Fire and the vastly superior Blue is the Warmest Color.

2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家Ken

My only problem with Joker was that it wa a tad too long and I wish Frances Conroy had more screen time since she's always soooo brilliant but here she barely had anything to chew on....

2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家stjeans

I likedJokerbut I don't think it was that great.It's going to get overrated in the years to come.Plus, having that one song by that pedophile makes that scene very cringe-worthy.

2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家thevoid99

Agree on Frances Conroy!

My main complaint with Joker was the end..his "followers" seemed to have glommed onto him rather quickly within the universe of the film with only passing references to economic angst beforehand.It was like Fight Club got tacked onto the end of an otherwise reasonably compelling portrait of mental illness.

2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家Paranoid Android

Stjeans: I don't know about "always brilliant", but she's certainly better here than in her last DC movie.Her performance as Ophelia Powers is basically a crash course of How Not to Do: The Wise Mentor.

2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家Volvagia

Regarding the way JOKER reworks TAXI DRIVER and THE KING OF COMEDY, I feel like the shout out to De Palma's BLOW OUT at the end of JOKER is Phillips' way of anticipating the controversy and responding: "you criticized BLOW OUT for not being original (a number of critics damned it for being little more than a rip off of BLOWUP and THE CONVERSATION in 1981), but now you love it. Originality is overrated."

2020年1月14日| 未注册的批评家Dan Humphrey

What is this?Looks like a filler article.Makes no sense.

2020年1月15日| 未注册的批评家Mafer

@Mafer-This article is Jasmine Masters in All Stars 4

2020年1月15日| 未注册的批评家PP

Fun fact - though uncredited as an extra, Laura Dern appeared in the final scene of Scorsese’s Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974).Her ma, Diane Ladd, received a BSActress nomination for that film.

2020年1月15日| 未注册的批评家TOM

PP -- Having one's work compared to Jasmine Masters is quite the compliment in my book.I hope I was as funny as she is, though.Anyway, thanks for the feedback.

2020年1月15日| 未注册的批评家克劳迪奥·阿尔维斯

Nathaniel- that first comment was not from me.I really don’t see why these imposters can’t just find their own name to use.Is it only posters with women’s names that they want to drive away and discredit?

Please apologize to Cláudio for me.Cláudio is so even tempered and fair, he doesn’t deserve slighting off the cuff remarks like that.

2020年1月15日| 未注册的批评家adri

I'm going to love how hysterical this site will be If Joker wins, the movie was underestimated here about its success with the academy, so we see the results.

2020年1月15日| 未注册的批评家JayL

adri -- There's no need to apologize.Thank you for your lovely words, though.They put a very wide smile on my face and I feel quite flattered.As always, thanks for the feedback too.

2020年1月15日| 未注册的批评家克劳迪奥·阿尔维斯

FWIW: I hated JOKER when I watched it but then I noticed that it stayed with me, led to a lot of interesting conversations/disputes/reassessments with friends, and has left me open to rethinking it.Best of the year?No way.Overly derivative Scorcese homage?Up for discussion.But I have to say THE IRISHMAN, which I also really disliked, has not improved in my opinion of it since I watched it, doesn't have any iconic scenes that stayed crisp in my mind, and unlike Joker hasn't led to any interesting conversations at all.Like I said, for what it's worth...

2020年1月15日| 未注册的批评家San FranCinema

SanFran Cinema: Honestly, though I didn't hate The Irishman and did kind of dislike Joker, I'm DEEPLY skeptical of memorability as a particularly useful metric of quality.Yes, sure, memorably good is better than unmemorably good, but, well: The Room is a memorable movie.Birdemic is a memorable movie.

2020年1月16日| 未注册的批评家Volvagia

Volvagia: I'm not necessarily saying memorability equates with quality;我说我想更多关于过去的个人ing impact left by a film, which is for me a metric of how I come to settle on an opinion over time.

I notice that movies that fade from my memory (no matter how well made they are) tend to drop in my opinion of them.Movies I keep thinking about (good/bad/unsure) kind of move up higher on my list.

We might have different taste - I love Room and Birdman!

2020年1月16日| 未注册的批评家San FranCinema