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一月 19 2020


by Nathaniel R

It's SAG night. Let's jump right in...

Christina Applegate got here SAG card in the 70s on an indie film. She doesn't remember what it was (yeah, right) but everyone was "really really high". Cynthia Erivo played a shepherd -- "Everyone lauded my performance." she was hooked at five years old. Eugene Levy dreamed of being the next Mr Whipple but goes on and on in a funny bit. They are actors! (We always love that corny intro.)

Levy and (hot/gay) Son presentMale Actor, Comedy Seriesfor which, inexplicably, neither of them is nominatd. The statue goes to awards magnet Tony Shalhoub inMarvelous Mrs Maisel

Female Actor, Comedy Seriesis presented by Jharrel Jerome and a suddenly bespectacled and mature Millie Bobby Brown. She still plays "Eleven" on TV but she must be angling for college comedies now. The actor goes to Phoebe Waller Bridge forFleabag并且我们希望她的家已经钢束腰所有她收集的雕像纱罩。

出远门到SPAHN牧场的剪辑从前奏Once Upon a Time in Hollywoodwe hear from Squeaky (Dakota Fanning), George Spahn (Bruce Dern), and Pussycat (Margaret Qualley) who call Tarantino the greatest movie lover. QT raises his glass in gratitude.

我投Fleabag. This is really weird. This makes no sense.

Ensemble in a Comedy Seriesgoes toMarvleous Mrs Maiselfor the second year in a row. They seem genuinely shocked and keep talking aboutFleabagbefore saying "this is a mistake". It's kind of a delight to hear genuine fandom cross shows rather than just the typical 'so honored to be in your company'

泰隆·艾格顿到达本最佳女配角. He booked this gig before getting snubbed by Oscar. Don't you always feel bad for those particular actors on the circuit?


TheParasiteensemble gets a standing ovation when they come out to share their clip, how cool is that? Still hoping they win.

最佳男配角goes to Brad Pitt who calls acting a team sport (yes!) and tells at least three jokes that get a huge response about: Tarantino's foot fetish, his own tindr profile, and a self-deprecating take on his own performance "a guy who gets high, takes his shirt off, and doesn't get on with his wife -- a real stretch" Utterly adorable.

女演员在一个限量系列去米歇尔·威廉姆斯Fosse/Verdon. It's actually her first win after several nominations (individual and cast). Lovely speech with generous praise of Sam Rockwell.

Gabrielle Carteris and Gwendolyn Christie both give little speeches, one about the acting as an art, one about heroism, activism. The montage for heroes is completely all over the place but given that it thankfully stretches back to the 1970s and includes a million movies we weren't expecting.

大化,Scarjo和欢快热情的罗马格里芬戴维斯(谁是非常令人兴奋的,当他钉他的提示卡读出)引进的剪辑Jojo Rabbit.

Female Actor in a Drama Seriesgoes to Jennifer Aniston forThe Morning Show. She is shocked. Fun speech. There's a shout out to Reese about it taking 20 years but we did it. Were they trying to reunite since Reese's awesome guest spot onFriends? The answer to this is surely obvious if you've been following the Morning Show press which we must admit we haven't.

Leonardo DiCaprio comes out to introduce hisThis Boy's Lifeco-star Robert DeNiro...

Standing ovation of course. He talks about no victory laps because you're always worried about your next job (and here a little plug to the fact that he's working Scorsese and DiCaprio together next). He speaks about the power of unions and about his political outspokennss. He believes in always speaking out against blatant abuses of power.

The three stars of Bombshell come out to introduce it. And they're followed by two more goddesses Danai Gurira and Lupita Nyong'o to introduce the next category

Actor in a Limited Seriesgoes to Sam Rockwell, who is also legitimately shocked, forFosse/Verdon. That's followed by the In Memoriam which is always both sad and inspiring, the latter because it brings so much great work back to mind.

Best Leading Actorgoes to Joaquin Phoenix forJoker.And wow... a loveely speech from Joaquin where he spends the bulk of it just speaking to the brilliance of his fellow nomineees and even suggests that Adam Driver should be up there winning (yes).

Best Leading Actress去蕾妮·齐薇格。这是她第3次个人SAG胜利。她庆祝她的搭档有“爆米花早餐”。(汤姆·汉克斯前奏是有趣提的是,这是第一次朱迪·加兰,梅盖尔文·凯利和哈里特曾经在一起的一类。)


Outstanding Cast goes toParasite.

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving cast, every performance is just modulated perfectly to deliver a remarkable whole. This is the first time a foreign language film has ever won the top prize at SAG. No foreign film has ever won the Best Picture Oscar and SAG's top prize only translates to a Best Picture win at the Oscar about 46% of the time. However, there's a first time for everything so we'll keep the dream alive thanks to this blessed results at th Screen Actors Guild Award.

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Reader Comments (32)


一月uary 19, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter大卫

寄生虫的胜利是晚上! ! !后的王牌Eddie Award I start to Dream it could Win not only "Best international Feature"!

一月uary 19, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterPatrick

"Actress in a Limited Series goes to Michelle Williams for Fosse/Verdon. It's actually her first win after severak nominations (individual and cast). Lovely speech with generous praise of Sam Rockwell." Severak?

一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterMoira


一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterJosh R


一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterWorking stiff

Helena Bonham Carter is delightful as a winner, giving a brief, funny very on brand speech. Her wit and Sam Rockwell's delight was the high point of the evening.
Brad Pitt and HBC should do something together.

And once more I must say that the SAG award is the ugliest award. truly awful.
我ryl Streep is rocking a pair of Rachel Maddow's glasses.

一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterLadyEdith

Yes!!! Parasite!!!!!!

一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterRy

I have a crush on rich dad from Parasite. He was sexy in the movie and remains dapper in real life.

一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter/3rtful

Wow, way to go SAG voters. Funny that the PGA winner and the SAG ensemble winner, arguably the two frontrunners now, have no acting nominations. PARASITE has the actors of SAG on its side, but does it have the actors of AMPAS? Hmm.

一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterGlenn Dunks


一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterSagat Moocher

Unless I'm mistaken, in order to be a (voting) member of AMPAS' acting branch, you need to be a working actor, i.e., a SAG-AFTRA member.* Of course, you might have voted forParasitefor Best Cast without considering it to be the Best Picture of the Year.

*Unless you're a foreign AMPAS member who has never worked in US productions, I suppose, in which case you might be favorably disposed towardsParasiteanyway...

一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterWorking stiff

What was up with Renee's southern twang? I know she's southern but it's been a while since she turned it up like this.

一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterNnnvgnn

"I have a crush on the son from Parasite. Does that make me a perv?" // If it's the son from the rich family, definitely. But if it's the son from the poor family, Choi Woo-shik is actually 29 (turning 30 this year) so not at all.

一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterIrvin

Phoenix sealed the Oscar with his speech tonight. He came across as magnanimous when he mentioned his fellow nominees, he sounded genuine, made reparations for his earlier misgivings about awards in general and added a nice little emotional touch by honouring the late great Heath Ledger.

一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterAbzee

I love Brad,he is such a MOVIE STAR,the humour in the speech was great but doesn't it feel like someone of his stature should win a Lead trophy.

一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered Commentermarkgordonuk

@LadyEdith, they did work together 21 yrs ago in Fight Club.

Omg, the win for Parasite is such a historical win!! I knew it is the Dark Horse and but like most I thot Once Upon will get this!! Wat a delicious surprise!!

我天衣的四部影片赢家[R锁定......蕾妮的敬意朱迪得到alots LUV!谁不希望在舞台上更多的敬意!朱迪

顺便说一句,我终于看到朱迪。它不是完美的,但蕾妮是如此发自内心的为朱迪!我逼债让恨FR朱迪·斯坦?这是一个不错ñ恭敬进贡ñ她得到了所有的抽搐ñ举止拍下来!她可能不完全看或听起来像朱迪,但她频道精华Ø向下N OUT图标,在她最后的日子里,华丽!

She totally deserves the win!! U go, Renee!! 3 more televised speeches to go!! Yay ✌

一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterClaran


一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter我lchiades

I thought Laura Dern had 10 SAG's. It was her very first! And film pundits were speculating with a J-Lo win. I love how they're still trying to insufflate suspense to the acting races. LOL

我lchiades -- It's a joke. Stay positive and imagine that someone rebranded the category to Best Co-Lead and you''l be fine. It's what I'm doing.

一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter佩吉苏

Great speech.

一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter佩吉苏

Thanks for the words, would rather you didn't lie and renege on your own "rebranding". You can 'insufflate' hot air elsewhere. xo

一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter我lchiades

My Parasite crush is Kim Ki-Jung (the poor family sister). Man, Park So-Dam is so attractive.


一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered Commenterajnrules

我lchiades - I'm not on the Brad train either. The "wife" part of that joke was cringeworthy, since his character in the film murdered his wife.

But yay, Parasite! What a great surprise. Though I agree this is a very strong season overall.

一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered Commenterjules

Renee became the most winning actress at SAG, which is crazy.

一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterFadhil

Lol at people cringing at a joke like that.

Let's all be boring!

一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter

ajnrules: I know, right? She and Song Kang-ho were my MVPs the first time I saw Parasite (she makes Ki-Jung so deliciously sociopathic). I couldn't be happier for this particular ensemble of actors.

一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterRichter Scale

The acting categories are so boring this year. 4 sweeps in acting: Phoenix, Zellweger, Pitt and Dern. BOOORIIIING!
Best Picture (on the other hand) is quite interesting

一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterEd


一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterDaniella Isaacs

I missed the awards last night so I appreciate this write up! The glamour of that supporting actress fivesome took my breath away.

一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter圣FranCinema

It feels a bit like Lemming-Season ... and I really wonder about the different juries diversity, and their thought process when they vote ... will all of this translate to Oscar ??
That said - I don't think we do have a bad year at all in the acting department, if you look at it from career celebrating point of view. I LOVE the Oscars - I always have - since I was little and I don't want all this moaning to take away the fun !!!

多年来我希望凤凰最终得到recognition - he was so superb and my Oscar choice 2005 in "Walk The Line" - loved his work in "The Master" and so much more where he came very close to be nominated ... if he sealed his win this year with this Tour de force I'm very happy with that ! Is it my favourite performance of the year ... I go more subtle but want Phoenix having the statue.

Pitt is a Hollywood force that should be awarded - some of his performances over the years are absolutely magnetic ! I saw "Thelma & Louise" last year again after decades - he blow my wig off.
爱邓恩在很多 - 没有太多的婚姻故事 - 但这部电影是如此强大,它应该有一个奥斯卡奖,她是唯一的机会了 - 然后哎 - 我很高兴地吞下药丸,我也觉得她是一个很好的人说你只是想花一天。唯一的人,出了很多,我想裁决是普格 - 但她有被超级年轻的优势 - 她一定会回来的!所以还是劳拉,我们爱你!

那么蕾妮 - 我还没有看到。“朱迪”。也许我错过了...但我真的想听听你对她的表现纳撒尼尔的想法,大家都知道你对加兰钦佩。也许我们听到它时,她赢得...
My 'relationship' towards Zellweger is as strange - and hot & cold as she is. At the moment I'm routing for ScarJo - but I change in a heartbeat if Renee gets me ...
Amen ;-)

一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterMartin

Nathaniel - this is the best awards show recap I have seen. The pictures and the commentary - you didn't have to watch the show. Like brilliant.

一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterJW

@ Martin


一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterWorking stiff

I find it hard to listen to Renee's speech suggesting that, by bestowing the prize on her work in JUDY, the acting community is indirectly honoring Garland. How nice it would have been for her to acknowledge the sad truth that Judy Garland never won a competitive Oscar for her work as an actress while many other actresses of lesser talent received their share of recognition. As an actress who has won three competitive SAG awards, Renee could remind people of the many great actors who never won competitive awards (Garland wasn't alone in this category) and then give a shout-out to them, their brilliance, and the fact that those who fail to receive recognition may be the ones whose work will be ultimately remembered as eternal. And, who knows, cap that sentiment by encouraging her fellow-actors to look harder, dig deeper, and be more generous in terms of who they choose to nominate in the future.

一月uary 20, 2020 |Unregistered Commenterdavide

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