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差不多了Crouching Tiger...

Completely agree with this article, and add that Lee won the Globe, BAFTA and DGA, but missed the Oscar, which frankly was ridiculous. He has since won two director oscars, so it’s been rectified, but IMHO, this remains his best directed film.-Jonathan

Both of these BADASS women were SO GOOD in this! I would've totes given Ziyi the Oscar (and did in my own personal awards) given the nominees that year.“-Chris






Ritesh Batra(照片)
Jia Zhang-ke(灰是最纯净的白色)

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一月 28 2020

妮科尔·贝里is "Miss Juneteenth"

Murtada Elfadl圣丹斯报告...

Beauty pageant films are a genre into themselves used to tell many different stories. As when a filmmaker wants to tell a heartwarming story about female ambition (Miss Firecracker) or a satire about striving for perfection (Drop Dead Gorgeous). Sometimes they even debut at Sundance (Little Miss Sunshine). The latest in this tradition is Writer/Director Channing Godfrey Peoples’Miss Juneteenth其重点是母女选美佳丽。

妮科尔·贝里(耻辱,42,和电视断头谷)stars as Turquoise Joines. She was once Miss Juneteenth, a title commemorating the day slaves in Texas were freed, two years after the Emancipation Proclamation. As every character in the film keeps telling her constantly -- how rude -- she has not lived up to the promise of her teen years...

Turquoise works as a waitress and barmaid while grooming her 15 year old daughter Kai (Alexis Chikaeze) to try for the title and the coveted scholarship that comes with it.

人民膜的慢节奏冥想,因为它向我们展示了绿松石的生活和它的人民。She picks up additional work as a makeup artist in a funeral home run by a man (Akron Watson) smitten with her, tangles with her on again off again boyfriend and Kai’s father (Kendrick Sampson) and deals with her alcoholic church minister mother (Lori Hayes) who’s always judging her choices and trying to get her saved by Jesus.

Beharie命令屏幕与天然安静配置和膜流动到她的节奏。有时候放慢完全与Turquoise暂停采取新的一天和挑战,Beharie告诉我们,小沉默寡言的手势。这是怎样的表现 - 和电影 - 你需要让渗入到你,安顿下来,洗去离开你可扪及情感的滋养。

By focusing the film on the inter-generational conflict between mothers and daughters Peoples’ wrings wonderful affecting sentiments that are hard not to feel. We’ve all had those conflicts with our parents and/or children. She also has a feel for the Texan pulse of life in Fort Worth and the scenes in Turquoise’s bar or at her mother’s church feel authentic. Her affection and knowledge of the pageant world is so credible that we get to understand why it’s so dear to Turquoise and why she wants her daughter to win it badly. Ultimately though Peoples’ guides both characters into finding what drives them and works for them regardless of what they want from the other. And when we get there, there’s catharsis.

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