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一月 31 2020


这里的Ren Jender在圣丹斯电影感动直入影院本周末...

Writer-director Kitty Green'sThe Assistant(now open in NYC and LA) is aJeanne Dielman例如考试的女人是最新的屁股istant in Harvey Weinstein's office (though he's never named) in the time before the revelations of his rape and harassment of women came to light. The film delves into how serial sexual harassment makes the entire office (and of course the industry) complicit, even when individuals try to do the right thing.

The title character Jane (Julia Garner) is not clueless and she doesn't lack a conscience...


The film captures how vulnerable young women in offices are, not just to harassment (Jane herself is not harassed), but the mindset that normalizes the behavior. Male executives laugh (male laughter in this film is never a good thing) as they "joke" about what happens in the office (including on the couch) of the Weinstein stand-in.

The Assistantis realism that plays like a thriller. Film festivals are in some ways synonymous with sleep deprivation, but during this film I didn't even want to blink, let alone doze. Julia Garner's performance is a big part of what makes the film so compelling. She doesn't have much dialogue but the camera is on her face for most of the film: behind her eyes you can see the suspicions and misgivings accumulating as she weighs what to do.

Green interviewed nearly a hundred people as research and crystalized their experience into a screenplay in which the audience puts the pieces together in the same way, simultaneously with Jane. The film harks back toElephant, Gus Van Sant's fictionalized take on the Columbine massacre, in how it provides many possible answers and arguments to all the questions and theories posited ("why didn't someone do something?") but avoids a definitive, tidy explanation.

In the Q and A after the film, Green revealed that "The same kind of stories emerged, the same patterns, and this isn't just in the film industry." But harassment and rape is very much a part of the film industry, especially at Sundance (never forget that Rose McGowan stated that Sundance is where Weinstein raped her).The Assistantis part of a wave of films at this year's festival (along with Eliza Hittman's transcendentNever, Rarely, Sometimes, Always, Emerald Fennell's disappointing and brutal有前途的年轻女子and Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering's在记录) that address harassment, rape and the aftermath for victims and predators.

Thisawards seasonhas been surreal for many of us. The Weinstein revelations came less than three years ago, but a writer-director who has been collecting statuettes this year was also implicated in making his star actresses vulnerable to the serial predator, the same predator who had harassed the writer-director's ex-girlfriend and subsequently blackballed her. And yet with all the awards press we've barely heard a question from any outlet about these events. So perhaps we can take heart that films women direct (or co-direct) will continue to include the post-Weinstein fallout. As Julia Garner said afterThe Assistant's screening, "Kitty said it was going to be a quiet film and I think that's really important because the subject is so loud."


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Reader Comments (6)


一月uary 31, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter城野

I'm excited to see Kitty Green move into dramatic features. Her most recent documentary (Casting JonBenet) showed she had something of a skill with actors in that film's own unique, peculiar way.

February 1, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterGlenn Dunks

I love Julia Garner, hopefully I get a chance to see this one.

February 1, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterBrittani


February 1, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterRobMiles

This sounds incredible. I cannot wait to see it. I am so glad that it received distribution, as I know some distributors were reluctant to deal with it. It's already on the schedule for our local Landmark, so they are actually planning on showing it across the country.

February 1, 2020 |Unregistered Commenterjules

There were so many takeaways from this film. For myself, this film validated and truly highlighted the all too common toxic work environments I've been subjected to as an executive assistant across industries in New York. There were moments that made me so emotional because I've gone through EXACTLY what Jane has gone through and it was hard to be reminded of the constant verbal, emotional, and psychological I went through at work. This is such an important film to really highlight these kinds of work environments where there is no accountability for those at the top and no agency or ability to take a stand for those like Jane and myself at the bottom. Despite being reminded of the dark realities that mirrored my own work experiences, I'm glad I watched this film and highly recommend it to others.

February 1, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter帕特里克

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