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文档角"Scream Queen+Horror Noire"

"I appreciate being clued in toScream Queen。Without this site, I would miss a lot of interesting things to watch." -Ready

"Thank you so much for this wonderful entry onHorror Noire!I hope viewers enjoy the ride through the history of Black horror!"- Robin


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二月 26 2020

文档角:哦,恐怖!“尖叫女王!” and 'Horror Noire'

ByGlenn Dunks(谁是currently counting down my top documentaries of the decadeover on Twitter.Follow along!


这是多么伟大,然后看到两个新纪录片Scream, Queen!My Nightmare on Elm StreetHorror Noire: A History of Black Horror关注这些元素,并提供一瞥的是什么样的复杂领域成为观众与这些空间创造者...

这两个新的文档采取不同tacts-Scream, Queen!专注于马克巴顿的职业生涯中,痛骂中伤的明星Nightmare on Elm Street续集,而Horror Noire是十年跨越潜入恐怖黑色表示。这两部影片都回荡着的是什么恐怖片手段,人们为什么对少数民族的声音的重要空间探索详述。

刚刚从它的标题,你可以得到色调的感觉,罗马Chimienti和泰勒詹森Scream, Queen!是服用。就像它的核心人物,纪录片是自豪地奇怪。巴顿的明星A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge,有充分的是,太对了,在1986年后,他的第一主角被嘲笑的方式已经抛弃了好莱坞。在影片中,他描述了他是如何感觉不知不觉由不关心它的一次性生产线心态的后果推制性壁橱里退出来。巴顿,像那些初始早年的性困惑后许多男同性恋者,最终发现自己,并没有因此远离相机,现在已经是一个行业内的恐怖电路仍设法上一些显著可见奇怪的脸 inclusive in respect to sexuality.

如果观众是想的历史图表Elm Street专营权,那么这是不是。尝试精湛四小时Never Sleep Again从2010年为。但是,我的一部分确实得到一个踢出来的,想到的弗雷迪克鲁格电影的球迷可能会变成Chimienti和Jensen的电影上听到HIV,外伤和异性特权的故事(什么是三人!)。同样,酷儿观众可以在津津乐道看到巴顿面临的负责人有机会和他同为演员的友谊和社会各界,他的故事已经促成了一起寻找慰藉。Scream, Queen!allows audiences plenty of clips and interviews and behind-the-scenes footage of the conventions that Patton and his colleagues are now routine parts of, but it’s these insights into how Patton coped with being a casualty of homophobia that really makes the documentary become more than justElm Street风扇服务。

泽维尔•布尔金的Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror现在已经流传了一段时间了,但它是二月适当的手表,这是黑人历史月:(!希望我不是说记错报价)“黑色恐怖是黑色历史”,作为一个说话的头部将其描述。以。。。开始The Birth of a Nation,布尔金适应罗宾·R的展开叙述手段科尔曼的非小说类书籍Horror Noire: Blacks in American Horror Films from the 1890s to Present,覆盖了大部分主要高达乔丹皮尔的奥斯卡获奖Get Out(这也许得到a bit在牺牲别人太多的关注)。

布尔金,编辑霍拉丘Lemnei和斯科特·斯特罗贝尔优雅图表这段历史观察的小丑般的早期恐怖漫画,原子时代在几乎完全没有(因为没有黑色的科学家,甚至实验室助理刻画在屏幕上),通过标志性的Night of the Living Dead,利用黑人,20世纪80个年代锋卫摇摆(以及其中的误解)和更现代的复兴像更老生常谈困扰的转义CandymanTales from the HoodThe Girl with All the Gifts和上述Get Out。每一位观众无疑将有大约在这里或那里排除抱怨;我会喜欢听到的东西学术约Scream 2,特别是因为他们已经在讨论杰达平凯特在Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight,但它会潜有关,只有在几个片段所示)。

真正让Horror Noire不仅仅是单纯的历史教训,然而r, is the smart way that talking heads have been integrated.While there are a few whose academic knowledge justifiably sits alone, Burgin smartly allows most of his interviewees to sit amongst each other in pairs throughout a cinema set.As they watch clips, they revisit filmmaking anecdotes and discuss film themes that add so much dimension to its narrative.It is particularly clever considering horror films are so often a communal experience for audiences, whether it’s in a cinema of screaming patrons on the couch with friends or a loved one.That back-and-forth discussion not only enlivens the brisk runtime, but also allows for a deeper understanding of the very personal history that these films have had on generations of black moviegoers and filmmakers.

As the genre changes, so too does the society around it.Considering the new age of horror that we appear to be entering, it is refreshing and relevant to be reminded, or to learn for the first time, these histories.

Release:Scream, Queen!is plays from February 27th - March 4 in Los Angeles at the Laemmle Glendale Theater.It will then roll out nationally following this one week engagement and will also have a VOD release beginning on March 3 on all platforms including Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, VUDU, etc.Horror Noireis currently available on Shudder and iTunes in some territories.

Oscar chances:Nah, neither are anywhere near Oscar's flavor.AlthoughScream, Queen!did win the GALECA Dorian Award for LGBTQ Documentary of the Year earlier this year.




Thanks, I appreciate being clued in to "Scream Queen".Without this site, I would miss a lot of interesting things to watch.

2020年2月26日| Unregistered CommenterReady

Really enjoyed Horror Noire, but I’ve only just heard of Scream, Queen!I’m definitely gonna check it out when it becomes available.

2020年2月27日| Unregistered Commenterthefilmjunkie

Thank you so much for this wonderful entry on Horror Noire!I hope viewers enjoy the ride through the history of Black horror!

2020年2月27日| Unregistered CommenterRobin R.Means Coleman

Glenn- you have now become my main source for all things documentary!Thanks for these two recommendations.I will seek out your Twitter list.

2020年2月27日| Unregistered CommenterPam

HORROR NOIRE's Robin Means Coleman is a provost at my University and is just wonderful.The fact that her academic book got made into a film gives all us academics hope.Who wants to make a film out of QUEER BERGMAN?

2020年2月27日| Unregistered CommenterDan Humphrey

I adore Horror Noire - have watched it a few times.It's so smart and funny and insightful and powerful.Cannot recommend highly enough to horror fans and historians.

2020年2月27日| Unregistered CommenterRob

I remember watching the 2nd Nightmare as a teenager and being extremely uncomfortable.Sure, the film itself isn't very good, but I think it had to do with its implicit gayness (though the scene in the locker room was quite explicit) and Mark Patton's unconventional performance as the leading man in a horror flick (in a major horror franchise at that!).13-year-old closeted me was probably too afraid to admit that there was a certain likeness to the character.I'm very excited to see this documentary, hopefully it'll become available on demand in Europe soon enough.
Horror Noire sounds equally fascinating!

2020年2月27日| Unregistered CommenterFrenchToast

Robin, thank you so much for reading and commenting.I hope a few extra people find their way to your movie as a result!

Ready, junkie, Pam...I hope y'all like it.Means a lot that people actually take what we write here seriously when it's not the major movies.

2020年2月28日| Unregistered CommenterGlenn Dunks