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Miranda Hart was the stand out for me. She's always SO funny and yes, her gut punch scene also elicited gasps from the audience and just... OOF it hit perfectly. But ATJ/Flynn have great chemistry. I needed to hydrate after their dance scene.-Ryan T

希望多一点与th发展e supporting character“-Hardy


Zara Howard过早
CinematographerThe Irishman

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Mar 15 2020


通过Cláudio Alves

丹尼尔·戴 - 刘易斯可能最好的三重奥斯卡影帝among actors, but that doesn't mean he's the best performer of the bunch. It just means that he's had the luck of getting awards for his very best efforts. Historically, if we can count on the Academy for something it is to award the right people for the wrong movies. That started early -- Katharine Hepburn won her first Oscar forMorning Glory在同一年,她有资格获得乔治丘克的小女人

在任何情况下,无论赫本或天刘易斯此片的主题。这将是梅丽尔·斯特里普,提名最多的演员曾经和三个奥斯卡奖而自豪的赢家。亚博主页她的第一个两场胜利,为Kramer vs Kramerand苏菲的选择,通常在其中各自的类别最好考虑,但同样不能为她的第三次胜利可以说...

Meryl Streep being a three-time Academy Award winner isn't unjustifiable considering her career, but did one of her wins have to be forThe Iron Lady

much-awarded传记片,梅丽尔·斯特里普扮演former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, from her days as a member of Parliament to her doddering old age. Technically speaking, this is a showy effort full of performative razzle-dazzle, including accent work and many portentous monologues delivered with gusto. However, Streep tends to be a bit too much when playing Thatcher in her prime and director Phyllida Lloyd seems unable to help her.

在本日成立的场景,性能变得更好,顿时充满了忧郁和含蓄的性格细节通过物理转化编织。然而,这是整体画面的一小部分,使得Streep`s胜利一点点酸酸的。当我们考虑到可能的亚军是维奥拉·戴维斯谁在出厂时性能的地狱这是特别困扰帮助and would have been a historical victor.


Winner: Shirley MacLaine,母女情深

迈克·尼科尔斯Silkwood marked the first of many times when Meryl Streep played a real person. Such performances would become synonymous with some of the actress' worst habits, including a tendency to be too studied and fussy about her actorly choices. None of that is true of her work in Silkwood, however. It's one of the actress' most relaxed tours de force, perfectly naturalistic and lived-in, equally capable of eliciting laughs and nail-biting tension.

While it's unlikely that the Academy would honor Streep two years in a row, this would have been a wonderful victory. Moreover, Shirley MacLaine would have many other opportunities to nab Oscar gold. She's one of those cases where the Academy stopped nominating her after she won, but we can easily imagine her winning for such movies as 1988's夫人Sousatzka,1989'sSteel Magnolias1990年或公司来自边缘的明信片

Winner: Susan Sarandon,行尸走肉


1995 was Susan Sarandon's time to win, there's no doubt about that. However, Meryl Streep's performance is a top-tier effort, representing what's probably the best representation of forbidden romance this side of短暂的相遇



Considering all of her subsequent SAG and Golden Globe nominations, Helen Mirren would have no trouble building a narrative to win her first Oscar after 2006. However, does that mean we'd have to live in a world whereTrumbois an Oscar-winning film?One shudders at the thought.

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Reader Comments (8)


March 15, 2020 |MrW


March 15, 2020 |查理

But I'm good with TIL. I don't think an Oscar Clip was ever more fitting. *lol*

March 15, 2020 |Sonja

My vote goes to Adaptation or Prada or even Julie & Julia (over Sandra Bullock). In an ideal world, her Oscars would reflect her comedic excellence as well as her talents for accents and drama.

March 15, 2020 |尘土飞扬

“廊桥遗梦“would have been my pick, but I'm delighted Susan Sarandon finally won though. I still think her Clarissa in "The Hours" is one of her best performances and she was the most Oscar-worthy of the cast (Nicole should have won for Moulin Rouge!). Meryl doesn't get to play "regular" women very often and she gave it her all making her so human and real (that kiss scene with Alison Janney was so powerful).

March 15, 2020 |FrenchToast


March 15, 2020 |NATHANIEL [R

Julie & Julia. Given the competition that year, I think she totally deserved to win.


March 15, 2020 |JJM

If she have been won for a comedy I prefer would it be for Postcards from the Edge instead of Prada. Maybe is just my appreciation but I feel she plays Miranda so "seriously" and out of the tune on comedy. I think Emily Blunt is who plays the role with the best tone for the story.


March 15, 2020 |César Gaytán


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