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4月 24 2020

Introducing the Smackdown Panel for '81

We're so excited to bring you a new super-sized season of theSupporting Actress Smackdown。First up in early May is the year 1981. We'll be talking aboutReds, On Golden Pond, Only When I Laugh,Ragtime, andAbsence of Malice.。。so start watching those flicks, won'cha? We've gathered a panel of actors, critics and industry cinephiles for you.

Ready to dive into 1981? Let's meet the people who will be talking about the Oscars of 1981 with us.


Originally from London, Sean started his career at age five starring alongside Sir Laurence Olivier in his final film,A Voyage around my Father。He then rose to fame at age ten when he was cast in the BBC drama "Grange Hill." He was cast as the lead in US number one box office featureMeet the Spartans。Sean has also starred in the TV comediesOff-Centre, Eve, The Classand took the title role in the Comedy Central seriesKrod Mandoonopposite Kevin Hart. Sean has also appeared in shows such as BBC seriesScott & Bailey, the hit seriesCriminal Minds, andTimelessas James Bond creator Ian Flemming. Sean is best known for playing "Robin Hood" on the hit ABC seriesOnce Upon A Time。肖恩刚刚完成的5系列The Magicianson SyFy where he played two separate characters. Sean is an ambassador for the charity Oxfam. Sean resides in Los Angeles with his wife Tanya and two sons Flynn and Leo. [Twitter|Instagram]

Donna Lynne Champlin is an OBIE, Drama Desk and Gracie Award winning actress. Having worked extensively on stage, in television and film, she is most well-known for playing Carol Burnett in the autobiographicalHollywood Armsand “Pirelli” in the musician-actor revival ofSweeney Toddon Broadway, “Hortense” in Comedy Central’s Another Period, and “Paula Proctor” on The CW’s Emmy award winningCrazy Ex Girlfriend.[Twitter|Instagram]

Boyd van Hoeij is a Dutch-born freelance film writer based in Luxembourg and Paris. He was a contributing critic at Variety before moving to The Hollywood Reporter in 2013. Boyd also regularly contributes to De Filmkrant (Netherlands), is artistic advisor at the Luxembourg City Film Festival and president of the Selection Committee of the Luxembourg Film Fund. He has been part of festival juries in, amongst others, Cannes, Venice, Hong Kong, Jerusalem, Sydney, Palm Springs and Thessaloniki and taught film criticism workshops and conducted shot-by-shot analyses of film classics across Europe and in the U.S. He has also moderated masterclasses with talents including Quentin Tarantino, Todd Haynes, Melanie Griffith and Ray Liotta. [Twitter]

阿米尔是一个cinephile,前影评人(TFE contributor), and current festival programmer who lives in Toronto. His interests include Iranian cinema, noir films, sad romances and Claudia Cardinale. [Twitter|Letterboxd]

And two regulars from Team Experience...

Eric Blume is a comedy writer and director. He spent a decade and a half at Comedy Central, where he developed, wrote and directed content pieces and half-hour shows featuring Hollywood's biggest talent. In addition, he's written and directed national commercials, branded content pieces, and comedy content for networks and services such as TBS, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, E!, Syfy, Laugh Out Loud, and Funny or Die.

Nathaniel R is the creator and owner of The Film Experience. He is a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association ("Critics Choice") andThe Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics("GALECA"). He is a longtime Oscar pundit (TFE, Gurus of Gold), and his writing has appeared online (Vulture, Show-Score, Slate, Towleroad, Tribeca Film) and in print (Vanity Fair, Esquire and Winq). Nathaniel regularly serves on international festival juries and has appeared as an on-air Oscar pundit for CNNi. [Twitter|Contact|Instagram|Letterboxd]


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Reader Comments (21)

Love the panel! Rewatching Reds (or at least the Stapleton parts) and On Golden Pond before I vote. If anyone wants to defend Hepburn's fourth win, as I would, please feel free to make that detour. :)

4月il 24, 2020 |Unregistered Commentereurocheese


You're not alone when it comes to defend Hepburn's fourth win. I'm with you ;)

4月il 24, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterEd

As a Manchester lad who watches Scott & Bailey every time it’s on ITV3, I’m so made up to see Sean here! Really looking forward to your thoughts and any anecdotes about working with amazing Suranne will make my life.

4月il 24, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterKeegan

I used to have a Sean Maguire album,he was a successful soap star turned pop star for a few years in the mid 90's.

4月il 24, 2020 |Unregistered Commentermarkgordonuk

天哪,at's some heavy hitters (esp. Donna Lynn Chapman).

4月il 24, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterOrrin

I wish I could sing “The First Penis I Saw” to Amir Soltani and have it be truthful.

4月il 24, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterBushwick

I love Donna Lynne Champlain! I'm so excited to see her commentary - she was absolutely great on "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" and is a fantastic singer.

And, in general, DLC and others - these are hot pictures.

4月il 24, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterRebecca

what a list! can't wait.

4月il 24, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterCharles O

Another defender of Hepburn’s fourth win here. She’s fabulous in it.

4月il 24, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterShmeebs

OMG Sean Maguire and Donna Lynne Champlin!!! Exciting!

4月il 24, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterRyan T.

Great lineup!

4月il 25, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter乔伊

I can't support Katharine's win for this film. I do support her being a four time winner but when Sarandon (first time) and Keaton where right there I'm torn. I'd probably learn more towards Keaton. Excited for this panel and the smackdowns to come. The great content that we all need during our current situation

4月il 25, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterEoin Daly

KHep’s fourth win is a fine one. Though I do love me some Atlantic City. Can’t wait for this Smackdown. As Nathaniel would say, this season keeps getting Bette-r. ;)

4月il 25, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterScarlett

Historical oddity: 1981 saw the fewest films represented among the 20 lead and supporting acting nominations (just 9). 2007 saw the most (18), with only Michael Clayton scoring multiple acting nominations from the same film.

4月il 25, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterParanoid Android

Paranoid -i love that stat.

Scarlett -- i would not say that but go on :)

Ryan -- i think so too.

Bushwick - it took me a second to get this and then I endd up in a Crazy Ex Girlfriend Youtube Khole so thank you.

4月il 25, 2020 |Registered CommenterNATHANIEL R

As a major fan of the wildly funny (and tragically under-appreciated) Crazy Ex Girlfriend, I am gagged at Paula / Donna Lynne Champlin.

4月il 25, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterTj

Excited for this, and great panel (especially excited to see Boyd’s contribution, but great set overall).

4月il 25, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterScottC

Love this year!


4月il 25, 2020 |Unregistered Commenterbrookesboy

So excited to see Donna Lynne Champlin return! She's terrific on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and was a great previous Smackdown panelist. I'm torn on this line-up, so I'll look forward to hearing her insights especially.

4月il 25, 2020 |Unregistered Commenterjules

What an attractive bunch of panelists! Looking forward to reading all of your thoughts!

My choice for this year would be Stapleton, followed by Fonda. I haven't seen McGovern, but Dillon and Hackett failed to leave any kind of impression on me at all.

4月il 25, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterTyler

So many attractive people.

4月il 25, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterAndy

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