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Apr 08 2020



I had expected 2020 to be jam-packed with political documentaries.We have already hadHulu的四部分希拉里and in the lead-up America’s presidential election had assumed that nary a week would go without a documentary about some sort of politics examination, exploration or expose.Who knows what the rest of the year holds for us anymore in terms of release for the sort of niche, boutique non-fiction fare and whether they will make their way to audiences, but I am sure they will hold lessons and important interrogations nonetheless.

Case in point:杀死恶龙。A feature-length documentary that is getting out somewhat ahead of the pack and which picks up where digitally-released short films like弯曲的线条and抑制:争取到投票left off on the issue of gerrymandering and the efforts (by let’s be honest: Republican politicians) to manipulate the voting process...

Directed by Chris Durrance and Barak Goodman (who’s俄克拉何马城I listed as one of2010年代的顶级纪录片),杀死恶龙is an articulate and smartly assembled film that cuts through this often difficult-to-comprehend issue.Like俄克拉何马城, come to think it,杀死恶龙recognises that in order to understand where we are, we need to understand how we got there.Starting way back in 1814 with John Adams’ very relevant quote, “There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide”, the filmmakers then go back to the Obama election and the mid-term elections that brought the Tea Party wave that put a胆大and斜体强调on the increasingly chasmic political divides of American voters and how the nation’s newly elected (or newly emboldened) right-wing lawmakers engaged in a “legislative blitzkrieg” of civilian warfare.

They divided states, counties, communities and even streets into deliberately racist and classist sub-sections to ensure unfair elections that manifest—as the film has the statistics to attest to—in lopsided legislatures and governing houses that fail to reflect the actual voting will of the people.Remember that great shot in Steve McQueen’s寡妇where a car travels between two distinct affluent lines?You can guarantee there was a gerrymandered line along that path.It’s complicated, but Durrance and Goodman make smart choices to get audiences to follow and that includes most importantly centering much of the narrative (as it were) to a young woman named Katey Fahey.

Fahey was inspired to lead a grassroots movement in Michigan to ban partisan gerrymandering efforts in the state.Like亚历山大奥卡西奥,科尔特斯在去年的打掉楼, Fahey ultimately proves to be the star of杀死恶龙。And not just because she won, although she did and the climax of those results gives the documentary at least something approaching a happy ending with some hope that people are clueing in to the very undemocratic tactics of people who only have their own best interests at heart.If anybody is going to be turned on the issue of gerrymandering by杀死恶龙then, much like the people of Michigan, it is likely to be Fahey who is ultimately to thank.

The film is nicely put together with a fine score by Gary Lionelli.视觉ly it is at one with other recent political docs like Kimberly Reed’s黑暗钱or Luke Walker’sPACmen。Use of animations here are sleek and unlike other docs feel entirely necessary in dissecting how neighbours on the opposite of the street can be divided by race, income, gender and any number of other factors that are used to determine whether their vote is worth it or if it’s not (as the film points out, some states are so rigged that not even a Democratic landslide could affect the number of Republican seats held).

The US presidential elections are eight months away and who knows what will happen between now and then.But even in the face of all the other political turmoil unfolding there and around the country, we need to heed the warnings of杀死恶龙

发布:You can watch on a variety of streaming and VOD platforms including YouTube, Apple and Amazon Prime.检查薄膜对其中官方网站

奥斯卡的机会:I would have normally thought杀死恶龙doesn’t have quite the auteur vision that the documentary branch have been veering towards a lot more often these days, but there are several reasons to consider it.第一个是,我们根本不知道什么是纪录片领域是要看看今年像剧院关闭意味着很多将直接对视频点播,从而有可能从学院的发行要求排除。他们将这些波?我当然希望如此。其次,他们没有放黑暗钱到他们15宽的入围名单,并根据政治怎么今年去他们可以得到启发,给它的注意。

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