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May 18 2020


Costume DesignerDaniel Orlandiconcludes his guest-blogging day with our favourite of his pictures. You shouldfollow him on Instagramfor more fun set photos & costume sketches....


The Doris Day / Rock Hudson sex comedy romps were among the first movies I saw as a kid. I was so enamored of the look. So when I read the script to就想赖着你(2003), Ihad去做吧。我欠了很多制片人帕迪·库伦帮助我得到这份工作。她早溜我,剧本让我得到满足的导演和制片第一。


I had already signed on to design the costumes forThe Alamo。我在做什么撕裂,由于日程安排冲突。一位朋友说:“是说这两个!”(It all worked out sinceThe Alamo然后由于延迟董事的变化,一个星期虽然在拍摄所以一旦就想赖着你,我对墨西哥制服的样品检查被制造为The Alamo。)I was so excited about the opportunity that even before the first meeting, I sketched almost the whole film. Surprisingly very little of it changed through the filming.

The next step was meeting Renée Zelwegger's manager who was super excited by the designs. When Renee came in to discuss the film and see the designs, she said“Lets go for it! ”

We had a very small budget so the producers were skeptical that we could get it done. Except for a sweater or two and some shoes, we had to makeall的主要服装。我希望膜具有完全真实的人造看看那些原20世纪60个年代的喜剧。作为对我的好意我的好朋友谁曾缝这么多的服装为卜麦琪由蕾妮的礼服在她的家工作室的。

It was so much fun to work closely with制作设计师安德鲁·劳斯matching colors: the red of Catchers office wall matches Peters vest; for Renee’s pink suit, the same plaid was embroidered on the fabric seamlessly all around, plus it's the exact color of her sofa. Special thanks to摄影师杰夫Crowenworthfor dealing with lots of white, herringbone plaids, and bright colors all of which make lighting and shooting difficult。We met again recently and he brought this challenge up, but also told me that it's his daughters favorite of all the films he's done!

整部影片拍摄于好莱坞的摄影棚和外景地通用。演员都有更衣室,而不是拖车。每天早上演员将获得在走廊里看到他们的服饰打扮彼此都准备好和满足。我们有一个小工作室,与我们所显示的服饰的大窗户。其他制作将由每天散步,看看有什么是新的!The prop department even made leaning boards to make itseem like a 60s production.

Renée, me, and director Peyton Reed posing on our leaning boards.

(For those that don't know, leaning boards are tilted padded boards so actresses don't have to sit in their costumes and get them wrinkled while resting.)

Shooting the famous montage sequence of Barbara and Vicki getting stood up wasfun. I came up with the idea of the Houndstooth and yellow reverse costumes and Peytonlovedit. After shooting it, though, an executive at Fox flipped out. She hated yellow especially on blondes and I had to design two new costumes to reshoot the scene.Thankfully the original scene stayed in the picture and was mentioned in many of the reviews as a highlight;the review in the New Yorkerwas especially satisfying!

The cast meshed so wonderfully. We had so much fun on set, David Hyde Pierce playing piano in his room with charming Ewan McGregor singing. The girls dancing in the hall. Ewan even drove to the studio each day in a 1960s sports car. The dayRenée did her famous monologue was particularly amazing. At the very first run-through she did it perfectly — all seven pages — without missing a beat; the whole crew erupted in applause.This was also Sarah Paulson’s first major film role. So many big names auditioned for her part but none could get the rhythm of that 60s patter. Sarah came in and nailed it!

Next time you’re watching the film, look carefully at the beatnik party. You can see a young Zachary Quinto (whose lines were cut) as a beatnik poet!


Remember this! You will probably never have as much fun on any other film as we are having right now.”

She was right!

一个巨大的谢谢Daniel Orlandi, a designer whose work we always look forward to, for thesefun peeksinto his inspirations,career,and filmography。If you enjoyed these please let him know in the comments, and if you're a Down with Love fan, please share the post on social media. - Editor


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The costumes in this film were fabulous and fun

5月18日2020年|Unregistered CommenterJaragon


5月18日2020年|Unregistered Commenter汤姆米

Fantastic blog day, Daniel. You need to write a book!!!

5月18日2020年|Unregistered CommenterMichaelD

The world can feel so dark of late. Mr. Olandi, your bright and joyful series of remembrance has been a gift. I found happiness listening to you celebrate the enthusiasm you find in your work.

5月18日2020年|Unregistered CommenterJames

The Houndstooth and yellow reverse costumes scene is what I think when I think about the movie. ♥ I've trying to watch the movie for months, maybe this is a sign... I'll watch it in the next couple of days.

5月18日2020年|Unregistered CommenterLuiserghio

Loved this film, from the acting to the story and especially ALL THOSE GORGEOUS COSTUMES! Thanks for doing this series and making this day just a bit brighter for me.

5月18日2020年|Unregistered CommenterGeorge P.

Oh, that scene with the matching outfits! I died! Should have been nominated.

5月18日2020年|Unregistered CommenterPeggy Sue

丹尼尔 - 我从字面上shockd有关行政机关所想要的服饰剪裁的那个故事。震惊。它在电影粉笔充满了疯狂良好的视觉效果的最难忘的视觉享受。它像切割某处在彩虹从绿野仙踪的,因为他们威胁要做到;)

5月18日2020年|注册的评论者NATHANIEL R


5月18日2020年|Unregistered CommenterRichard


I saw this at a screening at 20th Century Fox and there was palpable excitement over all those crazy costume changes (and the set design).

And speaking of Fox, I feel this never got the luxe Blu Ray treatment it deserved. I hope that changes in the near future. (I'm not even sure if it was released on Widescreen.)

Talk about an "over and over!"

5月18日2020年|Unregistered CommenterDave in Hollywood

Thanks for your posts Daniel! This one was particularly delightful.

Looking forward to your future film work!

5月18日2020年|Unregistered CommenterShmeebs

The costumes in this are PHENOMENAL! I would have given you the Oscar in a heartbeat.

5月18日2020年|Unregistered Commenter阿兰

Daniel, thank you for such a fun and insightful set of blog posts. I've enjoyed reading them and I've learnt a lot.

5月19日2020年|Unregistered CommenterEdward L.

Why this s*itty movie always pop-up once a year? I'm a pure gay on Kinsey scale but this movie is too much

5月19日2020年|Unregistered CommenterPP


The costumes are lush, an highlight in such a fun movie. No doubt, it deserved the oscar that year.

Extremely rewatchable, plus, the movie has the career best performances from Renee and Ewan, They have never been better in my eyes.

5月19日2020年|Unregistered CommenterXavier

Deserved the Oscar! Can't believe the yellow and houndstooth coat/dress combo was nearly axed. It's the defining image of the movie, I think!

5月19日2020年|Unregistered CommenterGlenn Dunks

丹尼尔,谢谢你所有的美妙的文章yesterday. I was thrilled to read each one of them. You gave a real gift to the site and all of us readers.



5月19日2020年|Unregistered CommenterEricB


5月19日2020年|Unregistered CommenterPam

Thanks for posting this reminder of a truly lovely movie. Haven't seen it since release. Now i have a "virtual" movie date to see it this Saturday w/ family and friends. I'll drop some of these anecdotes into the conversation.

5月19日2020年|Unregistered CommenterSFOTroy

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