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01 2020

差不多了: Taron Egerton in "Rocketman"

通过Cláudio Alves

由于它的骄傲月和火箭人is new to streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime, this week's差不多了subject is Taron Egerton in Dexter Fletcher's Elton John biopic. In the most recent awards season, this Welsh actor probably came quite close to an Oscar nomination, both thanks to his performance as well as his aggressive campaigning. The nature of his role helped too, of course. Biopic roles are, literally, the Academy's favorite flavor of Oscar bait. Still, in the year afterBohemian Rhapsody“有争议的胜利,火箭人不得不用最佳原创歌曲胜利内容本身。至于埃杰顿,他得到了金球奖,英国影艺学院和SAG点点头,但没能获得奥斯卡提名,就在结束了最佳男演员阵容...

Before discussing any element of Taron Egerton's performance as Elton John we should understand what sort of approach Rocketman takes to the challenge of documenting life on film. Structurally, the movie is a very conventional biopic, using the framing device of rehab to tell the story of its protagonist's rise to fame and subsequent fall from grace. Like many a rock biopic, its beats are predictable and perfunctory, from the prodigiousness of Elton as a child to his problems with addiction after becoming a multi-millionaire sensation. What makes this project different from other similar productions is how it fuses the classic model of the biopic with the exuberant artifice of the musical.

远离限制埃尔顿·约翰的标志性歌曲演唱会场景或穿插在录音棚,德克斯特·弗莱彻设计了一个装模作样的盛会出歌手的人生故事。从第一光亮注入图像,当埃杰顿朝向相机走在魔鬼服装的完整的公鸡羽毛的翅膀和痴痴角,火箭人is firing a shot of unrestrained excess at its audience. Things don't calm down after that, with each musical number being staged in the most earnest way imaginable, with every emotion lived up to the breaking point and every costume covered in as many sequins as possible.

Such a stylistic approach sets the parameters for Taron Egerton's take on Elton John. The famous singer is said to have chosen the young actor himself, a flattering bit of casting that speaks of a glamorous vision of Elton John that is more interested in the legend than the nitty-gritty particulars of reality. In other words, Egerton doesn't look very much like Elton John neither does he sound like him. Other actors may have been bogged down by the desire for chameleonic transformation, but Egerton seems to be aware of what sort of movie he's in. Instead of mimicry, he plays Elton almost as an original character, only rarely indulging in copycat impersonation. It's an impression of the star more than a reflection of the real thing.

For some, that disinterest in biographical exactitude may be infuriating, but Egerton justifies his approach with one hell of a fun performance. Early on, when running through the streets while singing "Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)", he's a ball of nervous energy. Character and actor seem to vibrate with the joy of performing, filling even the most stoic spectators with electric giddiness. That consummate showmanship and need to entertain characterize this first act of Egerton's work, before success and the lure of a handsome manager weight down on Elton John.


Because of that ease with playing vulnerability, Egerton's best scenes are usually the ones he gets to do alongside Jamie Bell's Bernie Taupin. Throughout their interactions, both men paint a powerful portrait of devoted friendship, one that may be initially tainted by the hurt of unreciprocated yearning but ends up being impossible to break. During one particularly choleric shouting match, when Elton's self-loathing explodes outwards, Egerton and Bell play the dynamic of the two friends perfectly. There's anger and resentment, but, before they can fester into something uglier, the singer changes his tune and asks for his friend's forgiveness.

Such tone shifts when played with automatic lived-in ease tell a tale of many similar interactions happening outside the narrative. Rocketman may be a musical of unashamed fakery, glamour, and glitz, but it's also a spectacle of earnest sentiment. Elton may smile manically for the fans, but we get to witness the labor of that constructed glee. The presentation of these lives is deliberately artificial, which doesn't mean that their emotions aren't real.火箭人是一个谎言,告诉真相,有点狂乱的那照亮了人物的灵魂深处。埃格顿扮演这个非常好,承诺完全的表现,尽管他的做法埃尔顿的愤怒感到一点点重复,需要进一步调制。他更擅长唱出来他的心脏比他在尖叫。

总体而言,虽然,这是一个非常不错的表现就是显著优于许多类似奥斯卡获奖作品。尽管如此,2019是不是埃格顿的一年,安东尼奥·班德拉斯结束了抽丝,在空中来了提名早上了最后最佳男主角插槽。The Two Popes' Jonathan Pryce may indeed have been vulnerable, but, considering that film's other big nominations, it seems unlikely. If the choice is between疼痛和荣耀's leading man and火箭人的惊人的球星,我承认壁板与学院。The other Best Actor nominees were Joaquin Phoenix for滑稽角色,莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥为Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood和亚当驱动程序婚姻物语。Would you kick any of them out to make space for Taron?

火箭人可以流在Hulu, Amazon Prime,可怕吗cTV, and Epiz. You can also rent or buy the movie from Amazon, Youtube, Apple iTunes, and others.

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I would kick Jonathan Pryce out. Not that he didn't do good work, but I think Egerton walked a higher and thinner tightrope and did it with aplomb.

君e 1, 2020 |Unregistered Commentermadeofstars

Kicked Leo out - no need for him to be included

君e 1, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterTony

Yup, kick Leo out. Nothing special about that performance. Just his typical self aware nonsense.

君e 1, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter欧文

Of the five nominated by the Academy?

Easy Drops:

4.亚当司机、婚姻故事(你知道Natsaid about being worried for Driver, not Charlie? I also was, but if I'm worried for the actor, not the character? That's not great acting. The distance isn't being broken. Also had very little to work with.) (Yes, these first two were fighting for the win. Groan.)



Absolutely Not:

2. Jonathan Pryce, The Two Popes

君e 1, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterVolvagia


Kick Leo out for the best performance of his career???!!! Crazy talk!!!

君e 1, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter里氏震级


君e 1, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterJJM

朱镇模 - 我也喜欢墨菲埃格顿在2019年最佳男演员比赛。然而,埃杰顿更接近奥斯卡,所以为什么他这一块的主题。该学院真的没有任何的爱腾出Dolemite,甚至没有为露丝·卡特的完美的服装,这是可怕的。

里氏震级--Glad to know I'm not the only one that thinks this was the best work DiCaprio's ever done. Out of his many nominations, it's probably the only one I'd give him.

Of the Oscar nominees, I think Pryce is the weakest link and wouldn't mind seeing Egerton take his place. I also prefer Egerton to Phoenix, to be perfectly honest.

君e 1, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterCláudio Alves

It was a strong year in the category, maybe Pryce is the weakest, but with a long career it was time to get a nomination, Egerton will be recognized in the future if he chooses the right roles.

2020年6月2日|Unregistered CommenterCafg

This one is so easy for me - drop Pryce (solid but not "best") or Phoenix (some great moments but incoherent) . Include Egerton!

2020年6月2日|注册批评家NATHANIEL [R


2020年6月2日|Unregistered CommenterG.ShaQ

I don't really think he was good enough for a nod either way but I'd probs take him over Pryce?

I'd throw in Murphy and/or DeNiro over either of them!!

2020年6月2日|Unregistered Commenter亚历克斯·d


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