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“所有的演员Romy and Michele' make it look so easy that you don't notice how sophisticated the performances are. Every young actress who gets a role in a comedy should study it. It's a master class in character acting."-JF


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Jun 12 2020


As we march towards the拍击下,我们也检查了那些带有非指定的大配角的表演。这里的尼克Ťaylor。。。

We've already discussed how维奥拉·戴维斯有一个壮观的2002年。But truth be told, it’s incredible how many actresses turned out multiple great performances in that film year: Samantha Morton headlined one of the best films of the past 20 years with intoxicating subtlety inMorvern Callar同时提供最内脏,令人不安的元素Minority Report。玛吉·吉伦哈尔宣布自己与一个爆炸Secretaryand folded beautifully into the ensemble ofAdaptation。Multiple cast members of时时刻刻gave equally memorable characterizations in other films - Meryl inAdaptation, Julianne in远离天堂,米兰达Spider, Toni inAbout a Boy和克莱尔Igby Goes Down。(附注:野生它是如何Nicole Kidmanis the one who only made one movieyear?).

我要说的伊莎贝尔·于佩尔过任何女演员的最强一两冲在2002年她很凶,倒行逆施,在心痛孤独的转The Piano Teacher在2000年代的最佳作用功勋所有的本身,而碳酸行列,招待她的工作有助于8妇女是由伟大的喜剧作品定义了一年中最有趣的表演之一...

现在,我知道你在想什么:“女性8人8 8所有被一些法国最著名的女演员在电影史上扮演我要注册????!”8妇女是1958年的谋杀之谜游戏改编,由法兰索瓦奥桑在风格致敬的情节剧美国人喜欢auteurs乔治丘克,文森特米内利和道格拉斯·瑟克执导。


The plot, such as it is, opens with Gaby (Catherine Deneuve) returning from the train station with her eldest daughter Suzon (Virginie Ledoyen) in tow, free from school for winter break. They’re greeted by Gaby’s younger daughter Catherine (Ludevine Sanger), Gaby’s sister Augustine (Isabelle Huppert), wheelchair-bound matriarch Mamy (Danielle Derrioux), longtime cook Chanel (Firmine Richard), and new but experience maid Louise (Emmanuelle Beart). Suzon is most excited to catch up with her father Marcel, a plan that hits a bit of a snag after Louise discovers him dead in bed with a knife in his back. They soon find the phone lines have been cut and Gaby’s car sabotaged, trapping them on the property. They’re eventually snowed in too, but not before Marcel’s black-sheep sister Pierrette (Fanny Ardant) arrives, having received a mysterious phone call informing her of her brother’s murder. And that's just the set-up.

对于所有的毛绒娱乐8妇女eagerly offers, the whole thing winds up being less fun than it wants to be. Ozon’s staging feels stymied at translating this play for the screen - so much of the story takes place in that huge living room, and his attempts to vary the framing and editing from its usual cadences just reads as shaking things up for its own sake. Similarly, his recreation of ‘50s melodrama aesthetics grasps the look and texture of those films without ever being as skillful at运用所有的颜色和技巧,告诉它的故事。如果这些启示觉得好像他们实际上对一些建筑打桩机离谱的秘密可能有更多的分量。

最后这一点可能会通过一个特别敏捷铸但在其最好的补偿8名女合奏is only ever running on half a tank. Three of them rise above the challenge. Danielle Derrieux is a hoot, nailing some unexpected physical comedy and a truly deranged monologue that kicks off the last third of the film. Fanny Ardant, with her chic outfit and gorgeous hair, is instantly bewitching. And, more than anyone else, Ardant looks like she’s having a good time, and she’s able to make this into a character point rather than coasting on her (considerable) charisma.

Isabelle Huppert reaches even greater heights as the neurotic, perpetually unhappy Aunt Augustine. Taking inspiration from Augustine's tachycardia (a condition where one’s heartbeat has a resting rate of 100 bpm), Huppert burns through8妇女,拍摄了她的对话,以便快速其惊人的她是多么的不满和愤怒是能够把到她的行读数,同时还使他们的工作为喜剧。There’s nothing funnier than watching her wheedle Suzon into sharing the brioche Chanel has made for her as a welcome home present, only to swipe two of the three buns off her plate as soon as she agrees, cooing about how great they’ll taste with the chocolate in her room. She’s also the only actress who regularly attempts physical comedy, dashing around the house like a hurricane and holding her body to accentuate what an angular, rigid figure Augustine is. Huppert makes Augustine such an open mess of wounded self-pity and shrewish unhappiness that you wouldn’t believe she could keep anything about herself secret.

什么提升于佩尔的工作超出了单纯,活泼的漫画,是同情的时刻,她心痛搅拌。她完全致力于自己的音乐数量“消息Personale”,奥古斯丁的安魂曲为自己的孤独和无法连接。曲调灌输她轻忧郁和自我意识罕见,早期的时刻,奥古斯丁几乎就打消歌曲结束,但于佩尔明智跟踪的性格。从她的母亲学习一个令人心碎的秘密后,她却走进了她的房间和她浪费生命,并在自己压皱前挥笔一切了她的梳妆台。奥古斯丁经过近年底大规模改造8妇女, her look and affect completely different than the woman we’ve spent so much time with. It’s the kind of total reinvention that requires a strong actress, and Huppert strikes this new pose with the same seamless grace she’s held throughout. All she needs to do is saunter down the stairs and ask for a light, to let everyone know that this is a new Augustine they’ll just have to get used to.

就在于它是8名女性本身这么随便存在这么简单。我希望更多的电影人将试图建立类似8妇女, which is far from perfect but takes plenty of admirable risks with tone and style, to say nothing of how much material it provides for high-caliber actresses to go nuts. If nothing else, Isabelle Hupper is giving us the most delicious, high-energy star turn in a film seemingly designed for great actressing that can't quite manage it across the board.

Huppert's sheer range of notes within this high-end farce, coupled with the massive difference in tone, demeanor, and severity between Aunt Augustine and钢琴教师埃里卡·科胡特是一个演员可以种植在整个职业生涯的那种成就,但于佩尔填补她的作品有聪明,危险的沉船一样生动的吉娜·罗兰兹。也许你喜欢的女演员不同的两FER今年,与选项丰富,因为这些你很难出问题。但没有一家像于佩尔,这是一个事实。

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Great article. I love this movie but there is something a little off about it, not fully satisfying - and I appreciate your notes about what doesn't quite click. The nature of the ending does sort of limit everything else - without spoiling, it doesn't feel like a true mystery, both in the reveal and how the various details are structured along the way. And everyone gets exactly one song, it's almost too neat, tidy, and segmented.

June 12, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter戴夫S.在芝加哥

完全同意。我重新看了8个FEMMESduring the lockdown and I thought Huppert was first among equals, although really it's churlish to pick her among the outstanding ensemble, each with her own beat, her own song, and moment to shine. But Augustine is a different beast, quite a force of nature, and one with a fully realised arc: from an uptight ball of abrasiveness one moment then sort of like a minx in the next. François Ozon mentioned in one interview that he always views Huppert's acting as similar to Garbo so he decided to cast her in a role that's the opposite of the characters she's usually known for: a hyper-kinetic physical-comedy character. I want to see Huppert do more of these characters in films. The two recent ones I remembered seeing her do a version of Augustine were both on tv: as the eccentric director in该Romanoffs和她不吝于DIX倒分又名“叫我代理”打自己​​的变化。


June 12, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter猫头鹰

This movie is a lot of fun and Huppert is a delight in it. It's probably heresy to say - but I think I like her better in this than in The Piano Teacher? It's such an unexpected but just right performance.

June 12, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterScottC

I like what Dave S. said about the film feeling a bit too neat/tidy, that's a good description for it, but I still think it's a really fun watch. A rewatch has been on my to-do list for a minute now, so I'll take this article as a sign that I need to get to it!

June 12, 2020 |Unregistered Commenterthefilmjunkie

于佩尔担任左右基德曼圈。( 谁赢了 )

Moore and Streep should both had nods for The Hours.

June 12, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterRdf

Huppert is indeed great in this film. I ended up enjoying the film a lot especially as the film went on. i did feel a bit cold at the beginning but just sort've grew to love it by the end. Huppert it goes without saying deserves much more than her one oscar nomination.

June 12, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter约恩

@Dave S - It’s a weird ending, especially in its tone. Polished is exactly the right word for what feels awkward about it.

@Owl - I’ll add here that Firmine Richards gives my favorite song performance in the whole film. But Huppert is so on another level here, and I hope I get to see her be this nuts soon. And thank you for the video link, I can’t imagine how fun this was to make.

@ScottC - With choices as brilliant as these, there are no wrong answers.

@thefilmjunkie - It’s a fun movie! Maybe it could be more fun, but I certainly enjoyed it.

@Rdf - Huppert in The Piano Teacher is so my Best Actress choice this year. I like Kidman fine but agree Streep is best in show there.

@Eoin - 地狱,她可能已经在2016年有两项提名,它会一直如此令人难以置信的值得。爱她的人必有后福。

June 12, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter尼克Ť

I don't see that many weaknesses to the film. I think it's just as much an homage as it is a postmodern destruction of the murder mystery, the musical and the melodrama, thus the off-putting feeling.

June 12, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterDl



June 12, 2020 |Unregistered Commenterthevoid99

尼克 - 感谢这篇文章。我完全同意,于佩尔是最好的展示位置,但我MSUT说我爱电影SOOOOO远远超过你。我觉得它是如此有趣,结局是崇高的。

June 12, 2020 |Registered CommenterNATHANIEL R


生日女孩被发布了美国在2002年2月!A V v凌乱无趣“浪漫”的惊悚片。一个坏的电影夹红磨坊!他者与时之间,幸运的是,主要是现在都忘了!大声笑

2020年6月14日|Unregistered CommenterClaran


2020年6月14日|Unregistered Commenter安东尼奥

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