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12 2020



啊...规则每年的调整是在我们一次。学院先后被狂热设法跟上社会的变化,并与他们的性别平等和种族多样性inititiatives在几年过去少数取得了不少进展。我们也看到,本来似乎是不可能的前十年如最佳影片获得者月光(2016)和寄生物(2019). The Academy is continuing with their diversity initiatives over the next five yearswhich you can read about herewe won't attempt to summarize it as it's definitely in the planning rather than implementing stages. But a lot of it sounds really smart like unconscious bias training and screenings and discussions and industry-focused inititatives (as we've long said, the Academy can only vote on the films that Hollywood actually makes!).


在最近的历史上最著名的调整是不会因有关种族多样性和性别平等,但对各种电影奥斯卡愿意兑现的范围担忧促使。年复一年奥斯卡只是坚持自己的消息电影和传记片和战争片和威望电视剧。这些类型的电影还是很受奥斯卡--their味道是他们的口味为他们的口味 - 但在2009年奥斯卡的5至10预选,扩大种膜的净希望扩大了最佳影片字段,可能兑现。将扩大的领域帮助他们避免非典型的爱人一样的未来尴尬完封The Dark KnightandWall*E(both of which were wildly acclaimed and received numerous BEST raves but couldn't crack a very retro feeling list of 5 Best Picture nominees in 2008 that nobody outside of the Academy seemed all that excited about.)

The expansion worked at first allowing more sci-fi films and comedies and LGBTQ films and animated films in. That tweak was in place for just two years (2009 & 2010), after which they moved to a sliding scale based on percentages of votes.


这已经不是什么秘密,我们有时错过了5 wide lists, which felt more 'special' and statistics-interesting, but we'd prefer an even 10 to the sliding scale (which is too messy/inconsistent -- yes, we're looking at you Emmys). So we're happy to report that the sliding scale expansion experiment will end with this upcoming Oscars (dates still in flux due to concerns over COVID-19 and theaters still mostly being closed). The 94th Oscars honoring the films of 2021 will return to that 2009 system of a full top ten list!What'cha觉得呢?


Here's one initiative that we're VERY excited and shocked about that might help with some long-standing problems we thought Oscar would never address. A quote from the Academy:

The Academy will alsoimplement a quarterly viewing processthrough the Academy Screening Room, the streaming site for Academy members, also starting with the 94th Academy Awards. By making it possible for members to view films released year-round, the Academy will broaden each film’s exposure, level the playing field, and ensure all eligible films can be seen by voting members.

That change is still a year away but it's long been needed as a way to counter the problems of the December glut and increase the likelihood (even if only a little) that studios will release Oscar-calibre films in all months of the year and not just save them up to dump in a tiny window around Christmas.

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Reader Comments (60)

I think and hope quarterly viewings will bring about more diversity in nominations. Ten best picture nominees probably won't affect nominations quite as much.




Ten, Ten, Tens across the board for this move Academy!


The firm ten rule change and the quarterly screenings are such exciting choices. Can’t wait to see how this plays out

2020年6月12日|未注册的批评家Nick T







I think the quarterly shift could be exciting. I think about a film like Get Out, which had a lot of buzz when it was released, but had to do a lot to maintain that buzz throughout the year. Making films more accessible to members year round could make it easier to sustain buzz.

2020年6月12日|未注册的批评家Joe G

I'm sure as most years go I'll be heavily disappointed in a lot of the nominations, but today I bask in the Academy's move toward good decision making. The ten was a great idea, was working well enough and then ceased when things were getting interesting. Then we had an underwhelming 2011 slate, so why not chance it to see if a great film could eke through. Followed by the decent enough 2012 slate (highlighted by Amour getting a Best Picture nom, probably not in a group of five with the Academy despite signs to the contrary) which why not add an extra one and bolster the years reputation further. I believe the very good Skyfall was a chance?

Ugh the awesome news gets me rambling. What a small beacon of escapist hope in small trivial pleasures during these bleak days. Brava Academy!


这是巨大的新闻:一家公司10个提名最佳影片 - 是的,更多的多样性 - 绝对。


Both of these changes are quite exciting. Personally, I hope the quarterly screenings help movies released earlier in the year to get more Oscar love. However, I'm cautious about hoping too much from the Academy.


2011 - Bridesmaids
2012 - Skyfall
2013 - Blue Jasmine (or Frozen?)
2014 - Foxcatcher & Interstellar
2015 - Carol & Inside Out
2016 - 成龙(?)
2017年 - Mudbound
2018 - If Beale Street Could Talk & The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (I'm very unsure about this year)
2019 - The Two Popes

2020年6月12日|未注册的批评家Cláudio Alves

虽然我还是很怀念的只有5威信 - 我托克宁愿有固定的数量。但究竟会现场看,今年像电影院关闭,不必补10点!?!?



The changes announced today seem right and show promise for what the academy could accomplish if they make smart choices for change instead of changes for viewership.


I hate to break it to everyone, but the Oscars are over. Streaming has taken over and people cannot even go to movie theaters, all the movie stars are old or deceased, so why bother trying to beat a dead horse?

2020年6月12日|未注册的批评家Joan Crawford




The fact of having ten nominees sounds great for me but that could affect the diversity of nominations like happend this year, the films nominated for the big prize was repetitive in the technical categories but I think that the second rule could help to balance that.

2020年6月12日|未注册的批评家César Gaytán


2012: Dicey, and I don't really like either of these, but it's either The Master or Flight.
2013: Blue Jasmine
2014: Foxcatcher (In a flat ten, NO Director Nomination would miss) and...I'm going out on there being, along with Selma, another "this got some fairly major 6th places" (especially Editing and Adapted Screenplay, and MAYBE more than that) limb here, but...Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
2015: Carol and Inside Out.
2016: Zootopia. (Sorry, but I can't really see any of the seven other "big eight" nominees that year (Captain Fantastic, Jackie, Loving, Elle, Florence Foster Jenkins, Nocturnal Animals and The Lobster) making it all the way to Picture.)
2017: I know the safer picks would either be the racism drama Mudbound or the supa cool Baby Driver, but...I'm calling it for the gritty nail-biting deconstruction Logan.
2018: Cold War and Can You Ever Forgive Me?
2019: The Two Popes


The Quarterly Review process is TERRIFIC and I am so glad it's being implemented. Hopefully this will lessen the force and ridiculousness of the barrage of campaigning we see at the end of the year.

But I really am not crazy about the 10-wide best picture change. I was fine with the current system of 5-10 nominees, although my dream is to go back to the 5 rule.

I'm really not sure why everyone is so thrilled with the change. You do realize this is how we got best picture nominees The Blind Side and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close? I actually think more best picture nominees leads to less quality. Eventually they'll expand all the acting nominees to a 10-wide field and everyone will get an Oscar.


I believe when you use a preferential ballot, it programs you to champion your first choices, that's why there's few movies nominated.

I like the idea of the stream services, but the academy should put a survey at the end of every movie in which they mark every category in which they think the movie excels. And before voting for nominations, the service should remind them the movies they marked as great in their categories. And they could only vote for a movie if they saw the whole movie. Otherwise, I have little hope of real change.


Aaron - I would be happy with 10 acting nominees in each category, and also allowing double nominations for a performer. Maybe with more slots there would be less category fraud.

2020年6月12日|未注册的批评家ken s

Aaron: The Blind Side was probably, and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close was definitely, a 6-10 nominee, not a flat ten nominee. There are only THREE clearly "flat ten" nominees: A Serious Man, Up and Toy Story 3. Up's my least favourite of those, but other people love it, and it sets the benchmark for Animation fandom in the Academy.


They should stick to five.

2020年6月12日|未注册的批评家Peggy Sue

I miss/prefer the five nominees option, but Ok. Hope this bring more foreign language movies and comedies and indies.





I'm optimistic more genre work will get in for Best Picture.


但是你必须找到ten films that are actually Oscar worthy?




This is the best news. I feel as good as a front page full of Cláudio articles, that overjoyed and excited.


Over a large sample size it was found that supporters of five nominees over the superior ten were more likely to be antisocial, belligerent and dabble in many types of bigotry.





A few tacky staunch ‘fivers’ won’t spoil the elation. Academy making moves and looking good doing it. Ten Again!





I'd say "Knives Out" was tenth last year and not "The Two Popes" but I might be wrong.

“攻其不备” BP提名被撤销了十年的系统,所以它实际上是有趣的变化。

I LOVE the idea of quarterly viewing process. In theory it sounds truly exciting.









You have to hand it to The Academy. So many issues within the film community regarding representation are far bigger than them, yet they have continued to lead the way in Hollywood on this issue.


so the headline here is about new representation & inclusion standards for Oscar eligibility yet you're just don't want to deal with that. AT ALL. So this is what you "we won't attempt to summarize it as it's definitely in the planning rather than implementing stages."





It's just all going downhill. Ten films in today's marketplace is the Emmy's.






PRITI -The Academy admits themselves in the press release that those "representation and inclusion standards" (which, you're right, are the headline) are"to be established"so it didn't seem smart to attempt to summarize something that doesn't yet exist.

Other than to state -- as I did -- that the ideas floated (screenings, future initiativies, bias training) seem smart. Be mad about it if you want but really why waste the energy? We're happy they're making these changes.

ANDREW -- i'm proud of them too. They can only vote on what films are made (as we've said for years) so good on them for attempting to be leaders in this so that they have a more diverse pool of films on which to vote.

KEN S -- i think 10 nominees in the acting categories would be disastrous. It would just be everybody in the prestige movies, regardless of quality. my theory at least.

HARRY -- but why would they want to become the Emmys when the Oscars are still more popular?

JARAGON - 总有超过10部影片是奥斯卡值得。我觉得,当选民们说,这是很难填补所有的空间上的选票,他们只是没有看很多电影。

2020年6月12日|注册批评家NATHANIEL [R

The range of diversity and inclusivity initiatives the Academy is developing sounds impressive and I look forward to further announcements.



Edward -- that's a really good point and question. I wonder...

6月13日,2020|注册批评家NATHANIEL [R

Sorry but there is no difference now between Emmy and Oscar. Rami, Laura Dern, these are TV stars.


Ewww... is there even going to be ten films to be worthy this year? It’s June and I count zero so far


So many people say "there aren't going to be 10 good films to nominate this year!" Doesn't matter. This doesn't go into effect for another year. Did you folks read Nathanial's post carefully or just skim it really fast?



2012: The Master
2013: Blue Jasmine
2015: Carol / Inside Out
2017: Mudbound
2018: If Beale Street Could Talk / Cold War
2019: The Two Popes


2011: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
2013: Blue Jasmine or Before Midnight
2015: Carol / Ex Machina
2016: The Lobster or Elle
2017: Logan or Blade Runner 2049




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