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13 2020



The King of Staten Islandis both typical Judd Apatow and a pretty subtle departure from the world he knows and has often depicted on screen. Make no mistake, it’s an overlong, meandering coming-of-story about a slacker who can’t get his head on straight until he does (very familiar), but it also features a deeper psychological profile than we’re used to seeing in Apatow's films.

Much like many of Apatow’s big-screen efforts, his latest uses the particular talents of a gifted comedian and crafts around them a semi-autobiographical tale of love and loss. Pete Davidson’s father was a fireman who tragically perished in the ashes of 9/11, and so it goes that Davidson is portraying a wayward 24 year-old named Scott who lives with an exhausted mother (Marisa Tomei) and his college-bound sister (Maude Apatow), and is still dealing with the loss of a fireman dad he knew only as a saint...

有一个熟悉的,松散的,即兴的质量喜剧时刻,当阿帕图不出所料让他的演员自由联想和流氓掩映没有剧本,以配合他们。这已经在过去的工作有开创性的电影,如四十岁的老处男,一夜大肚,太坏了,少心爱的游戏,比如有趣的人们。在这里,无论是演员缺少罗根或桑德勒的即兴技巧或导演决定让人们嘲笑的是不是很重要。一个有抱负的纹身艺术家,斯科特花了他的天吸食大麻与邻里歹徒鹅群其中只有一个(莫伊塞斯阿里亚斯)脱颖而出,成为一个可爱,有趣的存在。然而,Staten Islandmay be the most accurate portrait of ADD ever put to film, with Scott even closing his eyes while driving to block out the boredom in the film’s opening scene.

不像火车失事其余的,没有名人客串或恒定雨声patters对娱乐产业。这是一个纽约电影的核心,和皮特DavidsonBur的不同声音在恩典笔记最不可能发现:在讨论一个percenter classism在学院党委或阐述了他对科学怪人纹身店和餐厅的想法。什么套Staten Islandapart the most is its sense of place, firmly rooted in East Coast working class suburbia and blue collar storefronts. Bel Powley is perfectly cast as a Staten Island townie who believes in her little home’s potential to become the next big hood. She’s known Scott since they were kids and they have an odd friendship-with-benefits (and maybe more) that is quite endearing, a small love story that adds motivation and minor conflict to his inevitable character arc.

Most of the conflict centers on Mom’s new boyfriend Ray (Bill Burr), also a fireman, moving in to alter Scott’s unchanging, carefully curated slacker existence. Scott doesn’t like that she’s dating a fireman and his inability to process his father’s death results in familial chaos. Ray is a tightly wound ball of intensity, a livewire of pent-up anger and trigger-happy sarcasm that is casually funny and occasionally poignant in the hands of a stand-up comic like Burr. He and Davidson enjoy a properly uneasy chemistry, as their characters are at each other’s throats more than half the time.

当这两个被迫在这种混乱的后果相处国王活了过来,他们两个在一个点在一组消防员之中当地消防站生活在一起制成史蒂夫布西密,吉米·塔特罗(最多乙ad Education),and Domenick Lombardozzi (The Irishman),among others. There Apatow finds the sense of camaraderie and charm that is sorely missing in some of those earlier scenes.

This is a comedy about a man-child, but also a young man suffering from childhood trauma and adulthood depression. Pete Davidson may yet have a robust career ahead, and at its best,The King of Staten Islandis proof of his talents (and Burr’s, for that matter) more than it is a dramatic return to comedy for Judd Apatow. By now, I think the filmmaker oughta be known as a purveyor of humanist drama a la James L. Brooks instead of the much-ballyhooed king of R-rated comedy.

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托梅可能得到她的第4个女配角点头。- 说审稿让我看是因为拖车是畏缩。


137分钟!!! ??? !!!

6月13日,2020|未注册的批评家ken s

@ken s-I know. I used to like Judd Apatow but after the third act of有趣的人们和恐惧,这是这是40,我意识到,阿帕图试图将詹姆斯·L·布鲁克斯和他成功的事实,他们在他们的幽默都如意,他们不知道什么时候切,常把一些夸张的感伤到如此地步,我变得冷漠。




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