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Jun 17 2020

Pride Month Doc Corner: 'Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen'

Doc Corner is celebrating Pride Month with a focus on documentaries that tackle LGBTIQ themes. This week a new documentary about transgender representation on screen, streaming on Netflix.

ByGlenn Dunks

The Celluloid Closet蒙上在自发布以来,当它成为一个艺术电影的票房,并获得艾美奖提名的感觉25年酷儿电影长长的影子。由罗布·爱泼斯坦(两届奥斯卡奖得主)和杰弗里·弗里德曼那部电影开幕电影界新的纹理读数,许多LGBTIQ观众已经知道并谈论了多年,但基本保持安静的主流,而穿越通过对当时的萌芽空间酷儿电影工作者和故事已经由1995年对于那些足够年轻来电影作为一个崭露头角的LGBTIQ cinephile刻,它介绍了电影的制作地狱。

总有要在像电影的差距The Celluloid Closet而新Netflix的纪录片泄露: Trans Lives on Screenfrom director Sam Feder attempts to fill them. All that and add a quarter of a century of cultural and societal changes on top...

As the film shows us, there have been representations—flamboyant, offensive, surprisingly affectionate among them—almost since cinema began.

走近这些故事不是意图在不恰当的写照撕裂(虽然有些绝对不讳言他们的话说,这是正确的),而是使用他们的背景情况,并了解我们如何达到在文化中的一个点Time杂志可以把拉文·考克斯和他们的封面写着“变性引爆点”和包容性的作品像系列Posecould appear on major networks. It assembles clips from what the press notes claim is 1000 films and TV series (!) going back toD.W.格里菲斯的伯夙利亚朱迪思和Sidney Drew的A Florida Enchantment,无论是从1914年,和巧妙图表反式和反式相邻的方式表示(如果你会因为这个词是一个相对较新的一个)住在屏幕上同时有反射,改变了公众,对他们的文化态度和如何侮辱和阴险描写都特别相比男同性恋和女同性恋形象,多年来大致维持不变。

使用这些巧妙的带注释剪辑,泄露切过,现在当你读这多个民权运动的故事通过这一周的最高法院决定,为抗议黑人跨生命物质寻找新的主流文化力量。这是深受斯泰西Goldate,并在其最尖端的编辑时从医疗剧拼接相同的反式故事情节往往具有相同的演员或其他如顺性别演员顺性别的演员赢得了刻画人物变性后的赞誉。在其他地方,它的一些最强的时刻强调多么重要电影,如The Crying Game男孩不哭都是恐慌,但也都在社会中的描写痛苦现实。

喜欢The Celluloid Closetbefore it or any other similar documentary,泄露也不可能涵盖每一个功能或电视系列特色的反式或性别模仿的情节。这很容易明白为什么,但纪录片的一个重大缺陷是,它只是裙子地下,宁愿把重点放在更多的抛光和边缘主流作品。保罗·莫里西和约翰·沃特斯的电影获得轻微的引用,而甚至更多的东西像当代柑橘和its transgender stars Kitana Kiki Rodriguez and Mya Taylor are only seen for a fleeting moment. It's easy to see why, but it's somewhat disappointing. I was perhaps most surprised by the omission of the controversial Rebecca Romijn storyline from丑女贝蒂。Considering the amount of time paid toThe L Word的’s at times problematic turn and the spotlight it focuses on the forgotten黑金家族,这似乎很奇怪。

Still, finishing the near-two-hour film and audiences, particularly those who perhaps have not engaged all that much with art with these themes in film and TV, will surely find much that is new. Similarly, they may now see film and TV that they had perhaps never thought to think about through that lens despite consuming it since their early years (Bugs Bunny in a brass brassiere gets a prominent shout-out as many a young child’s first glimpse of fluid portrayals of gender).

上述拉文·考克斯竟突出特点作为一个主持人,解说员偶尔(不必要的话,我觉得)和执行制片人。她是在精细公司名嘴的一个显着的全反式或非二进制列表,其中包括The矩阵超感猎杀creator Lilly Wachowski, GLAAD director Nick Adams, culture writer and film critic Tre’vell Anderson, media personality Chaz Bono, Emmy-winning director Susan Stryker (尖叫女王screen performers Trace Lysette, MJ Rodriguez, Angelica Ross, Bianca Leigh, and Oscar nominee Yance Ford (Strong Island)中的多。

它的脸像讲故事一样,这些使像电影泄露so necessary and why its so important that they have more of a role in telling future stories, too. I enjoyed its reverence for everything from the scandalous杰里斯普林格到unhip杨朵, while delighting at the way these and other cultural touchstones play a part in a canon that I can only hope to become more fluent with.


Oscar/Emmy chances:More likely an Emmy contender likeThe Celluloid Closet,虽然他们已经改变,因为该文档被提名为四个奖项(包括类本身)。





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