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“I remember seeingTriumph of Love在它的小澳大利亚发行前2002年中期,并找到很多的享受。值得寻找和索维诺的很大一部分。”- 史蒂夫摹

“All the actors in罗密和Michele' make it look so easy that you don't notice how sophisticated the performances are. Every young actress who gets a role in a comedy should study it. It's a master class in character acting.-JF


Eliza HittmanNever Rarely
CinematographerThe Irishman

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09 2020

Links: Cicely Tyson, Daniel Radcliffe, and "I Know Where I've Been"

THR西塞·泰森is still winning at age 95. This time it's the Peabody Lifetime Achievement Award. In the past seven years she's received a competitive Tony Award, a Kennedy Center Honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, an an Honorary Oscar. Talent + longevity is an unbeatable combination!
品种出色的演员咳咳帕尔默(Hustlers)writes a guest column on the current moment and what it asks of us
The GuardianWe were not prepared for "chainsaw accident" and "Cate Blanchett" to be in the same headline. Thankfully she's fine.

more after the jump including Daniel Radcliffe's outreach to fans who are angry with JK Rowling...

Theater Maniathe Drama Desk Awards will be held this Saturday after delays. The event will be streamed live on
Cinema Blendtalks to one of the stunt doubles from thePirates of the Caribbean专营权
My New Plaid PantsStephan James (家comingS2) 13 times
秃鹰Young rising star Justice Smith (The Get-Down, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom)comes out and confirms he's dating another young actor Nicholas Ashe (Queen Sugar). "If you're revolution does not include Black Queer voices, it is anti-black"
/电影production has begun on the sequel to蜘蛛侠:进入蜘蛛诗
/电影Indie horror film猥琐has passed $1 million at the box office, thanks to drive-in movie theaters!

Gr8terDays体操冠军和80星(Gymkata,任何人吗?)科特 - 托马斯去世,享年64
The Root指针姐妹邦尼指针已经去世,享年69

Advocate哈利波特自己试图打捞legacy of JK Rowling's books after fan outrage at her comments about trans women:

所有的人谁现在觉得自己的经验的书已经受损或消失,我对这些意见你造成的痛苦深感抱歉。我真的希望你不要完全失去什么在这些故事给你宝贵的。如果这些书教你的爱是最强大的力量在宇宙中,能够克服任何的;如果他们教你的实力在多样性中发现,和纯净导致弱势群体的压迫是教条主义的思想;如果你认为某个字符是反式,非二进制或性别液,或者说他们是同性恋或双性恋者;如果你在这些故事与你产生共鸣,并在你的生活随时帮你找到任何东西 - 那么这就是你和书之间,你看,这是神圣的。而在我看来,没有人可以碰那个。这对你意味着什么对你意味着什么,我希望这些意见不会玷污太多。

Everyone is on edge these days so why JK Rowling keeps going on the offense about this sensitive issue rather than keeping her mouth shut is a mystery. But then she really does have trouble not saying anything that occurs to her. She's already done enough damage to her legacy by constantly attempting to rewrite the books after the fact to take credit for things she didn't actually put in them, like making Dumbledore gay retroactively.

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亚历克斯·纽厄尔(电视的高兴and Broadway'sOnce On This Island)does a powerful rendition of Hairspray's number "I Know Where I've Been" in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

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I need Alex Newell to become a thing. Someone give him a mainstream musical role ASAP, please. And as much as I enjoyed the presence he brought to Zooey’s Extraordinary Playlist, that doesn’t count.


Justice Smith and Nicholas Ashe are really cute together. Happy for them both.


Queen Cicely getting another award, Justice Smith & Nicholas Ashe representing #QueerBlackBoyJoy... Just when I thought this week would have no redeeming qualities, things turn around.


西塞·泰森is so beautiful.


Teppo2--did you see ONCE ON THIS ISLAND? He was amazing in that.

2020年6月9日|NATHANIEL [R



Now let’s give Betty White her Kennedy Honors!



This link update filled my heart.


This can't be the way forward. I'm in faraway India, and so it would be unwise and uneducated of me to comment on the protests in the US, beyond the obvious stand that racism is bad and needs to be opposed and eradicated. Having said that, I can never ever support a cancel culture. There is an inherent danger in any sort of movement that proposes bans. Like capital punishment, once you accept it in the best of cases (where everything is being done by the 'good guys'), it is only a matter of time before it gets used as a dangerous tool by the 'bad guys'. Power keeps shifting and changing hands. What was wrong should always remain wrong, and what is right is universally correct.

君e 10, 2020 |Abzee

HBO Max removes guns from Elmer Fudd cartoons and now this?


君e 10, 2020 |thevoid99

To add to my post, even acknowledging all the troubling aspects of Gone With The Wind, is wiping it out of existence really helpful at all. If nothing, shouldn't films like it and Birth Of A Nation remain in the public domain to precisely remind us of how the medium of cinema was used to fabricate, obfuscate and delude. Its existence, and its history of being rewarded, should serve as cautionary reminders of how cinema can be used to further narratives and rewrite histories while they are happening. Erasing the propaganda films of Reifenstahl or the slavery romanticizing films of early Hollywood will accomplish little other than denying future cinephiles and general audiences who care an approximation of a past where the medium colluded with the powers to fashion and fabricate reality. Inconvenient truths must exist, not erased.

君e 10, 2020 |Abzee


君e 10, 2020 |jules

When I say that America has a long and deep history of racism, I want to be able to point to examples. Even a film as great as Gone with the Wind leaves a bad aftertaste that needs to be explained and discussed, not erased from the record. I've never seen Song of the South, but I'd like to make up my own mind about where it fits in the history of American race relations. Who knows, will Lawrence of Arabia be a future target because Arabs are played by an Englishman (Alec Guinness) and a Mexican (Anthony Quinn)?

君e 10, 2020 |ken s


君e 10, 2020 |Shortee



君e 10, 2020 |Joe G


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