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Jul 01 2020

Pride Month Doc Corner: Keith Haring, Curve magazine and Intersex

Doc Corner is celebrating Pride Month where every week we focus on documentaries with queer themes. For the final edition (albeit on the 1st of July, sshhh), we are putting a brief spotlight on a few films that I have watched recently that should hopefully their way to audience’s over the coming months through queer film festivals (virtual or otherwise) and streaming.

by Glenn Dunks


也许以后奔安东尼哈林: Street Art Boy, which is screening as a part of Sheffield Doc/Fest and streaming soon, there won’t be a need for that...


The legacy of Haring’s conservative religious upbringing lingers—most prominently thanks to his now proud parents being on hand for rather darling testimonials (and fashion shows)—as does the eventual understanding that he would die of AIDS, spending the final years of his life churning out art to illuminate and educate. And yet, Anthony is wise to celebrate Haring rather than strictly eulogize him, taking viewers on a global art tour that steeps viewers deep into his world where he never wasted a moment. It was a world where a community brick wall or community center was a more accessible canvas than the museum walls that hang his work today, and a world that comes complete with a thrilling soundtrack and an all-too-contemporary relevance.

如果凯斯哈林和20世纪80年代的酷儿艺术现场已经出现过一次次,那么同样不能说对的特里斯坦·艾奇逊的主题Sidney & Friends。Intersex individuals are rarely given a spotlight, even in LGBTIQ+ cinema. Accurate or not,this Wikipedia pageshows a discouraging dearth of works the navigate. And if queer cinema is so often about representation and identity, that’s a damning shame. I could genuinely only think of one off the top of my head, the science fiction dramaPredestinationthat, just as an aside if you will oblige, fans ofSuccession将是明智的检查出莎拉斯努克的令人难以置信的性能。

Sidney & Friends立即相当逮捕,使用黑白摄影与适当放大灰色色调在视觉潜入一小群在肯尼亚朋友们的世界谁是阴阳或谁确定为变性。有些观众可能在什么区别不同的发现实际上混淆这里提供的叙述,作为悉尼和他的朋友们导航性与性别的几乎全部来自医疗和身体knowledge.They遇到类似磨难的现代便利删除的困难是世界很多人会发现熟悉的,如获得一个ID和就业。它们标记为诅咒和憎恶,但通过他们的护身符生活艾奇逊娇声转了个弯,他们的故事哭了我们的注意。剪切片段与引人注目的摄影,这是一个以避免双方追求轰动效应和miserabilism在活着的时候生活在自己的身体的现实的方式打开了其臣民的世界安静,但招标文件。

Lastly, welcome levity and a smart fusion of history and biography is what guides Jen Rainin and co-director Beth Medow’sAhead of the Curve。未知给我,但毫无疑问,至少有点熟悉的人谁认同为同性恋或Q,故事很多女性观众曲线magazine is forged with that of its founder, Franco Stevens, and her fight to carve a place in society for lesbian-oriented content.

虽然它缺乏2018年正式聪明才智真是不可思议多发性硬化症。DOCYours in Sisterhood,我还是很喜欢它解决各地代表和特别奇怪介质的转移面对不断变化的环境的方式。凯瑟琳·德纳芙诉讼中,寻找第一个名人盖,以及存档翻找作出一个有趣的纪录片,但它是奇怪的叛乱青春的热情(和成人的欲望重建它)携带Ahead of the Curvemost of all.

释放:哈林: Street Art Boywill air onBBC2 7月4日and PBS in America some time soon hopefully.Sidney & Friends现在流媒体Amazon Prime Video。in AmericaAhead of the Curvehad its World Premiere last week at 2020 Frameline44 Pride Showcase and will likely do more of the queer festival circuit.


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哈林! It was about to time. That period in NY is so interesting, creatively speaking.

July 1, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter佩吉苏

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