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七月 14 2020

恐怖Actressing: Jodie Foster in "The Silence of the Lambs"


When I think back on Jodie Foster's Oscar-winning turn playing Clarice Starling inThe Silence of the Lambsin 1991 I tend to think of a overwhelmed young woman -- Demme is constantly framing Foster as the smallest person in the room -- but one who musters up unimaginable courage. She pushes deeper into that blacked-out basement as another young woman and an injured dog shriek from the bottom of a blood-streaked pit. And I tend to think of that same small and overwhelmed young woman standing in room after room after room of big dope-faced men staring down at her, eyes narrowed, disbelieving.

What I don't particularly tend to think of first is Clarice Starling smiling. And yet she does... Often and broadly!

想起她与昆虫学书呆子谁给她的骷髅飞蛾信息调情,或与她合作了线索最佳芽Ardelia(凯西·蒙斯)在洗澡后,他们的FBI宿舍床位 - 他们实际上在他们的床垫一起跳动,所以头晕,它们是否与这项工作;与他们的调用实际上顶嘴。你看到她与汉尼拔(安东尼·霍普金斯)对话 - 对鸡奸克拉丽斯的所有他的阴险窃窃私语只是是不是搞砸了。她的秘密是得体,深达骨质的。

And so for all of the dogged and serious-minded determination that she's known for Foster also lets us see, time and again, what a thrill this job is for Clarice, and how she can feel her own weirder personality traits snapping into place with the duties she's being handed. It clearly feels like destiny, like her story's provenance, a first chapter, and it feels good. Right. All the scary stuff, from this angle, becomes secondary -- she's silencing those screaming little lambs at last. How could she not be relieved?The Silence of the Lambs可以肯定的是一部恐怖片,但它也是一个起源故事的一个该死的好侦探,各种各样的超级英雄能力 - 一个女人愿意我们和黑暗和拍之间站立。

有两个在电影的fi克拉丽斯的微笑nal scene that stood out to me on this week's might-be-thousandth re-watch, and they come within seconds of each other. Clarice has just saved the day (and the girl) and we cut from her in shock being cradled by Jack Crawford (Scott Glenn), who pushes away a news-camera, to Clarice's FBI Academy graduation where the flashbulbs are going off. Clarice struts proudly across the stage, beaming down to Ardelia in the audience -- the suddenness of this transition wipes away not just what was a good passage of time but also the need for any emotional rehabilitation for Clarice. One minute she's in shock, the next she's beaming -- Clarice, in case you missed it, is gonna be just fine, you guys.

第二笑容多一点狮身人面像状,并结束该露齿担保人与问号适合我们的流派,着色是大团圆结局阴影更红 - 从汉尼拔传奇的电话打进来,就像克拉丽斯退出舞台左,在那里他是一个“有一位老朋友共进晚餐。”汉尼拔告诉她不要担心,那...


And here Clarice smiles the world's most minutely observed smile, so small it's able to shift back to seriousness with barely a flicker off Foster's face. And yet it registers -- Clarice is flattered she's been deemed "interesting" by the hoity-toity cannibal in the warm-weather floppy hat.

这是整个故事莱克特的心脏地带的紧张局势,无论是药物引起的浪漫狂欢朱丽安·摩尔获取雷德利·斯科特的续集递给或三个赛季值得同性恋调情的布莱恩富勒Hannibalseries. The darkness will find a way in, somehow. It will mark us, even if with smiles. And Jodie Foster just captured it, the whole of it, on her face one moment here and gone so fast.

以前在“恐怖中大Actressing瞬间” ......



Reader Comments (24)


七月y 14, 2020 |未注册的批评家Cash

Didn't Michelle Pfeiffer turn this role down?

七月y 14, 2020 |未注册的批评家佩吉苏

@Peggy Sue your right she did turn it down for being too dark.

Foster is quite great in this and if the voters had foresight wouldn't have had to reward her three years earlier for Accused.


七月y 14, 2020 |未注册的批评家Eoin Daly


导向器's 2nd choice: Meg Ryan(!?!)


七月y 14, 2020 |未注册的批评家DAVID


七月y 14, 2020 |未注册的批评家贾森

I love this movie and I love Foster as Clarice. Perhaps it’s an unpopular opinion but her Oscar is the one I most cherished among the ones won by The Silence.

七月y 14, 2020 |未注册的批评家Mirko

I always pause when I read people who say Foster shouldn't have won her first Oscar for The Accused. AMPAS voters just needed to wait three years.


七月y 14, 2020 |未注册的批评家詹姆士

贾森,what a fresh and original take on Foster's acting in this film.

I think Foster gives one of the best performances of all time in this movie. I hope she finds her inspiration again, and we get to see her in another great role. When she's flying, there is nobody who can touch her.

七月y 14, 2020 |未注册的批评家EricB

I love Foster but my hearts with Louise in 91.

七月y 14, 2020 |未注册的批评家markgordonuk

Mirko: I'm with you on that. Foster was the most deserving of Lambs's winners. Excellent film but she's its MVP.

七月y 14, 2020 |未注册的批评家Edward L.


七月y 14, 2020 |未注册的批评家Jaragon

She's perfect in every scene, every single line. So minimalist, so subtle, but so strong!

七月y 14, 2020 |未注册的批评家cal roth

贾森,a terrific writeup. A very deserved winner in a marvelous lineup. And the last time two nominees came from one film.

七月y 14, 2020 |未注册的批评家brookesboy

I didn't make that question.

七月y 14, 2020 |未注册的批评家佩吉苏

i love how the two female fbi recruits went to direct

七月y 14, 2020 |未注册的批评家平价

贾森,a thousand times, Yes. A brilliant performance, one for the ages.

七月y 14, 2020 |未注册的批评家Rob

佩吉苏,you meant to say "I didn't ask that question."

七月y 15, 2020 |未注册的批评家Mjuyia

One of my favourite performances ever. She’s so magnificent.


七月y 15, 2020 |未注册的批评家Shmeebs

表演的奇迹。有时候我发现福斯特太脑,研究,做作。仿佛她的努力使人物刻画畲族智能和复杂的,因为她是。但是,这是STAR +角色会议一起最完美的例子之一,使电影魔术。一个最大的最佳女主角奖获奖者曾经IMO。

七月y 15, 2020 |未注册的批评家Aaron


七月y 15, 2020 |未注册的批评家TOM

Shmeebs, as much as I adore these two wins, I would put Dunaway and Finch for Network at the top.

七月y 15, 2020 |未注册的批评家brookesboy


It's so crazy to think of all of the stars who turned this down! I can imagine Pfeiffer doing quite well with the role, and I think Ryan would have been better than people might think. I can't quite wrap my head around Kim Basinger or Geena Davis, though ... Anyway, the role definitely went to the right person.

七月y 15, 2020 |未注册的批评家JJM

A little bit verbose but empty at times (Cláudio’s razor sharp insight and extraordinary elegance shouldn’t be attempted, even if one can’t help but be in awe and inspiration to be privileged enough to be named his peer) but still quite a good piece. Keep true to your voice, that’s when the Horror Actressing series is at it’s best and one of this site’s best features. :) Good stuff Jason!

七月y 15, 2020 |未注册的批评家Editor

In 1991, I would have said that Davis or Sarandon deserved the Oscar, but as time as progressed, I have thought Foster was just as good. It's now hard for me to choose between Sarandon and Foster, both at their all-time best. 1991 was such a great year in cinema.


七月y 15, 2020 |未注册的批评家jules


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