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Jul 22 2020


ByGlenn Dunks

每年至少一次, we do a round-up of some of the music documentaries that are making the rounds. This year there is a particular focus on women in music with a range of titles covering pop (Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl), punk and new wave (The Go-Go’s), rock (苏西Q) and whatever it is that sits in between all of them (Sisters with Transistors) - 和他们当然坐的旁边像多莉·帕顿,陈怡蓉温妮特和罗莉塔琳在肯伯恩斯名Country Music,which we looked at recently

I have actually already written about Liam Firmager and Tait Brady’s Aussie-madeSuzi Q在当地澳大利亚发行的最后一年。我被这个“魔鬼栅极驱动”的职业生涯的高能量复述,而且“灿”的歌手和吉他手苏子夸留下深刻的印象。一个欢快的是结构简单的纪录片,是其中心音乐家适当daggy。你可以看我的full review at ScreenHubso let’s move on to the rest, which make for an entertaining dive through diverse musical stories.

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t even sure if I was going to watch Amy Goldstein’sKate Nash: Underestimate the Girl。她的音乐已经不完全渗透到了我在2000年代中期的音乐气泡尽管我的感情像莉莉·艾伦,凯蒂B,Imogen Heap的和蕾吉娜·史派克特类似的艺术家。And whether I figured she had just carried on recording or vanished into the musical ether like many slightly alt-leaning pop figures, I guess I hadn’t had any real reason to think of her a decade after her song "Foundations” popped up on the charts.

But that forms at least part of the reason of Goldstein’s film is so interesting. Nash’s career has a particularly modern arc from being discovered on MySpace to selling millions and winning awards to now using KickStarter to allow dedicated fans to help fund her records independently. The documentary charts a couple of years in her world as she navigates the evolving music industry and the many misfortunes that befell her career—from the loss of her recording contract to the very literal loss of her money by her manager, which unfolds as the film was being produced. Despite her age, Nash epitomises a lot of what is happening in the industry right now as she battles with issues of authenticity and the realities of business in a world where she is still perceived as the artist she was 12 years ago and where it's difficult to relaunch. "Kate Nash has committed career suicide – and it sounds amazing" said NME once famously said as respectable music people doubted her sincerity as anything but a bubbly pop singer. Legitimacy continues to come hard as she attempts to reboot her career in several different ways, including selling comic products in live-streams (cringe!) and starring in the Netflix series辉光(Nash is a two-time SAG nominee!).

I was charmed by her perseverance and her righteous anger at not wanting “to keep battling these wankers all the time”. A very modern glimpse into what it takes to be a musician, an artist and a performer that thankfully strips away much of the unnecessary frou frou that usually comes along with these early career dives.

I saw the other two films, Alison Ellwood’sThe Go-Go’s和Lisa Rovner’sSisters with Transistors, as a part of谢菲尔德文件/巨星。I watched them side-by-side on a Friday night of COVID lockdown with pizza and beer and I felt richer for it. Both much more traditional in their structure but each rich with history and empowered along by the sheer force of will by their subjects as they sought to change the music industry (and succeeded) and attitudes around women in music genres wherein they were typically the minority.

Ellwood’sThe Go-Go’sis the sort of film that you really have to wonder how it took so damn long for somebody to think of doing (of course, we all know how long it takes them to make movies). “The greatest girl group of all time” may be a bit of a stretch (even in 1981, Dan Ackroyd), but the impact of Jane, Belinda, Charlotte, Gina and Kathy is undeniably huge and the film is at its best when its treating them and their success with the sort of reverence that is all too ignored in other rock and punk documentaries (they began as an L.A. punk outfit, and only really with improving as musicians and vocalists did they become the more shimmering new wave-rock of “Our Lips Are Sealed” and “We Got the Beat”).

It’s impossible to make a film like this a success without participation from those involved. There’s so many still photographs of rock stars in sweaters and hats (albeit, wonderful photographs), you know? And so alongside copious archival footage, the extensive involvement of all the band’s eventual members as well as key background figures allows for a deeper dive into what exactly went right and then wrong and then (if you’ve been paying attention) right again in the life of The Go-Go’s. This isn’t an adventurous film in regards to style, but if you crank the volume (like I am right now, typing this as a listen to美女和节拍乙烯基)这将是很难打理。这是一个耻辱,这将永远不会在大屏幕上经历。

Sharing stretches of similar time periods is Rovner’sSisters with Transistorsabout the history of women in electronic music. While it touches on female composers more broadly, limiting to this particular realm highlights how instrumental they have been to the sounds that are today just a part of the fabric of music. Names like Wendy Carlos (Switched on Bach, TronThe Shining) and Suzanne Ciani (the subject ofA Life in Waves)可能会好一点不得而知,但立陶宛特雷门琴先驱克拉拉·罗克莫尔和达芙妮奥拉姆,贝贝巴伦,宝莲花漾,迪莉娅德比郡,埃莉恩·拉迪格和劳瑞明镜喜欢将可能不太熟悉(直到看到和听到他们做了什么)。这部电影是明智之举妇女对合成音乐的贡献更广泛的叙述至少编织他们的个人故事一点点。

Narration by Laurie Anderson adds just that extra dash, her tones sounding as if they float on their own wave. But, somewhat inevitably, unlikeThe Go-Go’s, the full scope of theSisters’ subject is too much to encapsulate in a single film. What they do share, of course, is that very rebellious spirit embodied by this line byDoctor Who主题表演Delia Derbyshire: “I did all sorts of things that I was told I couldn’t do.” It’s something of a wonder to behold and to finally see their stories brought to the screen.

释放:Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girlis onBBC iPlayer最近完成了在阿拉莫Drafthouse运行与VOD版本有望在未来。The Go-Go’sscreens on ShowtimeJuly 31stas well as at Melbourne International Film Festival’s virtual 68½ festival.Sisters with Transistors无疑将使得虚拟回合,有可用更新的through their websiteSuzi Qis available to stream onAmazon, iTunes and more


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Reader Comments (3)


July 22, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterPeggy Sue

I bet the Go-Go's partied way harder than a lot of other bands. Yet, there's one band that out-parties all of them.... Pantera.

July 22, 2020 |Unregistered Commenterthevoid99

I didn't write that comment.

July 22, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterPeggy Sue

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