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亚博主页电影体验™被创造Nathaniel R。双子座,Cinephile,Actressexual。本文中的所有材料被写入并享有版权由纳撒尼尔或成员our teamas noted.

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“哪个女配角由Mrs America这并没有展示情节是最好的?秩?我知道人们喜欢他们一些尼耶西·纳什......”约兰达


伊丽莎希特曼Never Rarely
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八月 05 2020




迪亚兹的电影主要是如下玛丽亚·雷萨,在菲律宾著名记者谁在2018年被共同命名时间magazine’s Person of the Year and who has become a significent recipient of scorn from the nation’s bullish President, Rodrigo Duterte. Through her website Rappler, she has sought to uncover the violent criminality of his regime, but through public rallies, abusive televised press conferences and through packs of angry political surrogates and supporters, she has become Duterte’s public enemy number one. They have sought to silence her and leverage his power to have her arrested multiple times and spread fake, damaging information and threats to her and her outlet.


千割伤also finds time its expansive narrative for Ressa’s colleagues Pia Ranada and Patricia Evangalista as well as one of Duterte’s faithful lieutenants running for Senate who admits to openly murdering people in interviews, and sexy pop star Mocha Uson who dives headfirst into right-wing politics as a singing and dancing public spokesperson for the President. Diaz focuses closely on Ressa, a former face of CNN Asia, observing as she jets around the world discussing journalistic rights and demanding freedom of the press as a time when such a thing is under siege everywhere. But the time offered to the secondary subjects helps illuminate her fight even more so—the both sides of the story that so many claim to demand. Diaz’s own journalistic knack, her cinematic variety of it, is a fitting companion to Ressa. After all, it’s not every filmmaker who can say they have been sued by Imelda Marcos; and at times its hard to picture what those on the side of Dutarte thought they were getting by being followed by Diaz’s camera.

Moody camerawork by Gabriel Goodenough and Jeffrey Johnson adds to Diaz’s uncovering of her home-nation’s corrupt authoritarianism. Meanwhile, Leah Marino and Diaz’s editing smartly constructs its subjects narratives as they build towards the country’s mid-term elections and the outcome of a court-case against Ressa.

当然,对于很多千割伤”特别指出相关的,现在将是在印刷机上(称他们为妓女和妓女和谋杀威胁他们Dutarte的攻击之间的相似性只是个开始)and those of America’s current President. The difference here, of course, is that I don’t think American journalists actually fear for their lives at the hand of their elected officials, which is strangely/surreally not the case in the Philippines. As Ressa notes, when America does something, the world watches. And as its leaders have copied and mimicked Tr*mp with far less impunity, Dutarte and his gangs have an easier ability at skirting the laws, which is where Ressa, Ranada, Evangalista and their colleagues come into play. While their leader may have taken inspiration from America’s President by parroting Tr*mp’s encouragement of violent rherotic against his adversaries, as千割伤shows, they are perhaps the logical next step for a government like America’s.



奥斯卡的机会:I’d say quite positive.主张做了短名单,去年和分支已经被越来越多的欢迎外国语言和故事(电影是英语和他加禄语的混合)。而其相似之处新闻和政治的当前美国各州只能帮助。已经有关于菲律宾最近,我想几部电影Night爬行是去年提名的纪录短片,但也许他们必然要提名一个最终?我会说这是一个机会,因为任何的好。


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八月ust 5, 2020 |未注册的批评家胡安卡洛斯

Great write-up. I thought this film was excellent, as was Nightcrawlers, which is still available to watch for free on YouTube from National Geographic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_r1Zoa8KPYw



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