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Sep 14 2020

On "Nomadland" and other Venice winners

Please welcome guest contributor Elisa Giudici. She saw all the Venice competition films and she brings us this special report!


The oldest Film Festival of the world was the first to roar back from the pandemic. Venice International Film Festival president Francesco Ciccutto and artistic director Alberto Barbera worked hard to organize this year's edition. At first, it played like a fever dream: an international film festival in one of the nations that lived through the most severe lockdowns and highest death count just a few months ago?

Hollywood majors and newer realities like Netflix, which in the recent past Venice would coddle with attention, betrayed the Venetian Mostra, and didn't send a single movie. Old friends rallied, though. Pedro Almodóvar, Luca Guadagnino, Ann Hui, and Abel Ferrara wanted to be in Venice to help the Mostra. They were supported by European festivals early on in their filmmaking and didn't forget them in their time of need...


The winners reflect these selection choices but, in the end, the real winner in Venice was notNomadland但节日本身。作为记者,我们怀疑赵某打算拿金狮家甚至在节日开始。我们不太肯定的节将要在其自然的结局安全到达,没有爆发或者锁定。威尼斯MOSTRA做到了!我们在一起,我们看到了电影,对他们说。我们只是遵循一些简单的规则是安全的。节日期间没有一个单一集群被记录在威尼斯。威尼斯电影节的清醒风格被证明是明智的。在这个戏剧性的一年,有几件事情是被意大利的骄傲:威尼斯MOSTRA是其中之一。

Let me introduce you to the winners...

导向器Chloe Zhao on the set of "Nomadland"

黄金en Lion (the top prize)
Nomadlandby Chloé Zhao (US)

多伦多和威尼斯争取在夏季这个称号,我们知道这将是一件大事。当他们再共同合作,同时首映功能,我们明白Nomadlandwould be a protagonist in the upcoming award season. Is it good? For sure! Give Chloé Zhao the vastness of America's savage land during the first hours of the day, let her mix professional actors and amateurs with extraordinary life stories: shewilldeliver a memorable film. She is more than able to create a moving portrait of frugal, forgotten lives in nowadays America. And yet I am a little disappointed because you can tell she had to compromise with Searchlight (aka Disney, watch out for the changed logo at the beginning of the movie) to make her major studio debut.Nomadland将帮助她达到普通观众,但Nomadlandfeels like a less upright, less radical, more mediated version ofThe Rider。是的,弗朗西斯·麦克杜蒙德在她手中的奥斯卡之夜门票:她在这部电影简直太神奇了。

New Order / Nuevo Ordenby Michel Franco (Mexico)

One of the best movies you will see this year, even if it feels like your hope for the future of humanity is being beaten to death. It is described as a dystopia set in modern Mexico, but isNew Order真的虚构?作为一个观众,这也令人担忧似乎多么真实(信息研究所)。示威者上街要求更多的平等,一些富裕的家庭在他们的房子袭击,一些人(贫富)死亡,大量的金钱和财产被盗或粉碎,然后状态变为在控制局面。新秩序是如何制定和拆除的解释是电影的核心。佛朗哥在他的客观性令人难以置信:他只是让他的角色遵循资本主义社会的规则,一个巨大的不平等差距,在脆弱的民主在军队有最后的发言权。“放松”甚至没有开始来形容看到这个故事的发挥出来的行为。不要让连接到任何字符。如果您有任何形式的暴力触发的,不要搞。

Silver Lion for Best Director
Wife of a Spy通过黑泽清(日本)

The most surprising WTF!?! moment and winner of the night. Kurosawa's movie is a well-made period drama set in Kobe just before the Second World War.Wife of a Spytells the story of a sweet and caring wife of a wealthy tradesman. After the return of her loved husband from Manchuria, she discovers he is secretly helping Americans. Is the film good? Yes. Is it the best direction seen in The Venetian Mostra? Absolutely not. It is fine but forgettable, in comparison to other contenders. The costumes, though. The costumes are sublime.


就拿帕贝尔·帕夫利柯夫斯基的Cold War,minus the love story: that's亲爱的同志们!Poor Konchalovsky, an old festival giant competing among young directors, awarded a "smaller" prize. Shot in black and white and 4:3 ratio,亲爱的同志们!视觉上类似于从苏联时代宣传电影。在斯大林去世后的顿河地区定居,它是如何开始发生故障,比共产党政权... OPS,因为它的目的是要它永远不会起作用,因为最开始的故事。主角是一个女人谁的作品党,在她的国家,其政治拼命相信,即使她每天都见证了它的显着矛盾。她是一个勇敢的母亲用谁,反对军队和克格勃打架救女儿,在安静,酒精减轻的绝望喊完的气氛:“这是俄罗斯”。剧本是纯洁无瑕,方向是令人印象深刻和往常一样,地点和面孔已经告诉这样一个故事需要一个强大的苏联的共鸣。它充满挑战找到这部电影有一个错,但你必须要弥补俄罗斯auteurs'电影的情感紧缩。

Best Screenplay
The Discipleby Chaitanya Tamhane (India)

This Indian auteur is the pupil of Alfonso Cuarón. Well,Roma的导演有好味道!The Disciple是有点像Chazelle的鞭打in the world of Indian classical music. The protagonist is a young student who devotes himself to the study of an ancient style of singing known asrag。He's the most devoted student of his old teacher. The movie is a cautionary tale of what you lose in pursuing perfection in any artistic field. Tamhane's work behind the camera is as uncompromising as his protagonist's work onscreen. Knowing close to nothing about Indian classical music, it was difficult for me to understand the technicality of the protagonist's musical struggle, though, so it felt much longer than its 127 minutes.


一个明星的诞生在威尼斯。随着正式比赛的两个主要角色,瓦妮莎科比成为了节日的图标。然而,她的两个在威尼斯的解释(这和她在莫娜·法斯特沃尔德的表现未来的世界) were not among my top five. This year we were blessed with an abundance of memorable female leads: Frances McDormand inNomadland,亚斯纳德约里奇在Quo Vadis, Aida?,和特莫Vysotskaya在亲爱的同志们是我其中最喜欢的三个。一个悲伤的母亲谁生下几分钟后失去了她的孩子的Kirby的写照是情感功能强大,但影片缺少穆德卢佐·凯内尔的早期电影的有见地的力量。规约是你必须要输入英文的国际市场来说,明星充满电影的价格。


笑话。一个坏的。Favino是他那一代最好的意大利演员之一,在过去的几年里,他给了一些令人兴奋的表演。一来他在克劳迪奥诺斯的给Padrenostro,however,(one of the worst competition films) is the weakest of his late-career and dull, too. If you want to discover his work, please watchThe Traitorby Marco Bellocchio instead.

Zouhollah Zamani在Khōrshīd / Sun Children(Iran)

我知道Zamani会赢得这个奖后,看到从伊朗导演马吉德·马吉迪这一新戏中,他扮演了贫困,但足智多谋的主角。为了我,Sun Children是完美的解药迦百农's shallow depiction of childhood in extreme poverty. Nadine Labaki's Oscar-nominated movie was obsessed with the terrible conditions in which her protagonists lived, Majidi's film focuses instead on Ali's attempts to find a way to become rich, in a childish yet intelligent way.Sun Childrenwants to remind us what it means to live in a place in which poor children are expected to work and not to go to school, and yet it is a sort of thriller, adventurous movie. It actually reminded me a bit ofTreasure Islandby Robert Louis Stevenson, but shot in contemporary Iran.

最后,我将leave you with a film that didn't win anything but should have...

如果Ichose the Golden Lion...
Mandibulesby Quentin Dupieux (France/Belgium)

这将是在几年崇拜喜爱的,相信我。这是它提出的竞争主体,因为它可能旨为大奖一种耻辱。在新闻发布会上,Dupieux是相当充分的自己和不礼貌的主持人,记者和翻译。这可能是因为他知道自己的电影,讲述了两个简单的帅哥谁发现偷来的汽车的后备箱是一个巨大的飞good. His previous filmography is full of surreal, nonsensical elements, but the films always lacked balance. Here everything finally clicks in just the right way. Moreover, it is a terrific movie about friendship, and a much-needed comedy in this year full of depressing drama on and off the silver screen. Watch out for a splendid supporting performance fromAdèle Exarchopoulos在这其中,太。

more on Oscar contenders for Best International Feature

游客贡献者:ELISA Giuduci。
[Official Site (Italian)|Letterboxd]

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2020年9月14日|Unregistered CommenterBJT

Frances as a perennial has a ticket to an eventual third Oscar should she stay the course. Clutching it so soon would have me over the moon.

2020年9月14日|Unregistered Commenter/ 3rtful

Did you catch One Night in Miami? I'm currently covering TIFF and I know that one screened in Venice as well, so I'm curious about your thoughts, it's been one of my favorites (I also thought Nomadland and New Order were terrific, and Pieces of a Woman, I thought Vanessa Kirby was better than the film as a whole, which made some story choices I wasn't really on board with).

2020年9月14日|Unregistered CommenterRichter Scale


2020年9月14日|Unregistered Commenter儒勒

爱在威尼斯的覆盖面,当我看到她我很高兴为瓦内萨·柯比Hobbs and Shaw她举办了自己的反对杰森斯坦森和克罗克的喜欢是伟大的。此外,她也是在那部电影有趣。

2020年9月14日|Unregistered Commenterthevoid99


2020年9月14日|Unregistered CommenterJW


2020年9月14日|Unregistered Commenter米尔科


2020年9月14日|Unregistered CommenterPrajhan

Great write up and thank you for your insightful thoughts.

2020年9月14日|Unregistered CommenterBgk

如果Frances received a third Oscar it could only hasten the arrival of Meryl’s fourth. Meryl’s fourth, Saoirse Ronan’s first and Amy Adam’s first are all a matter of when not if. They are rightful members of ‘The Inevitables’ for a reason.

2020年9月14日|Unregistered Commenter/ 3rtful

如果Frances McDormand does get a nomination (as seems likely, this far out), it'll be her 6th nomination across FIVE consecutive decades. Not many actors can manage that kind of span.

2020年9月14日|Unregistered Commenter史蒂夫摹

I'm interested to see how Kirby and Burstyn will fair. Both are getting excellent notices for Pieces of a Woman, but the Netflix choice does seem odd. It's a weird year.

2020年9月14日|Unregistered Commenter安德鲁


@BJT - We were as mean as usual, I can assure you that. The comments I have heard (and later read) outside the screening of Amos Gitai's Laila in Haifa...oh my.

@Richter规模 - 是的,我看到的一个晚上在迈阿密的威尼斯。观众喜欢它。我很好奇,但并不是100%相信。我发现它太多的告诉自己的故事的紧迫性驱动。有点太上演的第二部分,有点乏味第一?这是一部好电影,虽然,只是我吹毛求疵。

9月15日, 2020 |Unregistered CommenterElisa G.

史蒂夫摹 - 这很有趣。这似乎是不可避免的汉克斯和丹泽尔将加入她的这十年里为好,也许DDL如果他再拍电影了。这一代人已经表现不俗的整体。


9月15日, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter儒勒

如果Frances McDormand does get a nomination (as seems likely, this far out), it'll be her 6th nomination across FIVE consecutive decades. Not many actors can manage that kind of span.

Only one, I believe. ;-)

Several make it to four consecutive decades, and a handful (like Katharine Hepburn and Maggie Smith) get five decades but with a gap.

9月15日, 2020 |Unregistered Commenter工作僵硬