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Sep 07 2020

Review: Bill & Ted Face the Music

byLynn Lee

直到前,我几个星期以前从未见过任何的Bill & Tedmovies, despite being a late Gen-Xer and longstanding fan of Keanu Reeves. Now, having watched all three in a row, I can confirmmost triumphantly那if you enjoyed the first two, you will have abodacious时间看第三。如果你是比尔和泰德好奇的新人,我建议给Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventurea whirl first and seeing if you dig its vibe. If not, the latest installment,比尔和泰德面对音乐,可能不会为你做些什么。

对我来说,让比尔和特德速成班他们出道后的三十年是一个惊喜超现实的体验。这并不是说他们是完全陌生的人给我;与任何暴露任何青少年流行文化在20世纪90年代至少有一些熟悉的亲切空洞二人,其标志性的南加州屈折流行语,并响应任何高兴他们他们自发空气吉他情有独钟。但看到他们在原来的背景下感觉就像跳跃到他们摇摇晃晃的电话亭和旅行回到更无辜的时间 - 对于我和他们...


现在回想起来,这是非常惊人的,比尔和泰德的第一次冒险得到了摆在首位亮绿灯。What would today’s studio execs have made of a movie that’s not a satire that turns on the premise of two empty-headed teenagers who talk like they’re perpetually stoned and can’t really play guitar being destined to write music that will bring harmony to the universe? Or a plot that consists of these teens collecting a random assortment of historical figures across time for a presentation that will allow them to pass their history class? Goofy and freewheeling,优秀冒险is the kind of movie that quickly dries up the viewer’s impulse to ask any questions beginning “But how…” or “But why…” as it progresses. Either you roll with its absurdities – whether it’s Napoleon’s newly discovered passion for water parks or Joan of Arc (the Go-Gos’ Jane Wiedlin)’s for aerobics – or you check out. What holds it all together is the ebullient chemistry between Keanu (as Ted) and Alex Winter (as Bill). There’s something irresistible about their irrepressibly sunny good nature and the simple sweetness of their mantra ("Be excellent to each other") that keeps you invested in their success.


That goodwill also carries the sequel, although伪造之旅黑暗,trippier比我期待,比尔和泰德的邪恶机器人双打的不和谐道德丑陋和他们的救主的全然古怪,叫做“站”外星人之间,看起来像从吉姆·汉森的噩梦中提取的东西。如果优秀冒险played like a daydream born from a pot-induced haze,伪造之旅感觉更像是一个坏酸之旅,虽然较高的产品价值提升和一个通神叙述另外:漫画上即兴第七印章特色威廉·萨德勒的死亡。很多方面,优秀冒险伪造之旅反映从80年代到90年代的文化转变,比尔和泰德标记的混淆,但认真的青少年之间的中点在开放的美国学府高快速时报Back to the Future到metalhead懒虫像韦恩和加斯(谁技术上之前比尔和泰德,但其电影跟着他们)和令人讨厌,但更有趣比维斯和布特海德。


克服一切困难,Face the Music显着滑落到舒适比尔和泰德佳能,谁写的第一两部电影同一个作家(克里斯·马西森和埃德·所罗门)提供。在本次迭代比尔和泰德,像我们这么多人,已到中年,而不履行自己的青春的梦想。在位结束的retconning的伪造之旅(或至少的片尾伪造之旅,其中建议对达到名利银河水平),这比尔和泰德变成是一个昙花一现,其的一击是the song that united the world, and who ultimately faded into lounge-act obscurity while still trying and failing to write The Song. The good news is that they’re still best buds, they’re still married to the beautiful princesses (Jayma Mays and Erinn Hayes, making the third set of actresses to play the princesses) they picked up in优秀冒险和他们每个人都有一个女儿(萨马拉织造和Brigette伦迪 - 潘恩)更加光明比自己尽管如此,谁分享他们的激情摇滚音乐,并期待他们为英雄。Then one day, a messenger from the future – specifically, the daughter (Kristen Schaal) of their old friend and late mentor Rufus (R.I.P. George Carlin) – arrives to remind them of their destiny and inform them that if they don’t write and perform The Song by that evening, the entire universe and all space & time will collapse in on itself. No pressure or anything, dudes!


简而言之,Face the Music捣烂向上两者的主要要素优秀冒险伪造之旅和tailors the remix for 21st century sensibilities, particularly those regarding female agency. It’s mostly successful in walking that line, with Weaving and Lundy-Paine making an appealing and credible B&T 2.0, the latter in particular reproducing young Keanu’s voice and mannerisms with uncanny accuracy, while staying true to the spirit of the OG Bill and Ted. (The movie also tries to do better by the female characters from the previous movies, i.e., the wives, with mixed results.) But the main attraction here, of course, is Winter and Reeves, and they don't disappoint Although Winter has long since shifted from acting to directing documentaries, he’s actually the looser and more relaxed of the two here; Keanu plays along gamely but can’t quite capture the space-cadet charm of his younger self. Still, it’s fun to watch this pair of real-life friends rediscover their on-screen groove, and they’re clearly having a blast playing the increasingly and hilariously unpleasant older versions of Bill and Ted.

伦迪 - 潘恩织造比尔和特德的女儿


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