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Jan 24 2022


by Matt St Clair

You Won’t Be Alone,新的马其顿民间恐怖故事在​​圣丹斯首映,并不是胆小的。然而,对于一部怪异暴力的电影,Goran Stolevski's feature debutis strangely moving and intimate. His film is a poetic and philosophical depiction of what it means to be human; It arouses and stirs as often as it repels...

当少年尼维纳(Sara Klimoska)被母亲隐藏在一个秘密洞穴中后,她被送入了世界时,她被带到老女仆玛丽亚(Anamaria Marinca of Anamaria Marinca的翅膀下)4个月3周零2天). Maria, a skinless witch, had made a bargain with Nevena’s mother sixteen years earlier.


The picture gets off to a slow start while Nevena is still trapped in her cave. But once she finally steps out, the film kicks into high gear, becoming a macabre coming-of-age tale of a girl finding her place in the world as she tries steering away from her surrogate mother. Once she begins shapeshifting, the film demonstrates an intriguing trans/gender non-conforming allegory. This is p当Nevena看到一个叫Boris的年轻人时,明显明显的是(Diamantino的Carloto Cotta)。Nevena不仅敬畏他的外表,还决定采取自己的状态。通过叙述,内维纳(Nevena)思考是否最好像鲍里斯(Boris)这样的男人生活在父权制政权中,还是像农民波西尔卡(Noomi Rapace)这样的女性皮肤,被迫屈服。Nevena超越性别甚至物种的能力允许You Won’t Be Alone发挥恐怖类型中仍然存在的怪物与酷儿之间的历史联系。

You Won't Be Alone通过使用实践化妆效果,其益处很大。CGI渗透到现代恐怖电影远的more terrifying than if the character was brought to life by a computer instead of a human actor.

通过DP Matthew Chuang的Genius Camerawork,即使Nevena的转变也像是实用的效果。例如,在变成Bosilka的过程中,这位女演员在相机切成“ Bosilka”的脸之前会扭曲她的背部,这表明了转型的完成。演员扮演Nevena所承担的伪装,例如Noomi Rapace,Alice Englert和Carloto Cotta,都令人信服。

While she has only marginal amounts of screentime, Anamaria Marinca's presence, even under layers of prosthetics, lingers and menaces. Nevena aims to defy her in this macabre meditation on navigating through the trials of human life and disrupting heteronormative structure. It's a haunting movie that certainly won’t leave my mind anytime soon.一种

You Won’t Be Alone正在参加世界电影竞赛计划,将于4月1日在美国发行。

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Okay, Matt, I'm sold. Can't wait to see this (even though i'll be watching through fingers)

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