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Sharon Tate inThe Fearless Vampire Killers

"I've only seen her inThe Fearless Vampire Killersas I enjoyed the hell out of that film"-TheVoid99

"I've never been too crazy about The Fearless Vampire Killers to be honest.But it has been many years since I last saw it -- I'll have to watch her with your comments in mind."-Joel6

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Apr 08 2019

Review: Brie Larson's "Unicorn Store"

by Anne Marie

WithCaptain Marvelcrossing the $300million mark at the box office,Netflix has capitalized on Brie Larson's booming popularity to acquire her 2017 directorial debut.Unicorn Store is a coming-of-age comedy that happens to also star buddy and co-Avenger Samuel L.Jackson.And while Larson fans will enjoy watching the actress glitter (sometimes literally) across the screen for an untidy 92 minutes,ultimately the star's freshman effort comes off as more style than subsance.

Written by Samantha McIntyre (Married),Unicorn Storetells the self-consciously magical story of a twenty-something failed artist named Kit (Larson),who gets a second chance when she's offered the chance to fulfill her childhood dream...of owning a unicorn.After she fulfills some obligations,of course.The premise is purposely absurd,and for the most part,Larson adeptly navigates between the more magically bizarre scenes of straw-dying and stable-building,and the more quotidian (and creepy) B plot wherein Larson's character tries to prove herself at a temp job with a predatory boss...

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Mar 29 2019

RIP Agnès Varda

by Anne Marie Kelly

Acclaimed godmother of the French New Wave and belated Honrary Oscar award-winner Agnès Varda passed away this Friday of breast cancer at 90 years old.The film community is in mourning for a singular and pioneering visionary,who treated film as art and famously declared that she refused to watch movies before embarking on her own career.In spite,or perhaps because,of this fact,Varda would go on to create incredible works across multiple genres and decades,creating unforgettable films that were personal,political,comedic,deeply poignant expressions of a spirit that never ceased being fascinated by the world around her.

We at Team Experience have long been fans of Varda,including herearly work,famous films,late-career documentaries,and herunbelievableoffscreenappearancesas well.Her brusque presence and iconic style was a fixture at film festivals,where she had time for fans but never for praise.She will be missed.

What are your favorite Varda moments?What are you watching in her honor?

Mar 20 2019

Streaming: "Tea with the Dames"

The Film Experience is thrilled to welcome back Anne-Marie of "亚博主页A Year with Kate"and "Judy by the Numbers"fame!

by Anne-Marie

For those actressexuals who feel caught in the doldrums of a late March movie lull,I am pleased to report that Hulu has a brief cure for what ails you.Tea with the Dames(akaThere Is Nothing Like A Dame),a delightful bit of fluff that got lost in the midst of last year's awards season kerfuffle,is a short documentary uniting four of Britain's living legends--Dame Maggie Smith,Dame Judi Dench,Dame Eileen Atkins,and Dame Joan Plowright--to do what they do best,and apparently do fairly frequently anyway: sit around Dame Plowright's table,reminisce about their careers and trade bon mots over tea spiked with champagne.

The documentary plays out like aHollywood Reporterroundtable for octogenarian OBE's...

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Apr 09 2017

TCMFF Day 3: Michael Douglas and the power of protest

Though the theme of the TCM Classic Film Festival this year is comedy,that hasn't stopped political themes from emerging during discussions with special guests.Yesterday morning's screening ofThe China Syndromewith Michael Douglas in attendance was just such an example.Douglas and host Ben Mankiewicz started out talking about the aesthetic and casting choices of the nuclear meltdown film,produced by Douglas and starring Jack Lemmon and Jane Fonda.However,as with the release of the movie - which happened to be released days before the Three Mile Island accident in early 1979 - the timing of the Q&A between the TCM host and the veteran actor/producer meant that conversation soon turned to themes of destruction,education,and protest.

It turns out that Michael Douglas makes a very charming protestor.Douglas explained that while he hadn't cared much about nuclear dangers or disarmament before producingThe China Syndrome,when the script was handed to him by a documentarian,his interest and irateness was piqued...

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Apr 08 2017

TCMFF Day 2: Carl & Rob Reiner Honored at Handprint Ceremony

by Anne Marie

While Turner Classic Movies is typically known for celebrating film history,today TCM made history.Carl Reiner and Rob Reiner,writer/director/actor/producer quadruple threats whose career includesSid Caesar's Show of Shows,The Dick Van Dyke Show,The Russians are Coming,The Russians Are Coming,The Princess BrideandThis Is Spinal Tap,were the first father/son duo to be immortalized in the Chinese Theater handprint ceremony.Before the two cemented their legacy next to Marilyn Monroe,Al Pacino,and Trigger the Horse,friends and colleagues from their cumulative 135 year long careers paid tribute to two of the funniest men in Hollywood...

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