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Big Little Lies"The Bad Mother"

"It's actually uncanny how much the dropoff in quality mirrors Game of Thrones.Juicy work of fiction is adapted—acclaim,success,perfection!Showrunner runs out of book to adapt.Source author writes an outline for how the plot advances.Showrunner adapts outline into new season.It's a terrible recipe!"-H

"I don't think Kidman deserves a second Emmy...I feel like her performance is really inconsistent this season."-Beyaccount

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Entries by Robert Balkovich (26)

Jul 26 2017

Happy Birthday,Sandra Bullock!

Robert Balkovichhere!I'd like to take a moment today to wish a happy solar return to the Queen of Rom Coms,Grand Dame of '90s Action Movies Marketed Toward Women,Empress of Perfect Foils for Melissa McCarthy: the one and only Sandra Bullock.In an effort to encourage everyone to take their own personal journey and reflect on what Sandra Bullock means to them,after the jump I'm going to share some of my favorite moments that I've spent with Sandra.

Join me,won't you?

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Jul 05 2017

Hidden Streaming Gem: "Miami Rhapsody"

Hello!Robert here.The other night as I was enjoying my long Fourth of July weekend I was in the mood for a movie;something I hadn't seen,something light and funny,something for a summer night on the couch with a bottle of rosé.After clicking around on HBONow for a few minutes boy did I ever find what I was looking for: a gem of a '90s pseudo-intellectual rom-com calledMiami Rhapsody.Won't you take a journey back in time with me and explore this strange little film?

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Jun 28 2017

Dunham and Konner May Pen "Toni Erdmann" Remake

Roberthere!Remember a few months agowhen we all learnedthat Jack Nicholson was making a long-awaited return to the silver screen to star with Kristen Wiig in an American remake of bonkers German comedyToni Erdmann?No,no,it was not aSt.Elsewherestyle coma dream.That possibly brilliant,possibly ill-advised project is still well underway,and there has been a new development: universally beloved and totally uncontroversial creator,writer,director,and star of HBO'sGirlsLena Dunham and her co-writer Jenni Konner are in talks to pen the script.More after the jump...

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Jun 21 2017

Untitled Han Solo origin story loses its directors

Roberthere!TheStar Warsfranchise has been enjoying a commercial and critically successful third wind with the release of new trilogy startingThe Force Awakensand standalone,universe expanding filmRogue One.While the next installment of the main nonilogy of films,The Last Jedi,is slated to be released in December,the next standalone film,an origin story for series favorite character Han Solo,has hit a major snarl as directing team Phil Lord and Chris Miller have just announced that they are departing the project.

More after the jump...

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Jun 14 2017

Yes,No,Maybe So: "Flatliners" trailer

byRobert Balkovich

Today in "time is a flat circle"news we've got the trailer for the reboot/remake of the 1990 Julia Roberts,Kiefer Sutherland thrillerFlatliners.The plot of this film seems to mirror the plot of the original movie: a group of med students attempt to discover the secrets of death by killing themselves and then bringing themselves back to life which,of course,has unintended supernatural consequences.This version stars Ellen Page,Diego Luna,and Nina Debrov ofThe Vampire Diariesfame.The trailer and a YES,NO,MAYBE SO are after the jump...

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Jun 07 2017

A Head for Broadway,and a Bod for Singing

Working gal Robert here!Broadway has been absolutely inundated with musicals based on famous movies in the past few years to the point where a friend told me he was going to seeGroundhog's Day: The Musicaland I thought it was a sick joke.What is not a sick joke is that there is one upcoming production that has turned my opinion right around on that subject: a musical version of the 1988 Melanie Griffith vehicleWorking Girlwith music by pop-genius Cyndi Lauper and book by renowned playwright Kim Rosenstock.Let the river run after the jump!

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