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Entries by Ben Miller (26)

May 20 2019

Aladdin Pt 1: The 'street rat' and the princess with an edge

Three-Part Mini-Series
Occasionally we'll take a movie and baton pass it around the team and really dive in.If you missed past installments we've gone long and deep onRebecca,Silence of the Lambs,Thelma & Louise,Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf,A League of Their Own,andRosemary's Babyin the past.-Editor

Part 1 by Ben Miller

Welcome to Team Film Experience'sAladdinRetrospective.This film was a big part of my childhood and I'm proud to join in on the fun to revisit it with you before the live-action remake hits.Disney in the 1990s might have been the animated studio's peak.They were coming off the surprise success ofThe Little Mermaidin 1989 follwed by the monster hit and then-historic Best Picture nominee ofBeauty and the Beastin 1991.The massive success ofAladdinthe very next year felt like a commercial/critical apex (at least untilThe Lion Kingarrived two years later).

0:00:26 – Alan Menken probably does not get enough credit for the score he put together.Yes,he won an Oscar for it,but it doesn't get put into the conversation enough for GREAT animated scores.

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May 14 2019

Game of Thrones "The Bells" (S08E05)

previously on Game of Thrones

by Ben Miller

Boy howdy,that was an episode.Regardless of your thoughts on the final season,we can probably all agree that the penultimate episode,"The Bells,"was the MOST episodeGame of Throneshas had in a long while,if not ever.Before we get to the big developments in the back half,let's focus on some of the other quieter scenes that really popped...

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Apr 29 2019

Game of Thrones "The Long Night" (S08E03)


by Ben Miller

This weekend culminated with two of the most anticipated entertainment events in recent history.WhileAvengers:Endgamewas watched by everyone on the planet,Game of Thronesfinally reached the Battle of Winterfell against the army of the dead...

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Apr 10 2019

Game of Thrones.The Final Season Approaches

Though The Film Experience has not covered亚博主页Game of Thronesin the past beyond the occasional mention,a couple of our contributors are big fans and since the final season is the television event of the year,we're opting to break tradition and cover each episode.Here are Eric Blume and Ben Miller,who will be writing up the final episodes,to grill each other on their experience of the series to date if you'd like to join them in this refresher.- Editor.

ERIC:Ben,I'm excited about working on this project with you.Let's start at the beinning:Have you been a fan of the show since the first episode,or did you join somewhere in progress?What made you fall in love with it?

BEN: I got into it on the ground floor.  I was never much of a fantasy book reader (noHarry Potter,noLord of the Rings),but this seemed like one of the first shows where people were genuinely excited for the potential of what it could be.  I knew a few people who had read the books,but I went in fairly cold and with an open mind.  You also have to keep in mind of what HBO was doing at the time...

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Mar 14 2019

Yes No Maybe So: "Avengers: Endgame"

by Ben Miller

Few things in the world are as steady as Marvel movies.Once every few months,one comes in and it is an EVENT.Avengers: Endgameis probably the most anticipated film sequel sinceThe Matrix Reloadedin 2003,and though that didn't go well,it's safe to say that legions are excited again.Marvel still being Marvel,they don't want to give too much away so the trailers have been teaser-like.The new one dropped today,so let's do our patented Yes,No,Maybe So after the jump...

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Feb 25 2019

Ranking the Oscar Clips

by Ben Miller

Of all the decisions the Academy Awards producers/directors must make,the Oscar clip decisions are surely the most covetous -- who among us wouldn't want to chose?They're fairly crucial,too.I ranked all the clipslast year,and Nathaniel was nice enough to let me do it again.The clips preceding each of the categories ranged from brilliant to "what the hell was that?"Let's rank them 20-1…


I sometimes wish I'd never been born at aaaaaaallllllll

20.Viggo Mortensen,Green Book
19.Rami Malek,Bohemian Rhapsody

Woo boy.I would personally defend the work of both of these performances,but the snippets shown on Sunday did not lend any firepower to those arguments.Viggo gets to wax on like an idiot about not knowing the difference between Russian and German before laying on some casual racism.Malek has plenty of good moments in the Queen biopic,but a simple shot of him lipsyncing reads like an Oscar producer's opinion on the performance itself seeping through.

Not Doing Anyone Any Favors...

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