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Entries by Chris Feil (629)

Jun 19 2019

Soundtracking: Toy Story 2

byChris Feil

No one uses music to trigger instant tears with such sudden velocity as Pixar does.The "Married Life"sequence fromUp,Coco's "Remember Me"gaining depth through repetition,the reverence for youth that defined the entireToy Storyseries with "You've Got a Friend in Me".

But the first time Pixar went for the emotional jugular in a way that felt like a definitive part of their musical brand was to come inToy Story 2.The sequel introduces us to Jessie,a cowgirl compatriot to Woody,filling space as a collector's item instead of being cared for by an adoring child.But the film offers a standalone musical montage of Jessie's former life as the prized possession of a girl named Emily,one who slowly and painfully outgrows her to the sound of Sarah MacLachlan and "When She Loved Me".

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Jun 13 2019

Review: The Dead Don't Die

byChris Feil

A few years back,Jim Jarmusch brought fresh life to the oft-revisited vampire genre with the sexyOnly Lovers Left Alive.This summer,he attempts to do the same with the tropes of the zombie film inThe Dead Don't Die,drolly taking on our mindnumbed obsessions in the modern dissociative era.Should he take on another monster genre soon - who better to find the poetic ennui of a werewolf,truth be told - then he should hope it results in something more akin to his look at bloodsuckers than that of his flesheaters.The Dead Don't Dieis a smug stinker.

The film is set in Centerville,"A very nice place to live!",a town small enough to house a single diner for restaurant options and with its gas station pulling double duty as its comic shop.News reports that the Earth has spun off its axis due to polar fracking is met by the townspeople with the mildest sense of alarm,at least as much as they can muster for a world outside that they just cain't understand.But that small town malaise is devoured once the local cemetery starts sprouting the reanimated dead.

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Jun 12 2019

Soundtracking: Rocketman

byChris Feil

Rocketmanis just about the jukeboxiest musical that ever jukeboxed,arriving on the screen with a structure more indebted to that of the stage than the kind of musical biopic (namely Bohemian Rhapsody) some might have expected.It's as if Elton John's and hisBilly Elliotcollaborator Lee Hall had shifted gears mid-conception,opting for a film with what had originally been planned for the stage.Safe bets will be onRocketmancoming to Broadway eventually anyway.

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Jun 05 2019

Soundtracking: Moulin Rouge!

byChris Feil

Perhaps it's easy to forget how revolutionary Baz Luhrman'sMoulin Rouge!was in 2001.The thing about masterpieces is their legacy sometimes overshadows the context that birthed them.But at the time,the musical was a massive gamble and creative leap,helping to relaunch the genre that had died a slow death at the box office and to cultural  cinematic tastes.Just as Luhrman's William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet had aggressively re-imagined its text for the MTV set,he delivered something even more drug-fevered to the musical,shattering notions of what the genre's limitations were and how it could exist in the modern era.

Musicals may be more commonplace now,but they have yet to be as audacious since.But as much as Luhrman's trippy,frenetic stylings play nearly twenty (gasp!) years later as its most obvious innovations,it was Luhrman's music choices that were the biggest shock to the system for movie musicals.

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May 23 2019

Review: Booksmart

byChris Feil

Booksmartfeels like a gift from the comedy gods - it's firmly built in the teen buddy comedy traditions yet with its own unique diversions,representationally rewarding without the condescension of pandering,and a gaspingly funny look at female friendship that is also authentically moving.An impressive first feature from actress Olivia Wilde,Booksmartis joyous and it is here to fucking own the summer movie season.

Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein star as Amy and Molly,two best friends who prioritized their studies all throughout high school in the hopes of landing in the elite colleges of their dreams.On the eve of graduation,they shockingly discover that all the hard-partying kids also managed to nail their SATs and get accepted into top schools despite appearances.In a comically foiled and app-assisted evening,the two young women try to make up for lost time by finding a way into the most epic pre-graduation party.

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May 22 2019

Soundtracking: Bridesmaids

byChris Feil

"Hold On"by Wilson Phillips endsBridesmaidson a high note,both soaring the film to its crowd-pleasing crest and underlining the emotional depths of what we've just watched.Yes it's a film about women leaning on eachother for support in crucial moments,but it's also about the journey out of isolation.But even with all of the pathos,it's still an upbeat experience.You couldn't pin a more appropriate song on the feeling that the film conjures,or for its central journey.

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