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Sep 15 2014

Box Office Report - No Good Dolphin Tale

Margarethere,back to report on another quiet weekend at the box office.Powered by the considerable force of charisma that Idris Elba and Taraji P.Henson supply,home-invasion thrillerNo Good Deedtopped the box office with close to 25 million.In second place is the family filmDolphin Tale 2, which took in decent dollars despite an aggressively bland marketing campaign and the fact that the first one was barely a hit.Guardians of the Galaxydropped only 22% to third place,and is now the first movie sinceFrozento pass $300 million domestically.The Year of Chris Pratt continues.


01NO GOOD DEED$24.5 *new*
02DOLPHIN TALE 2$16.6 *new*
03GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY$8.0(cum.$305.9)Review
04...NINJA TURTLES$4.8(cum.$181.0)remember the animated one?
05LET'S BE COPS$4.3(cum.$72.9)
06THE DROP$4.2 *new*

The stealth success story here isLet's Be Cops, which,despite abysmal reviews and release in one of the worst cultural climates for an irresponsible-cop-comedy,is limping towards $75 million and a significant profit margin thanks to weak competition and a shoestring budget.

On the limited side,Dennis Lehane-penned crime dramaThe Dropoutstripped its projected haul with $4.2 million from less than 1,000 screens.Such is the magnetic pull of a scruffy Tom Hardysnuggling a pit bull puppy,to say nothing of the chance to see James Gandolfini's final performance.

Other notable limited releases include the Bill Hader/Kristen Wiig tragicomedyThe Skeleton Twins,which brought in an impressive per-screen average and is well on its way to crossing the important indie-film benchmark of $1 million,andThe Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them,which is getting an unenthusiastic critical response and middling ticket sales.Perhaps audiences are holding out for theHimandHertwofer instead.

Now that we've hit mid-September there are finally some festival hits and critical darlings trickling out into theaters (which admittedly mostly serves those of us in the country's three or four largest cities).I sawThe Drop, in which Tom Hardy was absolutely wonderful and Dennis Lehane was entirely Dennis Lehane.What did you see in theaters this weekend?  Are any of youat festivalsgetting sneak peeks at TFE's most anticipated?Who wants to talk about Tom Hardy's mesmerizing Brooklyn accent or that baby pit bull?

Sep 07 2014

The Identical Guardians of the Top Box Office Spot

Margarethere with the weekend's box office report-- which,if you squint,could easily be mistaken for last weekend's box office report.

It was a rough couple days for moviegoers and moviemakers alike.The weekend after Labor Day is famously among the slowest year so all major studios steered clear.Guardians of the Galaxyhandily took its fourth #1 and the rest of the top fifteen looks very familiar.

The only new nationwide release wasThe Identical,an faith-based indie movie that is currently sitting pretty with a RottenTomatoes score of 4%.Even without any competition from other new films it couldn't crack the top ten.New in limited release,Stuart Murdoch's quirkfest musicalGod Help the Girldid respectable business on two screens but came in around #45.


01GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY$10.2(cum.$294.6)Review
02 ...NINJA TURTLES$6.5(cum.$174.6)remember the animated one?
03IF I STAY$5.8(cum.$39.7)
04LET'S BE COPS$5.4(cum.$66.6)
05THE NOVEMBER MAN$4.2(cum.$17.9)
06AS ABOVE / SO BELOW$3.7(cum.$15.6)
07WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL$3.7(cum.$23.5)
08THE GIVER$3.6(cum.$37.8)Review
11THE IDENTICAL$1.9*new*
12THE EXPENDABLES 3$1.8(cum.$36.7)recommended read
13INTO THE STORM$1.5(cum.$44.6)

Take outGuardians of the GalaxyandBoyhood,and the average RottenTomatoes score is 31%.Oof.

I was looking forward to seeing a movie this weekend since it is torturously hot in Los Angeles,but my local listings looked like a cruel joke and I couldn't make myself go.What about you?Who managed to find something worth seeing?

Sep 03 2014

Back to School.Tips from "Matilda"

Hello all,Margarethere celebrating another day of "back to school"week.I'm sure there are plenty mourning theend of their summer,but I know I can't be the only one who feels a thrill of excitement every time September rolls around.Even if you're past your school years,doesn't the arrival of autumn get you itching to pick up some clean blank notebooks and a fresh set of pencils?Perhaps that attitude is whyMatilda(both of the 1996 Danny DeVito film and the classic Roald Dahl novel on which it's based) has always been a personal hero.

Matilda Wormwood was a girl genius,and even though she had execrable crooks for parents and was subject to outrageous familial neglect,she didn't let that get her down.In or out of school,there is a lot we can learn from Matilda.

Keep yourself sharp. Left to her own devices from a tender age,Matilda didn't take that as an excuse to let her mind idle.She charged on down to the local library,and had read every book in the place by her sixth birthday.

Negotiate creatively. When her parents denied her requests to enroll in school because they'd rather have her at home to sign for UPS packages,Matilda was undeterred.She mixed in a little bleach in with their hair tonic and engaged in a little telekinetic TV exploding,and she was in kindergarten in no time.

Don't be afraid to be smartSo what if her class was only on the two times tables? If you canmultiply 13 by 379 in your head,sing out!

Develop a signature look.When Matilda decided somewhere around age four that the hair ribbon worked for her,she stuck with it.

Stay away from school principals who favor military jackets and knee shorts. This one should speak for itself.

Keep these tips in mind and you should be able to navigate back-to-school season (or the post-Labor Day work week) with style.

Now,who else out there was a school-loving Matilda type?Reveal yourselves!

Aug 30 2014

UHF (1989) - Let's Get Weird

Hello all, Margarethere to ask: in our Year of the Month,1989,did anyone guess what cultural endurance "Weird Al"Yankovic would have?
By all rights he should have faded into obscurity after his surprising burst of mainstream popularity in the late 80s. Yet somehow,not only has he enjoyed a steady career these past 25 years,Weird Al is actually almost hip right now,coming off of 8 ultra-viral music videos,a spot in this year's Emmy telecast,and a #1 album on the Billboard chart. Capitalizing on this moment in the sun,Weird Al recently announced plans to write (and possibly direct) a second film.His first,released in 1989 during that early burst in popularity,was the critically maligned cult classic UHF.[ more...]

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Aug 18 2014

Coming Soon?More from the Author of "Gone Girl"

On a trip to Los Angeles last year I met longtime readerMargaret de Larioswho,as it turns out,turned our own Anne Marie of "A Year With Kate"fame on to the blog originally.Margaret wanted to sound off on a topic I was very intrigued by so here she is to talk about the mysteriously silent upcoming movie "Dark Places".Say hello!- Editor

In just under two months,Gone Girlwill likely be taking cineplexes by storm.The movie's marketing team is not of a mind to let us forget it,slowly rolling out new posters and trailers as well as sending David Fincher out to stoke internet buzz byplaying coyabout a possible new ending.

But what about theotherGillian Flynn movie,Dark Places?

Because there is another Gillian Flynn movie.Anda TV series in development.Anda project with HBO.Andan original screenplay.Andtwo new impending novels.Gillian Flynn is about to be everywhere and I,for one,plan to welcome our new thriller overlord.  Her work is creepy and uncomfortable and gripping in the best way.It also,significantly,happens to feature a wealth of meaty,nasty female roles.This could portend some long-needed mitigation of theTrue DetectiveProblem (or theHannibalproblem or theBreaking Badproblem or the-- well,you get the gist) and be a boon to lovers of actressing long as we finally get to see them produced.

Gone Girlis in the bag and Flynn's every development deal makes news,so whitherDark Placeswith Charlize Theron?[More...]

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