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Aug 14 2015

'The Wiz Live!' Has Its Full Cast

Margaret herewith your live TV musical update.NBC has just announced the final principal cast members for its live production ofThe Wiz: R&B singer Ne-Yo as the Tin Man,Elijah Kelley (aka the showstopping dreamboat fromHairspray) as the Scarecrow,and Common as the Emerald City gatekeeper.

The full cast,then,is set:

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Aug 11 2015

50 Appropriate Ways to Celebrate Viola Davis' Birthday

MargaretandAnne Mariehere,with suggestions of how best to rejoice in 50 years of national treasure VIOLA DAVIS...

  1. Set something on fire with only the power of your measured,penetrating gaze
  2. Look sensational in a jewel-hued gown
  3. Drink atall glass of bubblywhile wearing said gown
  4. Enter a room with unparalleled grace
  5. Have a professional task you feel is beneath you?Pick it up and blow it out of the water.Because you can.
  6. Make your coworkers look great
  7. Givesage & loving advice.Or take someone else's
  8. Pull up a dick pic on your phone,and accusingly approach strangers with it

  9. Consider making a donation to theSegue Institute for Learningor theHunger Iscampaign,which are two of Viola Davis' preferred charities
  10. Visit Rhode Island
  11. Do a few sets of tricep curls
  12. Write a thank you note to Shonda Rhimes.
  13. Paper your neighborhood with Emmy For Your Consideration ads.
  14. Walk up to the most respected person in your chosen field and gracefully,modestly,utterly outshine them.
  15. Outshine some nobodies too,just for fun

    35 more ways to celebrate after the jump!

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Jun 19 2015

FYC: Tituss Burgess for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy

Team Experience is sharing their dream picks for the Emmys each day at Noon.Here's Margaret...

Tituss Burgess' performance as Titus Andromedon on Netflix'sUnbreakable Kimmy Schmidtis nothing short of genius.(Before we get any further into this,it should be established that Tituss with two S's is the actor,and Titus with one S is the character.Confusing,yes,but blame Tina Fey and Robert Carlock.)

His vocal control is exquisite,and we see it tested time and again as the writers work up excuses for Titus to belt whenever possible.His grip on his comedy is similarly iron-clad.Every gesture,every line reading,is laser-precise.He never fails to deliver the biggest laugh of whatever scene he's in--he's a dexterous physical comic and quite nimble with Fey & Carlock's twisty punchlines-- but he also lends a distinct pathos to the performance that makes it more than just funny.

And he's tremendously gif-able.Sweet mercy,how gif-able.

Though often ridiculous,Burgess makes damn well sure we know that Titus is the one telling the joke.Even the most absurd lines fly out of his mouth with self-awareness and complete conviction.(In lieu of apologizing for putting his foot in his mouth,he shrugs: "I am as God made me.") One of the things that makesKimmy Schmidtso special is its improbable sense of melancholy.Hints about Titus' past point to frustration and pain,and that's present in his performance even as he lives confidently and without contrition.

But most of all,he's just purely and entirely funny.He makes me laugh more than any other TV character,certainly today,maybe ever.To deny him would be like denying Jane Krakowski's Jenna Maroney,which...well...please don't make that mistake again,Emmys.

Previously:Ann Dowd talksThe LeftoversandNathaniel fusses over the Emmy ballot

Jun 17 2015

Get Ready for a Third Round of 'Pitch Perfect'

Margarethere with breaking news: Hollywood loves money,water is wet andPitch Perfect 3is officially in the works.

Pitch Perfect 2is still in theaters,and presumably since it's nearing a $300 million worldwide take (which would be more than respectable even without its vastly profitable soundtrack tie-in),Universal has just announced that they've staked out July 21,2017 for the threequel.

Critics were less than enthused about the second installment,but heaven knows if they can squeeze three movies out ofThe HangoverandMeet the Parentsthen there's no harm in in making room for movies starring and produced by women in the franchise club.

Screenwriter Kay Cannon is in talks to return for round three,and while there's no word on whether Elizabeth Banks will be back to direct,it has been announced that both Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick are on board.

See how ecstatic she looks?

The question how inevitable another sequel seemed,it was strange to see thePitch Perfect 2screenplay consistently cutting off potential avenues for a sequel.

Of course,the most sensible (read: boring) solution would be to repeat the premise with a new slate of actors and have the original stars cameo in mentorship roles.But it's early yet,and we can hold out hope for a dramatic creative swerve.I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a gritty game-change chronicling the harsh reality of post-college a cappella life,where the gang reunites to busk in the big city by night while by day they try to break into an unsympathetic industry.Featuring lots of shaky-cam,naturally.In what direction would you steer thePitch Perfectseries?

May 23 2015

Cannes Red Carpet Lineup: Auteur Couture and Formal Turbans

More Cannes fashion madness...

MARGARET: We're back on the red carpet.bringing you the latest in movie star couture though we're a solid ten hours behind the proceedings.(And more since Nathaniel randomly selects gowns from multiple premieres)

: So glad I could sweep in at the last moment.I've been enjoying the Red Carpet you,Nathaniel,& Jose have been having over the past few weeks!And the best part of doing a Red Carpet Round up is that nobody throws you out for wearing the wrong shoes!

MARGARET: Cannes in particular always brings in a satisfying range of stylist-curated glam to nonchalant idiosyncracy.Which brings us to Agnes Varda,looking very much herself in...what would you call that ensemble?

ANNE MARIE: Varda chic?Auteur Couture?The advantage of being a living legend presented with awards from one of the most internationally acclaimed film festivals is that you can dress however the hell you want.This is pretty similar to what she worewhen I saw her at AFI fest two years ago.

MARGARET: Watch that two-tone hairstyle get picked up by some trendsetting model and suddenly be all the rage among the young & hip.

ANNE MARIE: I have a theory that her hair looks like that because she was dipped in the river Seine like a French Achilles,and the only part of her that wasn't submerged was the top of her head.(This would also be a good time to announce that Agnes Vardawill be the focus of next month's Women's Pictures,because we love her almost as much as Cannes does.)

MARGARET:  Now let's look at this collection of ladies bringing the color:Mindy,Sienna,Andie,and Jane.If I squint at the miniature,I can imagine each of their gowns as a fun piece of accent jewelry.

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