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Entries by Margaret de Larios (50)

Jan 29 2015

Yes,No,Maybe So: 'Spy'

Margarethere with an update on upcoming projects from Paul Feig,the bannerman for blockbuster female-driven comedy.He's following up the roaring success ofBridesmaidsandThe Heatwith two more big-budget Melissa McCarthy projects due over the next couple summers.

The buzzier of the projects is a female-ledGhostbustersreboot,whose main cast has just been announced.It's a wonderful lineup: Feig muse Melissa McCarthy,post-Bridesmaidsmovie star Kristen Wiig,the hilarious rubber-facedSaturday Night LiveMVP Kate McKinnon,and comedy vet Leslie Jones,a recent addition toSNLas both a writer and a featured player.These choices,exciting on their own,are all the more gratifying when one considers all those rumors circa the Sony leak that they were looking at gamine young A-listers like Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone.

While we bask in the casting news (and speculate wildly on the movie's plot),let's take a look at the Feig/McCarthy project coming to us mere months from now: the espionage thriller parodySpy...

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Jan 27 2015

Red Carpet Lineup: The 21st Annual SAG Awards

Greetings,fashion followers and actress admirers!Anne MarieandMargarethere with the Screen Actors Guild Awards edition of Red Carpet Lineup.We're carrying on without Nathaniel this time,since he's over atSundancewalking some red carpets of his own.

Anne Marie:  Last night held few surprises awards-wise,but the red carpet looks were as wide-ranging as Tatiana Maslany's clones inOrphan Black.Without further ado,let's talk fashion!

Margaret: Color-wise,it was a subdued red carpet,so let's start with some of the ladies in black and white: our queen Viola (VIOLAAAAAA),it-girl Emma Stone,the Supreme Sarah Paulson,and proud "complicated woman"Maggie Gyllenhaal.Which neutral getup is your favorite?

Anne Marie:  VIOLAAAAAA!Damn,she looked good.She sounded good,too.That speech was wonderful,and almost made me forgive How To Get Away With Murder for its grievous faults. Sarah Paulson,queen of my heart and themaster of photobombs,is also rocking that black and white dress.I don't,as a general rule,like two-piece separate dresses like this,but she is...dare I say...bewitching.(Groan all you like but it's true.)

Margaret: I have to say,all four of these ladies' makeup artists deserve a serious bonus.Their faces look magnificent.

Anne Marie: True.Although,what the heck is going on with Emma Stone's dress?She looks like she's wearing an oversized suit jacket with a gauze skirt stapled on.

Margaret: Perhaps it's an avant-garde nod to her Birdman role,an abstracted fashion cape?

Anne Marie:  Sort of a Lois-Lane-by-way-of-Morticia-Addams kind of thing?

Margaret: Sure looks like it.If I'm honest,I hope her people pull her something twice as kooky for the Oscars.亚博主页Liven things up a smidge.

Anne Marie: Any final thoughts on our first 4 ladies in white-and-black?

Margaret: Just that Maggie Gyllenhaal's cleavage keyhole amuses me,and that I'm almost sorry that Frances McDormand beat her last night because after the glorious stoneface Ms.McDormand produced after losing at the Golden Globes,I can't help but mourn for the gifs that might have been.

Now,on to our second lineup,the theme of which is WINNERS.

Maternity couture,OITNB,and casting ideas for a gritty Little Mermaid reboot after the jump...

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Jan 16 2015

David Fincher and Gillian Flynn Team Up for 'Strangers On a Train' Remake

Margarethere,recovering from yesterday's Oscars nominations and trying to process some upcoming movie news: David Fincher and Gillian Flynn are remaking亚博主页Strangers On a Train.David Fincher and Gillian Flynn are remaking Strangers On a Train.

There are so many feelings,and I am feeling ALL of them,all at once,right now.Help.
  1. Excitement: David Fincher and Gillian Flynn together again,and so soon!!
  2. Indifference: Ben Affleck is also involved,which,sure.
  3. Anger: A remake of Strangers On a Train?How dare they??Hitchcock at his best is untouchable and the movie is perfect;no sane human could think it needs updating!
  4. Cautious Optimism: But.Buuuuut.If they're going to do to it,and you can't stop them..The Flynn and Fincher team is such a great choice.Think of the cold,agonizing tension!Think of the pitch-black comedy!We deserve this.
  5. Confusion: But Strangers on a Train is perfect and I am mad?
  6. Curiosity: Although-- who could play Bruno,the mostcharming psychopathin movie history?That's going to be really tough to cast....
  7. Anger 2.0:....because,dangit,Robert Walker's performance is unimprovable and it's a fool who walks into that trap.Who's idea was this again?
  8. Begrudging interest:It's been reported that the remake will have a new context: instead of a tennis player and a psychopath who meet on a train and discuss the idea of swapping murders,this one (tentatively called "Strangers") will follow an actor (Affleck) campaigning for an Oscar who ends up on a flight with a wealthy stranger when his private plane breaks down.A fun,meta premise,no?
  9. Amusement:Affleck has been cast in the Farley Granger role which,if you think about it,is sort of a Nick Dunne 2.0;Ben may have found his perfect niche playing morally ambiguous murder-adjacent leading men.
  10. Incredulity: Wait,when exactly will any of the people involved even have time to make this?Flynn and Fincher are already working on a series together for HBO,and Affleck has the whole Batman enterprise and several directing projects in development.It might be quite a while before we can see this.

How do you feel about this news-- more excited,or disappointed?Who would you cast as Bruno,the murderous charmer?

Jan 13 2015

Top Five Golden Globes Speeches

Margaretwith more on Sunday's Golden Globes...

Awards show speeches are weird and wonderful things.They're awkward and rushed,they hold the weight of hundreds of peoples' expectations,and they are bound to disappoint or offendsomebodyno matter what they contain.

Since the Golden Globes are the first big ceremony of awards season (People's Choice A-whats?Haven't heard of 'em),the winners have their work cut out for them to be memorable and charming and humble enough to make their new statuette the first of many.

Below we have a roundup of my picks for best movie-category speeches of the night,plus some speculation about whether they might influence the Oscar race.(For wins,not nominations,since the voting is closed and they're now set in stone.)

Honorable mention goes to Just-Keep-Simmons for his amusingly gruff speech ("I think I only have 45 seconds,so shut up").

5.Wes Anderson – Best Motion Picture,Musical or Comedy (Grand Budapest Hotel)

Oh,Wes Anderson.Never change!I mean,look at him.Look how uncomfortable he is,how his eyes are locked to his notes.Look at that slightly crooked bowtie.So many ‘um's and ‘uh's.He doesnotwant to be the center of attention.If we needed any proof that he's not the awards-campaigning type,we have it now.It's lovely to see aGrand Budapest Hotelwin,and that could mean that it's got a more solid shot at an Best Picture Oscar nomination than most of us dare hope...but then again,the HFPA often marches to the beat of their own drummer.

4.Julianne Moore – Best Actress in a Motion Picture,Drama (Still Alice)

Remember when we never got to watch Julianne win anything?Judging by her adorably delighted reaction,the thrill is a fresh one.She shares a lovely dictum from her mother ("a happy person is someone who has work and love") and gets choked up thanking her family.On the cynical side,the speech hit all the right marks.People love their frontrunners (especially women—boo) to be humble and surprised and emotional when they win.A good move towards Oscar.

3.Michael Keaton -Best Actor in a Motion Picture,Musical or Comedy (Birdman)

Sure,it's a little long (more obvious since it came near the end of the late-running program),but he's telling a story instead of listing off names,and in the dynastic industry that is Hollywood it's refreshing to hear from people who were born far from the business.Also: he produced actual tears as he choked out a touching tribute to his son ("Two things I wasn't gonna do—cry,and give air quotes—damn"),and we all know Oscar loves a good manful cry.This may have pushed him into winner territory.

2.Patricia Arquette -Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture (Boyhood)

The win was an expected one,but it was no less enjoyable for that.She's concentratingsohard on getting all her written words out ("Sorry I'm the only nerd with a piece of paper"),but you can just see the immense feeling threatening to bubble out as she gives sweet,genuine thanks to her movie family.It's clear that the role and the film mean very,very much to her.No major shakeups from this speech;it seems pretty clear she's headed straight to the Dolby podium.

1.Common and John Legend -Best Original Song in a Motion Picture (Selma)

Potent,stirring,beautifully put.What every awards speech should be if it possibly can.Common did almost all of the talking,more aboutSelmaitself than the winning song,and put the focus back where it should be: "Selmahas awakened my humanity…Selmais now."If there's any justice (there isn't),this would be making the rounds among all the people crying "historical inaccuracy!!"and giving them something else to think about.Good for their awards chances as songwriters,good for the film as a whole.Bonus points for making Oprah cry.

What were your favorite speeches of the night?Who didn't win that you'd like to hear a speech from soon?

Dec 25 2014

Top Ten Movies from 2014 You Should Catch Up With on Streaming

Margarethere,reporting from the warmth of the family home.In between gift-exchanging and major cooking projects,I'm going to be trying to catch up on as many 2014 movies as possible.For those of us without much time to run to the multiplex,there are plenty of options among recent acquisitions on streaming services.While most of the showiest would-be awards contenders are either still in theaters or holding off on their DVD releases,there are plenty of buzzy (and possibly even soon to be Oscar-nominated) movies available for the couch-bound.

Honorable Mention: Slow-burn crime dramaNight Moves(Peter Sarsgaard,Jesse Eisenberg,Dakota Fanning) and Baltimore dirt-biker documentary12 O'Clock Boys,both on Amazon Prime;Mind-bending relationship dramedyThe One I Love(Elisabeth Moss,Mark Duplass) and low-key Swanberg indieHappy Christmas(Anna Kendrick,TFE favorite Melanie Lynskey),both on Netflix Instant.

10.Stranger By The Lake(Netflix Instant)This French erotic thriller had critics raving at the beginning of the year,though it hasn't been in much of the end-of-year conversation.

9.Nymphomaniac,parts 1 and 2 (Netflix Instant)Lars von Trier's latest provocation,served in two parts,is not for the faint of heart butisfor anyone who wants to see Uma Thurman rip a scene apart in part 1.

8.Enemy(Amazon Prime)Celebrate our Year of Gyllenhaal with double the Jake in his second collaboration withPrisonersdirector Denis Villeneuve.It'sbeen called"what might happen if someone let Terrence Malick make a "Twilight Zone"episode,with a quick rewrite by David Cronenberg."

7.Blue Ruin(Netflix Instant)This grim,ultra-budget indie thriller is up for the Independent Spirit's John Cassavetes Award,given to an outstanding picture made for under 500K.Come for the revenge story,stay for the unsettlingly realistic gore.

6.We Are The Best!(Netflix Instant)This early-80s-Stockholm-set dramedy about three middle-grade girls who form a punk band irrespective of actual musical gifts has been cropping up on many a top-ten list,and has been widely praised for its infectious joyful spirit.

5.Locke(Amazon Prime)A tense one-man show,this claustrophobic thriller hangs completely on a star turn from Tom Hardy,who's earnedTFE ravesand even has Brad Pitt stumping for him at industry screenings.

4.The Immigrant(Netflix Instant)The fact that the Weinsteins are giving this sweeping period the redheaded stepchild treatment and dropping it from their campaign slate shouldn't keep you from checking it out.You,too,can join in the mass internet grumble over its being overlooked at the Oscars for Best Actress,亚博主页Best Score,and Best Cinematography prizes.(It may yet take home some Independent Spirit Awards!)

3.Snowpiercer(Netflix Instant)Critics have been all over the brutal,absurd,and entirely original dystopian action film.It's a dark horse for Supporting Actress with Tilda Swinton's bonkers performance,and full to the brim with memorable setpieces.Don'tbe a shoe;watch it!

2.Under the Skin(Amazon Prime)The atmospheric alien fever dream has a legion of ardent fans,and is the hip moviegoer's choice for a top-ten-list entry guaranteed not to repeat at the Oscars.亚博主页Guaranteed to be among the most visually memorable movies you see all year.

1.Ida(Amazon Prime and Netflix Instant)This little movie has been an awards magnet,and may well make a smooth trip to theBest Foreign film Oscarcome February.Since it's present on two major streaming services and clocks in at a mere 80 minutes,there's no excuse not to catch up with this starkly beautiful and poignant Polish drama.

Which movies are you planning to catch up with from home?Have any additional streaming recommendations?

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