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Entries by Diana D Drumm (20)

May 18 2015

Cannes Review: Irrational Man

Diana Drumm sends us another review from Cannes...

A promising premise and captivating performances fall flat as a philosophy professor leaps after a misguided notion of the philosophical imperative,tumbling after one of his own theoreticals to disastrous results.Like much of Allen's lesser filmography,Irrational Mandabbles in some of the auteur's favorite subjects (philosophy,middle-aged male crisis,May-December or in this case June-November romances) and takes on more than it can chew,choking up in the third act.

The film's tone shifts with the stumbled abandon of a dizzied drunk trying to make up his mind whether to stand or stay seated,from murky to light to dark,sprawling discussions to tensed farce...

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May 17 2015

Cannes Review: Carol

Our friend Diana Drumm is in Cannes and will be sending a few reviews our way.First up,Todd Haynes hotly anticipatedCarol...(note: this review contains a couple of spoilers for those who haven't read the book)

Within a year of publication,Patricia Highsmith's first novel "Strangers on a Train"became a seminal Hitchcock thriller.After half a century,her second novel "The Price of Salt"(published under the pseudonym of Claire Morgan) is now a Todd Haynes romantic drama (under the succinct titleCarol).Whereas the former concerns two male strangers duplicitous in murder,the latter is about two women finding love in constrictive 1952 New York City.Turning the pulp novel into a palpable parable,Carolis a master stroke in Haynes's 21st century oeuvre (Far from Heaven,Mildred Pierce,et al.),and harkens back to the pressurized strength ofSafeand the sexual fluidity ofVelvet Goldmine- both capturing and throwing off the starched restrictiveness of postwar America,and deftly upgrading the melodrama with social relevance.

Inspired by Highsmith's own stint at Macy's (and her affair with Philadelphia socialite Virginia Kent Catherwood),20-something shopgirl Therese Belivet (Rooney Mara) waits on and is struck by elegant"blondish woman in a fur coat"Carol Aird (Cate Blanchett).A friendship builds between the two,to the jealousy of Therese's huffy square boyfriend (Jake Lacy),who dismisses it as schoolgirl crush,and the consternation of Carol's matinee-handsome,soon-to-be ex-husband (Kyle Chandler),who uses it as ammunition in their ongoing divorce negotiations.[More]

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May 27 2014

Cannes Diary: 3 Men Against The System – Leviathan,Lost River & The Rover

Diana Drumm reporting from Cannes...or rather flying home from Cannes as you read this...

As people,we are defined by how we cope with the world's cruelty,injustice and unfairness.In a leap of metaphysics,the same can be said about films,being judged by how they handle the subject and in turn how their protagonists handle their conflicts and struggles.At this year's Cannes,there were more than a few films in the thick of existential waters and questions of morality,with protagonists leading the way against a larger society.InTimbuktu,a farmer and his family grapple with a newly inserted regime to dire results.InAmour Fou,a young poet stakes the life of himself and his "lover"on an escapist higher philosophical notion he's concocted.InFoxcatcher,an "ornithologist,philatelist,philanthropist"attempts to fabricate a more successful legacy for himself and melts down after reality and other people's free will gets in the way.Here are three more that tackle the issues of male insecurities when faced with a larger,opposing system (from the great to the already infamously bad to the steady).

Andrey Zyvagintsev'sLeviathan,Ryan Gosling'sLost River,and David Michôd'sThe Roverafter the jump...

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May 24 2014

Cannes Diary: "Foxcatcher"and Best Actor,"Clouds of Sils Maria"and Actresses

Diana Drumm reporting from Cannes for The Film Experience亚博主页

With the Palme d'Or announcement looming over the Croisette,critics and casual filmgoers are scattering to catch the festival favorites screening throughout the Palais and/or selecting their bets for the Awards ceremony.Yours truly is in a bizarre,hazy limbo between the two,writing up what's left of my coverage and running to more screenings.Without further rambling,here are two more competition films (an Oscar favorite and an indie to look out for) along with my personal pick for Best Actor.Will Jane Campion and jury agree?

Bennett Miller's true story drama looks at the relationship between Olympic wrestlers Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) and Dave Schultz (Mark Ruffalo) and American old money heir John E.du Pont (Steve Carell),that would lead to a point-blank murder.Opening with black-and-white footage of a foxhunt (horses,hounds,riding gear) on the du Pont Foxcatcher estate,the film then cuts to Mark Schultz in not quite as posh straits,getting paid $20 to give a speech to an elementary school and chowing down on lukewarm ramen.So when he gets the call that John E.du Pont (apparently an avid wrestling enthusiast despite his status and it being a sweaty arm sport) wants to fly him out to meet,Mark leaps at the chance before getting any specifics on du Pont...

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May 23 2014

Cannes Diary: Three Palme d'Or Contenders and My Pick for "Best Actress"

Diana Drummis reporting from Cannes for The Film Experience...亚博主页

With the festival dwindling away (as well as this writer's sanity -- blame the multiple transit strikes,weather and barely affordable lodging),we are closing in on the more probable awards contenders.Out of the hubbub heard in person and online,along with opinions from mine own wonky eyes,here are three that could possibly take home either the Palme d'Or or Best Actress.(Juliette Binoche inSils MariaI have yet to see...)

Mommy,Two Days One NightandMaps to the Starsafter the jump...

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