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How had i never seen...Enter the Dragon

"A action movie classic"-Jaragon

"Honestly,I sawKentucky Fried Movie -- which ends with a long parody of this film -- about 5-10 years before I got around to seeingEnter the Dragonitself.I remember so much more about [the former]". -James

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Sep 03 2019

Reader Writes: Kris takes a trip to Telluride

We've been tinkering with the idea of a weekly or bi-weekly column where we hear some film talk from readers beyond just the comments section.So let's kick that off.Here'sKris Mascarenasto talk Telluride which just wrapped... - Editor

Long time reader,first time writer here reporting on Telluride Film Festival which wrapped up on Monday.It was my second time at the festival,the first being in 2015 whenCarol,Room,andSpotlightall premiered.  For the uninitiated,Telluride is located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.There is one road in and out of town and the moment you arrive,you can feel how truly special this town is.  It is a low-key festival with no paparazzi,and if you are lucky you can run into actors and directors while waiting in line for your morning coffee.

I was on hand opening night forJudybut first there was a tribute to Renee Zellweger,and clips of her movie played (Chicago,Cold Mountain,Nurse Betty,and inexplicably...Miss Potter) before she was awarded the Silver Medallion...

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May 01 2019

John Singleton (1968-2019)

by guest contributorAlfred Soto

Few young filmmakers get their scripts approved and direct a film in which most things go right,and John Singleton did withBoyz n the Hood.The 1991 depiction of life in blighted South Central L.A.starring a mesmerizing Ice Cube became the kind of phenomenon that absorbs cultural currents and creates new ones;for a few years pop music and MTV took their cues fromBoyz n the Hood.It made $60 million and,in one of the Motion Picture Academy's occasional gob-smackingbeau gestes,earned Singleton a Best Director nomination,the youngest in history and,more crucially,the first nomination for a black director.

Please consider the times...

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Nov 05 2018

A look back at Gods and Monsters (1998)

Please welcome guest contributor Anna to discussGods and Monstersfor its 20th anniversary.You can follow her on Twitter@MovieNut14


Based on Christopher Bram's novel "Father of Frankenstein,"Gods and Monsters– which references a line fromBride of Frankenstein– focuses on the final months of retired film director James Whale (Ian McKellen).Recovering from a series of minor strokes,he lives alone with his housemaid Hanna (Lynn Redgrave) and memories of his past.Because of his weakening state,he slips into a depression and contemplates suicide (which he would ultimately follow through in 1957).But the presence of gardener Clay Boone (Brendan Fraser) gives the aging man something to live for...

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Jun 18 2018

Stage Door: Anika Noni Rose Brings Raw Sensuality to "Carmen Jones"Off Broadwa

Stage Dooris our intermittent theater column in which we often feature plays and musicals with film connections.Please welcome guest contributor Erica Mann...

The moment Carmen Jones walks onto the stage of Classic Stage Company,it's like time completely stops.It's not just because the character is played by the incomparable Anika Noni Rose whose illustrious career has spanned stage (a Tony win forCaroline or Change),TV (Bates Motel,The Good Wife),and film (Dreamgirls,For Colored Girls,The Princess and the Frog).Her presence as the namesake is that powerful from the moment she sets foot into the spotlight.

Oscar Hammerstein II's adaptation of Bizet's operaCarmenbecame aclassic screen musicalin 1954 starring Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte but has rarely been seen on the NY stage.CSC's production is the first major New York revivalsince the 1940s.Carmen Jonesis the story of love,lust,betrayal and tragedy with the action moved to the 1940s in the American south.Corporal Joe,stationed at an army reserve and working in a parachute factory,falls in love with the stunning Carmen Jones.Aware of his feelings,Carmen convinces him to change his life trajectory in pursuit for a life in Chicago with her.Things change when those initial feelings become blurry and passion turns into jealousy...

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Sep 19 2017

10 Best Dressed Men at the Emmys

Happy Still Thinking About the Emmys Day,everyone!KimfromHead Over Feelshere to break down the Handsome Men of the Emmys.Covering Men's Fashion can be hard sometimes because it's basically like "Here's a bunch of really handsome men in tuxedos!Enjoy!"Which,don't get me wrong,I enjoy a handsome man even in the most basic of suits.

Lately though the fellas have,as a whole,started to make more daring choices as of late,embracing color and prints and statement accessories.(And excellent tailoring.All the slim fit suits,please and thank you.) Let's take a look at the Gents who brought their A-Game to the Emmys,shall we?

The ten best dressed are after the jump...

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Jul 01 2017

A League of Their Own,Pt 3: Winning the War but Losing the Game

25th Anniversary Four-Part Mini Series Event

In Part 1we met a slew of talented female ball players as they escaped the doldrums of their lives to join the All American Girl's Baseball League during World War II.In Part 2we got invested in their funny personalities and rivalries and watched as former star and booze hound Jimmy Dugan slowly rose to the challenge of actually managing them.When we left off,the girls were warned that the league might be closing just as its begun unless they could generate more publicity and sell more tickets.

The Peaches are in love wih the game already.They step up when they're asked to give it everything they got...

Part 3 byJazz Tangcay(on loan fromAwards Daily)

1:01:55 ...time to see some ball.Kit pitches and we cut to Dottie displaying her catching skills spilt style.It's an absolutely amazing shot of Geena Davis and much like Jimmy's reaction,you're sitting there,jaw open,thinking wow."What the hell was that?"Jimmy asks.Don't we all want to know how she did that?

Dottie even makes the cover of Life magazine

1.03:00 After a quick church prayer,and another quip from Jimmy,"God knows we have a game,"Hans Zimmer's score starts up

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