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Jul 08 2019

Beauty vs Beast: Say it With Cerulean

Jason Adams ofMNPPhere with your brand new edition of our "Beauty vs Beast"poll -- not to over-Meryl us (does such a thing exist?) with two Meryl polls in the span of three weeks on top of her much-talked-about turn onBig Little Lies,but it was the 13th anniversary ofThe Devil Wears Pradaback on June 30th and it suddenly struck me like a very expensive coat in the face that,blasphemy of blasphemies,we have never done a Prada Edition for this series.I KNOW!!Insert a gif of one of Miranda's withering glares here.Shameful.So let's see if the Anne-Hatha-lovers have any tricks up their designer sleeves...

PREVIOUSLYLast week between bouts of Meryl we tackled another queen of screen Olivia de Havilland,and while she may not have taken down Ryan Murphy with herFeud-based lawsuit Livvy at least got one overon that other queen Monty Clift,taking 59% of yourHeiressvote.Saidjoel6:

"Morris is a beauty and perhaps Catherine is too naive but that's her father's fault not hers.Morris is a low down gutter snake that gets exactly what he deserves and seeing Catherine serve it up to him is sweetness itself.Olivia de Havilland gave several great performances but this is the cherry on top of the cake!Wishing her all the best as an awesome 103 year old and as long as her health holds may she see many more birthdays!"

Jul 01 2019

Beauty vs Beast: I Ain't Sayin' He's a Gold Digger

Jason Adams ofMNPPhere with another round of "Beauty vs Beast"silliness,wherein we ask you to lay claim to your loyalties with regards to a pair of typically warring movie characters,naughty and nice or sometimes something a bit grayer -- this week we're wishing a happy 103 years young to the great Olivia de Havilland,turning our eyes to her Oscar-winning role in William Wyler's 1949 filmThe Heiress.Olivia plays "Catherine,"a spinster-type who falls for "Morris"...who is played by Montgomery Clift so it's quite easy to know right off the bat why she falls for him.But is he only in it for the ruby buttons?

PREVIOUSLYPride Month is kaput and with it our fourth and final LGBT-related poll,which hadyou choosing between gay Meryls-- Clarissa fromThe Hoursmanaged to both buy the flowers and storm the poll,taking 71% of your vote.SaidBiggs:

"Clarissa partnered up with Allison Janney;Jill with Woody Allen.Clarissa wins."

Jun 24 2019

Beauty vs Beast: Say it With Streep

Jason Adams fromMNPPhere with our fourth and final LGBT themed "Beauty vs Beast"poll of this year's Gay Pride Month,and what happier -- dare I say gayer -- coincidence could we stumble into than a rainbow bright overlap with the 70th birthday celebration of our queen,all hail,Meryl Streep.Yes it was this past Saturday,but this is the sort of thing that should also get its own month,ya know?For our purposes we turn our eyes to Meryls two explicitly queer roles,that of the wife-turned-lesbian-turned-author Jill inManhattanand that of the party-tossing Janney-kissing Clarissa inThe Hours.

PREVIOUSLYY'all killed Eve,but just barely,withlast week'sKilling Evepoll,giving it voer to Jodie Comer's turn as the villanous Villanelle with just 52% of the vote.SaidDancin' Dan:

"Look,I LOVE Sandra Oh and I LOVE her performance as Eve...but Jodie Comer's Villanelle just steals the show.I love the little smile she gets whenever she's about to go into assassin mode and kill somebody.She just enjoys what she does,and enjoys the lifestyle it has allowed her to live.She's an icon."

Jun 21 2019

One Two Chucky's Coming For You

byJason Adams

If you squint in the opening moments of the latestChild's Playfilm -- which supposes a restart,a return to the beginning,an origin story -- it might remind you of Paul Verhoeven'sRobocop,another 80s property that recently got the reboot treatment,sans soul.The soul gone missing this time around though is actually a literal one (or as literal as "souls"get anyway),as Chucky's not-so-humble beginnings have been rethought.He's no longer a regular doll that got the soul of a psycho voodoo'd into him,but one whose ultra modern computer tech gets maliciously-virused by a disgruntled employee at a slave labor camp buried somewhere in the deep dark recesses of Somewhere Vietnam...

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

Jun 17 2019

Beauty vs Beast: The Spy Who Stabbed Me

Jason Adams fromMNPPhere,continuing our little Pride Month run of LGBT-centric "Beauty vs Beast"contests -- we're turning our eyes towards the small screen this week for one of our favorite on-going queer series,Phoebe Waller-Bridge's fabulously twisted sapphic spy versus spy seriesKilling Eve.Deserving all of the awards we can violently fling at them in one corner we've got Sandra Oh as Eve,the hyper-capable but darksided intelligence officer,and in the other there's Jodie Comer as the psychopath but don't call her that Villanelle (god that name is so good),who's spotted a little something inside Eve she can't wait to dig her fingers around in.

PREVIOUSLYThat low-cut tank-top on Brad Davis proved too tough for us to resist,tiltinglast week'sQuerellepollperilously in his favor with a broad-chested 82% of the vote.I would shed a tear for Franco Nero but...he's Franco Nero,he's more than okay.SaidFrenchToast:

"Team Brad Davis all the way!What a brilliant actor he was.Was it too much to ask for him to get Oscar nominated in 1979?I remember reading Genet's novel in high school and being mesmerized (and probably aroused) by his poetic writing.Even if Fassbinder's movie has its flaws,it's a daring and terrific adaptation."

Jun 10 2019

Beauty vs Beast: Sailors Moon

Jason Adams fromMNPPhere using this week's "Beauty vs Beast"to memorialize a sad anniversary -- the great German filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder died of an overdose on this day in the year 1982.Unsurprising given his extraordinary output over the course of his 37 years on Earth Fassbinder's projects outlived his days,and one finished film came out a few months after he'd passed -- his gorgeously gay and strange Genet adaptationQuerelle,starring Brad Davis as a sailor entangled in lusty criminalities in port,and that's where we'll rest our eyes today (since we're also covering LGBT films all June to boot).Much like Lieutenant Seblon (a perfectly mustachioed Franco Nero,awash in long eroticized pauses) can't keep his eyes off his charge,neither can we all these years later...

PREVIOUSLYThe first week of Pride Month took us to sweet Translyvania,where Tim Curry's Dr.Frank N Furter easily swanned off with 0ver 80% ofyourRocky Horrorvotes.Saidkris01:

"Brad and Janet are cute and everything,but Frank n Furter can create life.Iron Man has a million suits to jerk off too,but can he make people!?"

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