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Nov 28 2017

Interview: Claes Bang on 'The Square,' the Monarchy and Being Starstruck at the Governors Awards

ByJose Solís.

photo src

Like Christian,his character inThe Square,Claes Bang speaks with impressive assertiveness.Even when he's poking fun at himself,he sounds like a man who's never had any doubts or gotten himself into something he couldn't get out of.Perhaps it's this quality that makes his performance in Ruben Östlund's award winning film so magnetic,and has also raised comparisons to Jon Hamm and James Bond.At age 50,the Danish actor who has mostly worked on stage and television,finds himself in the unlikely position of movie star.Position which he's filled extraordinarily,having become the sensation of the Cannes Film Festival,as well as a dark horse for the European Film Awards where he's competing against Colin Farrell and Jean-Louis Trintignant for Best Actor.

Watching Bang (even his name's cool!) inThe Squareone gets the sense of both knowing Christian,but also feeling like he could deceive you at any moment.He's the kind of man who seems so secure of his position in the world,that he could drag you with him without you realizing it.WhenI spoke to director Östlundhe explained that he saw Christian as a man who,despite appearances,isn't as free as we'd think.Earlier this fall,Bang took a break from his publicity tour to do a play in Denmark,and he also makes New Wave-like electronica - think darker Depeche Mode - under the moniker This Is Not America,making him the ultimate renaissance man.If awards season wasn't so partial to English speaking roles,Bang would be a serious contender for Best Actor,since he delivers the kind of performance that combines unique thespian talents,with pure star power.I spoke to him about taking on a character as complex as Christian,his thoughts on the monarchy,and his favorite part of awards season so far.Read the interview after the jump...

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Nov 22 2017

Jose Gives Thanks ♥︎

by Jose Solis

Josehere.Perhaps more than any other year,I'm grateful for the fact that we made it.We survived!Despite of the government,natural disasters,the news,and especially the white patriarchy,we are still around.So this year I won't take the turkey and trimmings for granted.Every bite of pumpkin pie will feel like a blessing.

So this year I'd like to give thanks for the following:

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Nov 18 2017

Interview: Director Petra Volpe on Swiss Oscar Submission 'The Divine Order'

ByJose Solís

I don't remember exactly what horrible thing the new US administration had announced it wanted to do the day I found myself walking intoThe Divine Orderat the Tribeca Film Festival.I knew nothing about the movie and decided I'd give it ten minutes to capture my attention and help me escape whatever ghastly reality was shaping outside.I didn't want to watch anything about war,genocide etcetera.

All I wanted was hope,and boy did Petra Volpe's lovely film deliver...

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Nov 17 2017

Jordan Peele and Daniel Kaluuya of 'Get Out' on Their Fave Moviegoing Experiences

byJose Solis

My first attempts at watchingGet Outwere not the best of moviegoing experiences.I'm someone who is not into crowds and the first time I walked into a theater that was so packed there wasn't even a seat for me.Theater management couldn't figure out what was up,so they gave me a refund and their apologies.Needless to say so,I was relieved and took it as a sign that I should go see it at "off hours."I showed up on a Saturday morning to an AMC theater that according to the kiosk was empty and when I showed up that wasn't the case.Although it was less packed than my first try,the crowd at this screening was rowdier than any other I've sat with.Three young men lit up a joint,two white men got into a fight with a young black woman,another patron threw her popcorn at someone sitting a few rows down,and bythe fourth timesecurity showed up to try to restore order the movie was over.

Let's just say my first impression ofGet Outwas fractured.I was so stressed about all the activity going on around me that leaving the theater I could only remember a few scenes.

Watching the film earlier this week at an Academy screening in New York,things were quite different.For starters,I was one of the only people of color in the room.While I roared with laughter at scenes I didn't remember,the people around me emitted shy giggles.There was only one other person laughing out loud which comforted me.I don't think many people knew they were allowed to laugh,so perhaps they hadn't heard the news that the film would be considered a Comedy by the HFPA.After the film ended and people gathered in the lobby to chat,I heard the lovely laughter again -- it was Tony nominee Daphne Rubin-Vega of "Rent"fame!Read more after the jump...

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Nov 14 2017

Interview: Nikolaj Lie Kaas on Playing the Complex Lead in Denmark's Oscar Submission 'You Disappear'

ByJose Solís.

Since his breakthrough performance inThe Idiots,where he played the sensitive,tragic Jeppe,Nikolaj Lie Kaas has remained one of the most interesting male actors in the world.Jumping from genre to genre,and from big Hollywood productions,to intellectual television series,his body of work is as varied as it's complex.He's played real life people,an assassin trying to thwart Tom Hank's plans,a romantic hero,and one of the most beloved literary characters in contemporary Scandinavian fiction.But in Peter Schønau Fog's You Disappearhe reveals layers previously unseen as he plays Frederik Halling,a school headmaster whose world is shaken when he's accused of embezzlement.Could it be that the brain tumor affecting his personality is to blame,or has Frederik always been this way?

The late,great Michael Nyqvist plays Frederik's lawyer,and Trine Dyrholm plays his loving wife.You Disappearhas been selected to represent Denmark at the Academy Awards next year,so I caught up with leading man Kaas,to discuss his work in the film,the way in which he approached a character like Frederik,and his opinion on awards season.

Read the interview after the jump.

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