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Entries by Josh Forward (23)

Oct 12 2016

The definitely incomplete history of Janis Joplin biopics

by Josh Forward

There have been so many rumoured,green lit and delayed productions of a Janis Joplin biopic,it's nearly impossible to keep track.But we're here to try!Janis was a 60's superstar,with an iconic voice and an image that was reflective of the counter culture of the times.She also sadly joined the 27 club by a drug overdose.

Her incredible life and talent has been promised on the big screen for decades and the latest announcement has Michelle Williams as Joplin under the direction of Sean Durkin (Martha Marcy May Marlene).This will be based on Laura Joplin's book "Love,Janis"made up of real letters from Joplin.This is not to be confused with the delayed version starring Amy Adams directed by Jean-Marc Vallee,halted by legal trouble which was tentatively calledGet it While You Can.

But these two productions have actually been competing since the 1990's.And before them there were other failed attempts.Let's look back...

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Oct 01 2016

Spooky Season

Trick or treat,trick or treat,give us something to make us shriek!When October rolls around inevitably film studios capitalise on Halloween fever to release a slate of horror movies… and often take the chance to dump them at a "critic-proof"opportunity.Let's look what's being carved up for us this October.

Ouija: Origin of Evil– 21 October

Prequel to the 2014 filmOuijathat lots of people watched but far less people liked.This time young attractive people in the current era,have been replaced by family with creepy little girl in the 60's,a far more in vogue horror trope of the moment.Lin Shaye is the only one appearing in both films,who was only added to the original in reshoots,and has curiously become a horror movie icon in the last few years.No reviews are out yet,but considering director Mike Flanagan's unexpectedly sleeper hit on NetflixHushkept horror simple but tight,it may fare better than the first.

Three more Halloween-aimed films after the jump

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Sep 01 2016

Derek Cianfrance: the Now and the Next

by Josh Forward

Derek Cianfrance,the man who made cinema fans everyway sit bolt upright with excitement at his stunning debutBlue Valentineis about to release his third featureThe Light Between Oceans.Both films,and his second,the multi-generation epicThe Place Beyond the Pines,show his preoccupation with the dark intricacies of doomed romances and families pouring out into gripping cinema.His talent with actors is evident again: Reviews are mixed to positive for the film overall,but leads Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander,along with supporting player Rachel Weisz are all solidly praised.

Opening wide and based on a popular novel,this is Cianfrance's first dalliance with what could be considered a "mainstream"film.As much as his cinematic fascination with the mucky and the unflinching darkness in human nature can be mainstream at least.But it does have a more traditional narrative and sweeping landscapes to match.The words "sentimental"and "soap opera"are even being bandied around.

His next project,announced this week,may prove a progression of this trajectory.It's another literary adaptation,this time of S.C.Gwynne's "Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches,the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History".The scale of the story is epic,and it could be his biggest movie yet.Although this is a story without tortured lovers (at least as its driving force),when Cianfrance discusses it,it still sounds firmly in his wheelhouse...

The passing of the torch,passing of pain,and decisions,and the ripple effect of decisions".

The same quote could easily be said aboutThe Place Beyond the Pines.

This film has taken a long journey to screen.A screenplay based on the same book was developed in 2010 by Diana Ossana and Larry McMurtry,the Oscar winning screenwriters of BrokebackMountain.This would have been their first film since that masterpiece in 2005,but this adaptation appears to have nothing to do with this development,with the script written by Cianfrance himself with hisPinesco-writer Darius Marder over the last three years.It's a shame we won't see another script yet from current one hit wonders McMurty and Ossana,but Cianfrance has certainly earned his auteur stripes and screenwriting chops.

No actors have been attached yet,but cross all fingers and toes that some great Native American actors find representation on our screens.

Jul 28 2016

Venice Film Festival Lineup Announced

What doSpotlightandBirdmanhave in common?Apart from being Oscar Best Picture winners starring Michael Keaton that is.They both debuted at the Venice Film Festival,that's what.The 73rd annual Venice Film Festival line-up has been announced,with the potential of another Best Picture winner in its midst.As was previously announced,La La Landis opening the festival,and if you've  been watching the trailer on loop like us,it's hard to get excited about anything else.But let's take a shot...

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Jul 09 2016

Happy 60th Birthday Tom Hanks!

Is there such thing as the male America's sweetheart?If there is then Tom Hanks would surely have to be him.The general public love him,your mum loves him,cinephiles love him,his co-stars love him,and cinematic history definitely loves him.To say Happy Birthday let's say T-Hanks for 5 of the best characters he's gifted us after the jump...

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Jul 01 2016

Scarlett Johannson is the grossest actress ever

...as in,the cumilative box office grossings of the films she's starred in!

Josh here to quickly talk earnings.Scarlett's cumulative box office grossings earn her the title of highest grossing actress ever in the USA according to Box Office Mojo.This title is a little misleading as it's not exactly just Scarlett drawing people to all those Marvel movies that she isn't even the lead of (shame!).Along with the Marvel cinematic universe,her massive tally includes her 5 seconds of voice work inThe Jungle Bookand actual star vehicleLucy.This puts her ahead of Cameron Diaz,Helena Bonham Carter,Cate Blanchett and Julia Roberts (who is the only lady on the list not propped up massively by a mega-franchise).

The top ten and more facts about the cashed up listafter the jump

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