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Entries by Seán McGovern (43)

Sep 05 2018

In Competition: Documentaries at the London Film Festival

by Sean McGovern

The end of summer is an annual tragedy,but at least it means that you don't have to go to the cinema just for the air conditioning.WithVenice ongoingandTIFFbeginning tomorrow (Chris & Nathaniel are already on the ground),Film Festival Season (and by extension,Awards Season!) is well and truly upon us.Arrving in early October for the 62nd time is the London Film Festival,the biggest one on my calendar and the one closest to my house.Amongst the glitzy galas and special presentations is astellar programmeandnot justbecause I played a small part inprogramming the shortsthis year.

Something that excites me in particular is the impressive lineup of the films in the Documentary Competition.And since I haven't got to see them yet,join in my excitement in a preview of some the titles,some of which are opening soon in the USA...

BISBEE '17 (dir.Robert Greene,USA)[Glenn's Review]
[Opening today in NYC] From the director ofKate Plays Christine,Robert Greene investigates the mysterious tragedy of a small American mining town,which one hundred years previously,had 1200 migrant workers rounded up and left to die in the desert...

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Aug 16 2018

Movies to Make You Hot (& Sweaty)

bySeán McGovern

If summer is making you all hot and bothered (and sticky and sweaty),you should crank your movie watching up to your body heat.What are your favourite films set in the long,hot summer?My suggestions after the jump,cool off in the comments...

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Aug 09 2018

Queer Roundup at GAZE International Film Festival

bySeán McGovern.

Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of being invited to Dublin,Ireland to be on a jury of my queers at the 26thGAZE: International LGBT Film Festival.While it was fun to be back in MY HOME COUNTRY,it was even better to see such a diverse and compelling programme.After the jump a special spotlight on LGBT docs and the short film winners (and one spectacular narrative feature) which will be hopefully making it to a film festival near you soon.Don't forget to support queer cinema AND your local dive bar...

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Jun 14 2018

Rosemary's Baby Pt 1: Tannis, anyone?

50th Anniversary Three-Part Mini-Series
Occasionally we'll take a movie and baton pass it around the team and really dive in.If you missed past installments we've gone long and deep onRebecca,Silence of the Lambs,Thelma & Louise,Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf,andA League of Their Own.Now...Rosemary's Baby-Editor

Part 1 by Seán McGovern

I'm delighted to take you through Part 1 of Rosemary's Baby,a terrifying personal favourite.

00:01 William Castle,who in the pantheon of horror was basically a schlock-jock,produced the filmbut according to Mia Farrow,Castle was at one point going to direct.What would the outcome of that have been?Potentially not the paranoid horror we revere today but maybe something more gimmicky.William Castle was portrayed by John Waters in Ryan Murphy'sFeud: Bette & Joan,and if that's not a fitting tribute I don't know what is.

01:00 In these short two minutes of opening credits are also the names of some of the twentieth century's best character actors: Ruth Gordon,Charles Grodin and Ralph Bellamy.The theme melody is la-la-la'ed by Mia Farrow herself,giving that girlish tone a chill that you'll also be humming all day...

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Apr 06 2018

Review: Joaquin Phoenix in "You Were Never Really Here"

bySeán McGovern

As the credits begin to roll on Lynne Ramsey's visceral and intense film,I felt an odd feeling of relief that Joaquin Phoenix did not win an Oscar for playing Johnny Cash.In the years since,Phoenix has eschewed the mainstream and become a full-blown movie-star weirdo.His raw performance inYou Were Never Really Hereisn't just told his line-readings but also his back muscles,feet,scars and posture.A role for the classical leading man,this is not.

Ramsey's first film since 2011 is a singular assault.It's quite possible that you hatedWe Need to Talk About Kevin,which took the parental horrors of Lionel Shriver's novel and intellectualised them at a remove.But Ramsey has a knack for distance,creating a particular style of alienation that works perfectly for the story of a traumatized hired-gun...

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Apr 03 2018

The Revenge of April Showers

Seánhere,full of the joys of spring and delighted to be helming the reboot of a franchise we all love here at the Film Experience...亚博主页April Showers!Kicking off the month is a healthy dose of heavy-handed homoerotic horror,A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge -what else!

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